Monday, 13 April 2015

Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF 40PA++ from Natta Cosme

Hello everyone!! It has been a while that I didn't do any beauty product reviews, days are getting hectic, I'm running here and there and doing this and that, so tired both mentally and physically lah aiyoh. An idle weekend is the best weekend ever! I can finally sit down, play some good musics and composing my blog posts. (I have a long list of blog posts to clear oh dear!) Today I'm going to share my current favourite BB cream with you girls, Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF 40PA++. For your information, Klairs is a renowned brand from Korea and I'm a huge fans of their products. (You can check my review on their black sugar facial polish here) Although Klairs outlet is currently unavailable in Malaysia, you can still get their products from Natta Cosme, it's really convenient and easy! 

Natta Cosme team is forever thoughtful and sweet, how could you not to smile to receive such a lovely parcel from them? Handwritten card with your name on; products perfectly sealed in bubble wrap; cute little extra gift that made my day, Natta Cosme should really come with gift box service! Let say we can place order with Natta Cosme and have the gift box be delivered to our family and friends, along with some messages on lovely card, how wonderful and sweet that can be! 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Passionfood Cafe and Bakery @Taman Pelangi- Launching of New Menu

開張已有四年的Passionfood 對新山人來説應該一點也不陌生吧?顯眼的粉紅色招牌在Jalan Kuning上煞是搶眼,裏面的裝潢更是精致有氛圍,滿瀉的少女情懷啊!重點是這裡的主食和甜點都做地很不錯,今天就跟大家分享Passionfood的最新Menu吧~


缺乏智慧 極需智慧

最近常常開車到很遠很遠的地方去,在車上的時間長了就不禁沉醉在自己的思緒中。我的腦袋總是很忙,總是在想很多事情。哦別擔心,Multitasking是我的強項,滿瀉的思緒並不會影響我在路上的判斷力的警覺度,我比你還要珍惜生命咧!有天我開著車,並沒有在想任何事情,基本上我的腦袋是放空的。我無意識地望著那些離我遠遠的車,當大家都以90公里的時速前進時我們的Relative Velocity就是零,明明共同前進的我們卻貌似沒有前進。天上的云如果一樣也以90公里的時速在飄動的話,那它會不會困惑到底是我們在移動還是馬路在移動?我看著眼前的車子,陷入自己的奇想中。後來我的視線逐漸變得模糊,眼前的景象都成了色塊。我嚇了一大跳,馬上定睛換焦,想要弄個明白。





Monday, 6 April 2015

[Part 2: Moles Removal] Duo Medical Laser & Dual Yellow Laser with My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa @Sutera Utama

Remember that I blogged about my pigmentation treatment with My Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa last month? As mentioned in my previous post, it takes some time to lighten my pigmentation so I need to go back to Dr Ding and have the Duo Medical Laser treatment on a regular basis. I really want to lighten my patch of pigmentation so I'm very hardworking in seeing Dr Ding. Basically I go to My Skin Gym twice or thrice a week for Duo Medical Laser Treatment and I had a total of 10 laser treatments with Dr Ding. All I can say is that the outcome of the treatment is simply amazing! I can see that my patch of pigmentation is getting lighter from day to day, the improvement is really obvious! Now let's the photos do the talking and the convincing job, be prepared to be amazed!

Friday, 3 April 2015




Tuesday, 31 March 2015

[台灣美食看一看] 爲什麽要去台灣?就爲了吃啊!Eat Your Heart Out in Taiwan! To-Eat-List in Taiwan


Taiwan, a land where so many of my unforgettable memories lie underneath, a land that I would love to reside in. I love how approachable and amiable the Taiwaneses are; I love the clean environment there where you can hardly find any trash on the streets; and most importantly, I love all the cheap and yummy local delicacies there! I'm a very very lazy blogger (for all the time) that I have been postponing my travel posts for a long long time. So sorry to all my readers that I owe you this post for years! And yes! I have compiled a to-eat-list in Taiwan and here you go!

Sunday, 29 March 2015






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