Wednesday, 29 July 2015

20 Facts About Me

1. I must wake up before 9.30am.
2. I love to tease children.
3. There was a time that I was really into games, be it computer games or PS2 games.
4. I keep every single card, letter, postcard and notes from my friends because they’re so precious to me.
5. I call home everyday whenever I’m away from home.
6. I don’t really like rice.
7. I fall down very frequently.
8. I love science and at the same time, I love art.
9. So far all of my flight experiences are unaccompanied.
10. I can live without a handphone but I can’t live without a camera.
11. Songs of the 90’s are the best.
12. I can never understand people’s obsession over Teddy bears and soft toys.
13. The two people that I love the most in my life are definitely my parents.
14. I’m scared of all animals on this Earth, well except those living under the sea.
15. Never ever date me for a movie because I don’t watch movies with friends.
16. I chew each mouthful of food for at least 40 times before swallowing it.
17. I try my best to live life with no regrets.
18. I love night views and streetscape.
19. I don’t know how to comfort people.
20. I witnessed a death before. Life is really fragile so please cherish your loved ones.

1. 無法忍受自己九點半之後才起床。
2. 很喜歡騙小孩。
3. 有段時間真的很喜歡打Game,後來就不打了,電腦裏的Game全部Uninstall,連PS 2都送人了。
4. 別人送的卡片、 明信片、 手寫信、小紙條甚至是禮物外面的禮物紙都捨不得丟掉,會一直收著。
5. 不在家裏的日子,我每天都會打電話回家。
6. 不喜歡吃米飯。
7. 跌倒率奇高。
8. 喜歡理科也喜歡文科。
9. 目前爲止一直都是獨自搭飛機。
10. 可以沒有手機,但不能沒有相機。
11. 覺得90年代的歌最好聼。
12. 無法理解爲什麽會有人喜歡大大的Bear Bear和公仔。
13. 爸爸媽媽是我這輩子最愛的人。
14. 極度害怕這世界上(海底世界除外)的所有動物。
15. 從來不和朋友看電影,不管是誰約都一定一定會拒絕。
16. 吃東西都會先咀嚼40下再吞。
17. 認爲“遺憾”是人生中最可怕的事。
18. 非常喜歡看夜景和街景。
19. 安慰別人這門學問我永遠都學不會。
20. 曾經目睹別人在我眼前掙扎並死去。生命脆弱,請珍惜眼前人。



  1. Hi, dropped by your blog, and found it interesting! and was amused with this fact

    I chew each mouthful of food for at least 40 times before swallowing it.

    did you count it? lol

    1. Hello Maple Shuh Hong,

      Nice to meet you! Hehe actually I did count when I was younger, but I don't count it now, I will automatically chew for 40 times before swallowing >.<


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