Saturday, 19 April 2014

A Common Blind Spot

Never take everything as granted, please.
I'm always grateful with everything I have. Always. 


Friday, 18 April 2014

Tonight's Thoughts

These four years are not easy to me, not easy at all. I always take this place as a place for me to learn, to equip myself with knowledge and skills as a Chemical Engineer, that's all. I don't have any special feelings to anyone and anything here, everything seems so meaningless to me. How to say it.....ermmm..... it's probably because of the gap that I have with the people here? Our backgrounds and lifestyle are so different that I can never blend myself into their worlds. The world that seems so far from me. Or is it the other way round? Maybe it's my world who is too far from them? I have no idea. Anyway, it's not important at all. The gap has separated me from most of the things here, the outings and the gatherings, the trips, everything. If I can't get myself in then I will just stay outside, I'm happy with my own world so why putting in so much efforts to cross the gap when you know that it's too far-fetched. Well, everything is coming to an end soon. We had dinner together last night. We talked about our life here, the days and moments we had together, consciously and unconsciously. I'm a listener last night. I didn't talk much and I listened. As I listened to all the funny stories, I laughed out together with you all. I was surprised. I never know that we had so much memories together. I never realize that we had so much stories to tell, till last night. I couldn't sleep after the dinner. Memories that I never pay any attention to kept playing on my mind. I never know their existence at all. I never care and never know. Flashing back all my days here, I love my first year the most. That was a happy and enjoyable year. Everything is good. Everyone is nice. I love the days. I don't like Sophomore year. I hate it. There are so many group works, assignments, laboratory works and competitions that unveiled all the faces behind their masks. I don't like to see their true self. Nobody will like it I would say. Those selfishness, those unbearable despicable acts and those well-planned strategies. I can see everyone so clearly that I'm afraid to stay with them, so afraid that I decided to step out from their worlds. 

Nevertheless, I'm really grateful to have some good friends here. You, you, you, you, you, you, you, you and you who always be there for me. Not many of you, but I'm sincerely grateful.

Sometimes relationship is so strange. Some people are good to be friends, but they can never be good colleagues. I'm a problem too. I have very high demand when it comes to academic works. I'm very very strict and I know I scared my group members out. Oh, I shall say that I stressed them out. People are afraid to be in a group with me, I know. Well at the same time they love to be in a group with me because becoming my group members will guarantee them a good grade. But what to do? Should I change myself? No. I don't think it's wrong to do everything best. I understand that everyone is unique and I can't make everyone to be the same. I don't expect a 100% works from you all, I'm happy with a 60% work. I'm really sorry if I stressed you out, I'm sincerely sorry. 

At least I'm happy with my first year here, at least. Thanks for all the memories. 

P/S: Pardon my bad English. I'm not good at descriptive writing and I'm surprised that I just did it. I'm only good at explanatory and argumentative writing, which made me a good debater.



這晚真的很感慨。四年,對我來説真的很長。不知道倒數了多少個白天多少個黑夜我才等到這最後的時分。這裡,不過是我求學問的地方。總是默默地低調地生活著,不想向別人透露太多,所以一直都不多說些什麽。對於這裡我從來就沒有任何留戀也沒有深刻的感覺。但聼著大家說著這四年的點滴,我才訝然發現原來我也和大家有著那麽多的共同回憶。那些畫面我都還記得。從來沒有刻意去記下但我竟然都沒忘記。驚訝,真的很驚訝。First year 的回憶尤其多,是,是好的回憶,是美好的大家,都是美好的事情。很多,多得我都不曉得它們的存在。直到大家一件一件事情地拿出來說,我才像打開寶盒一樣地發現了它們。偷偷佔據我腦袋一角的大小事情,呵呵,想起來也覺得好好笑。昨晚根本睡不着,一直在想著這裡的事情,那些很多年前的事情,那些我根本從來不想費力氣費心思去想的事情。First year真的過得很不錯,真的。是因爲那個時候沒有group works,大家都各自學習的關係嗎?是因爲那時候大家都還不知道對方的潛力能力和成績嗎?所以沒有嫉妒沒有心機沒有利用沒有陷害,什麽都沒有,只有一顆赤子之心。可惜,真的很可惜。一切的美好都在2nd year 崩潰。實驗、報告、assignments、group works、比賽,這些都像是照妖鏡般把大家的面具一幅幅地瓦解,把大家的真心坏心都赤裸裸地攤在我面前。我不喜歡,非常不喜歡。應該是說,沒有人會喜歡這樣的。是啊,那麽過於真實的樣子,不是人人都接受得了的。



今天就這樣吧,Good Night.

P/S: 爲了婉轉表達,我這篇文真的寫得極度含蓄+拐彎抹角。沒辦法,一直自認是個秘密基地的地方,原來早已不再安全。


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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Echisse Red Set and Reacheer Skincare from Silk Apple

       Hello! I love to try out new skin care products because we never know which products suit us the best unless we try them out ourselves. Today, I'm going to review a new skin care brand from Taiwan: Echisse.

Echisse Red Set which contains a lotion, a moisturizer and a mask.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Happy Easter Day

Happy Easter day

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Bloop Instant Nail Art

Are you a Trendsetter? Bloop allows you to Indulge Yourself with the latest makeup trends from Fashion Capitals such as New York & Paris.

Pimp Your Nails with New York Bling
Inspired by the lively, dazzling & amazing NYC Nightlife! Wearing bloop’s New York inspired Nail Art. It’s just like walking down the street on Broadway where Dreams can come True.

RM 68 each

Charm Your Nails with Paris Passion
Paris, the Fashion Capital of the world. This Contemporary City of France conjures up romance, luxury & beauty. Indulge yourself with bloop’s Paris inspired Nail Art. It’s just like being swept off your feet to a whirlwind Parisian Romance.

RM58 each

SNAZZ UP YOUR DAY with bloop!
Snazzy Chic – For the Classy & Elegant moments, the nights when you have to look glam for functions, events or that special date with the special guy.

RM 38 each

FUNK UP YOUR DAY with bloop
Funky Pop – Perfect for when the sun is shining and days where you can just let loose. Have a bit of fun if not a whole lot of it. With our designs that will make you and your days Funky Fabulous.

RM 48 each

Each kit contains 24 Nails with Nail Glue Tape. 
Why nail it with bloop?
It is Fast & Easy to use.
You can have Trendy Nail Art Instantly!
Last up to 7 days!

You can get these Instant Nail Arts (we have more than 100 designs!) from bloop in Parkson @ NU Sentral, KL Festival City, Kota Bahru Trade Centre, Ipoh Parade & Gurney Plaza

Instagram & Twitter: @bloopcosmetics 


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