Sunday, 28 June 2015

[GIVEAWAY] IKAN Brand Instant Paste: Soy Sauce Paste & Sambal Paste

Remember my previous post regarding IKAN Brand Instant Tomyam Paste? It's a simple and easy recipe and today, I'm going to prepare some other dishes using other instant pastes from IKAN Brand. Opps! Did I say that I'm going to prepare the dishes myself? Aiyah typo there, my mum will prepare the dishes and I will be savouring the dishes on your behalf haha! Since I can only do some light cooking in my rented house so.... I shall just pass the baton to my beautiful and talented Mum hehe!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Dream Cafe @ Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru

Sooner or later I'm going to change my blog genre into a food blog, so many food posts in a row oh my goodness! Not mentioning that I still have a long long list of unpublished drafts pending for publication now. I love hanging out with my friends in the vicinity of Taman Mount Austin and to my horror, I can never catch the speed of opening of new cafes in this area given that I do café hopping at least twice a week! Nah nah nah I'm neither a coffee lover nor a rich young girl (yours truly is a poor young girl inside out and upside down), it's all because of my friends' preference that makes me visit to cafes so often. Personally I would prefer to fly kites at Bukit Layang-layang, to bake and cook together or to have a picnic at a random park, how fun and awesome will that be! Speaking of that, I've been suggesting the above-mentioned activities for ages (since high school if I'm not mistaken) and nobody ever takes my words serious after so many years, and my small dreams never come true *sob sob* Oh I just wrote a paragraph of craps and I have never failed to do so in most of my blog posts, I think this somehow show my determination and persistence in sprouting nonsense wherever and whenever I am. Where were we just now? Oh oh oh I said that I can't catch with the speed of opening of new cafés in Taman Mount Austin even though I go there very frequently, they're popping up in this area at every single second! I'm such a kind soul that I wanna keep you guys updated with all the happenings in JB so today, I'm going to share another new cafe with you all, the Dream Cafe

最近美食文泛滥啊!我的Blog都要换Genre了,干脆就变成Food Blog好了哈哈哈!话说我明明就上Cafe上得非常频密,一星期最少两次好不好?可我怎么永远都赶不上JB新Cafe的速度啊?随便在Mount Austin打个圈就能发现又有新的Cafe开张了。来来来,今天就来给大家跟进一下Mount Austin的新Cafe,Dream Cafe也!

According to Chef Patrick the mastermind behind Dream Cafe, the cafe has been operating for 6 months.

其实Dream Cafe已经营业快半年了,是我自己孤陋寡闻没有去过而已啦~

Hey I love this outdoor dining area! It looks so romantic don't you agree? 
I will definitely choose to sit here if I'm coming during the night time.


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

[Giveaway] IKAN Brand酸辣Tomyam即煮醬:Tomyam一鍋熟

哇哈哈哈今天這篇我籌備得很興奮咧!老實說我很喜歡煮,不覺得自己下廚很有滿足感而且超好玩的嗎?重點是還可以擺盤!雖然我煮來煮去都是同樣幾道菜,但只要好吃就可以了嘛,貴精不貴多!(只要我爸爸說好吃那就是好吃嘻嘻)我喜歡吃辣,咖喱和Tomyam都很愛,可是兩者都需要大量的香料,而且烹調過程複雜冗長,我這種初學者根本無法駕馭,想煮卻煮不出啊~ *淚*

When there's demand, there's a supply! 爲了打救像我這樣時間寶貴+ 廚藝有限+ 硬是要自己下廚的都市新女性(好吧我只是小資女一枚,都市新女性這五個字我是越打越心虛) ,IKAN Brand推出了一系列各種風味的即煮醬料,人人都可變大廚哦!今天就來和大家分享懶人最愛的一鍋熟,方便簡單又省時!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

CaRFFee Coffee Bar @Taman Molek, Johor Bahru

Another cafe post today! I wonder how long it will take for me to clear all of the cafe-related posts, they're piling in my draft folders oh my.... Visited CaRFFee Coffee Bar at Taman Molek for their well-known waffle and it really lives up to its name, it's a must-try cafe in Johor Bahru area!

Painted in apple green, CaRFFee Coffee Bar is very eye-catching and it can be located very easily, you're not going to miss it out.  

I love the colour combination used in the interior design of the cafe, apple green X lilac is so youthful and energizing!

The design of the coffee bar is so special and awesome! I just can't move my eyes away from the exquisite coffee bar. The wallpaper and the lighting make a seamless match with the coffee bar, creating a warm and cozy corner in the cafe. 

Outdoor Dining Area

Thursday, 4 June 2015


这个星期是大学上课的最后一个Week,看着灯灯上了最后一堂课,和coursemates们吃饭+ 狂拍照,我整个情绪就开始蔓延。


看着她的照片,就忍不住地觉得好伤感。我上最后一堂课的时候好像根本就没有什么时间好难过的。那个时候啊,我的实验诸多不顺,仪器坏掉还不止,千辛万苦+ 波折重重+ 要生要死+ 好不容易才提炼出来的Fuel在送去检测分析时被Technician给全都蒸发掉了;没良心的Supervisor爱理不理,老是叫我别烦她(刚生孩子的人眼里就只有她的宝贝,学生毕不了业算什么)。那个时候啊,我忙着在Department和实验室里钻,论文半天吊的,Poster上面没Results,要生不生要死不死,回想起来就觉得好可怕!


我还很记得最后一堂课的情景,是Hamdam的Process Engineering。要以Hamdam来做结尾,光是想的就觉得好烂,真不愧是我烂地透彻的大学生涯。 最后一堂课,只有寥寥几个人。我们在第四年会分流,所以一起上课的同学变少了。但其实也没差,我喜欢的同学都在Oil & Gas and Process Engineering 的班上,有美仪,有Shuk Ling,有姿洁,有佩芬,有Yvonne,有俊霖,有Kent也有Nic,那就够了。结束最后一堂课后,大家各自回到实验室去做最后的努力和收拾。走向实验室的路上,我心中满是感慨,真的超级超级感慨的。离别我最擅长了,可是要离开我向来都不喜欢的地方,感觉真的好不一样,很诡异。Errr怎么说呢,就好像你很讨厌考试,很希望赶快毕业以后再也不必考试,但在考最后一张Paper时又好像有点舍不得为考试而努力为考试而熬夜的日子。所以说人类真是复杂,灰色地带永远那么多,矛盾得要命。拼命想要离开,但在离开前还是忍不住地回头望了望。离开前的感觉,就好像自己很投入地看了本厚厚的书,幻似别人的故事,却满是自己的影子。内容不算精彩,或者应该说是朴实无华,但看到了最后一章,却不自主地期待有续集的惊喜。明明就翻到了最后一页,却不想合上书本。把故事的情节在脑海里重演温习,意外地发现这一路走来,收获还真不少。

Everything happens for a reason,我非常相信。



Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Don't Worry, He Doesn't Read My Blog

I hope you understand that I'm neither an option nor an alternative,
And I would never want to be one.

Call me demanding, 
Call me lordly,
Call me capricious,
Call me imperious,
Call me high-handed,
Call me unreasonable,
Anything you wish.

I want nothing other than the first priority.

I understand that you're just being you, 
Following your inherent traits,
Doing what you've been doing over the past few years,
Those acts that I despise from the bottom of my heart.
Don't you feel that it's so disgusting?

It's just the ridiculously and unbelievably naive me who always take your words to heart,
Believe in your every single word without any doubt.

Too bad,
I'm too smart to be fooled.
Empty promises,
Again, again and again.
You know that I can't swim, don't you?
How could you be so cruel to me?
To drown me in the sea of disappointments.

You're undoubtedly guilty as charged,
But I was sentenced to the prison on behalf,
To the prison of endless grief and agony.

Prison break me,



Tuesday, 26 May 2015





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