Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Ludeya Bio Cellulose Mask & Red Bean and Barley Drinks from

Hello everyone! Days are getting busier these days but I do enjoy the hectic schedule. When you're reading this piece of writing, I'm probably trying my hard to embrace myself as tight as possible so that I won't freeze into a statue in that gargantuan freezer hahaha! (Okay you are allowed to ignore my craps). Amid all the works and tasks, what can be more delightful than receiving a parcel from the postman? Aha! Remember my post regarding the launching of iQueen in Malaysia? How could a frequent online shopper like me to miss this awesome online website out? Here I tried the service on iQueen and let's have a look at my hauls! 

As I mentioned in the previous post, provides professional packaging quality control to make sure that all of goods will be delivered to the shoppers in their best shapes. Look at the sturdy carton! Looking tough yo! There isn't any dents and deformations on the box and I'm very happy with it.

On the other hand, all of the goods were nicely bubble-wrapped and sealed before to prevent breakage and leakage issues. The staffs are really thoughtful that all of the products were tapped with several layers of cellophane tape, good job! So, what did I get for myself from iQueen

Tuesday, 20 January 2015



Don't take me as granted.


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Good News for Online Shoppers: iQueen is Now in Malaysia!

Hello everyone! It's 2015 woohoo! And I have a great news for all of you who love online shopping yo!  I was so perked up to know that........iQueen is finally launched in Malaysia! 

Do you know that is originated from the famous Taiwan online shopping website, IQueen 愛女人購物網? I'm really happy to know that is finally launched in Malaysia so that I can shop my heart out muahahaha! is the exclusive retailer for the latest and top notch beauty products imported all the way from Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Now you can get all the renowned brands from oversea without needing to step out from your house, how convenient is this! 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Oxydrinks Week 4 Testimonial

I have to say that Oxydrinks has become my daily-must-have drink because it's just a packet of goodness! I have been taking Oxydrinks for a month and I love it. Nutritious, natural and healthy, a cup of Oxydrinks in the morning drives my day!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Oxydrinks- 22 Blend with Natural Nutritious Week 2 Testimonial

RM 19 (3 Sachets)

I have been taking Oxydrinks for 2 weeks and I love it! I feel so healthy now and the best thing is, it's super convenient and easy to prepare! 

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Oxydrinks- 22 Blend with Natural Nutritious Week 1 Testimonial

I care about my well being a lot so I can't wait to try Oxydrinks out! 
It looks like a pack of goodness to me! 

Coming in easy and convenient packets, I can bring Oxydrinks around, even when I'm travelling yo!

The preparation of the the drink is very simple. Add a sachet of Oxydrinks into 150-160cc of warm water and stir it well until all of the powder is completely dissolved. Let me tell you, you have to stir it really vigorously to the extend that a small tornado is formed in the mug and the solution is on the verge of reaching the mug's edge because the powder is really hard to be dissolved LOL. Anyway I got mine dissolved after a round of vigorous stirring, biceps training at the same time wahaha! Oh ya, you can also add in your favourite beverage like Milo to make it more flavorful. I didn't add in any other beverage into it though.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Prisca De Nails 美甲服务 @新山高雅花园 (Taman Gaya)

Ho Ho Ho!!圣诞节就要到了!公主我是越來越興奮,迫不及待地要慶祝聖誕節啊!在這溫馨的佳節裏,除了要忙著物色親朋好友的禮物、構思聖誕大餐的菜色,我還得為怎麽裝扮自己而煩惱啊!(通常到了最後一秒我就會打開衣櫥隨便抓件衣服亂穿就是了哈哈哈)今天我就完成了一件Christmas-to-do-list上的大事哦!我在位于新山高雅花园 (Taman Gaya)的Prisca De Nails 為我的指甲換上新裝咯!Tada!

我本身真的很喜歡老闆娘Joan為我精心設計的這款Gel Manicure。現在我的十根手指都散發著濃濃的聖誕氣氛,暖洋洋的佳節氛圍中又帶點小女生的可愛俏皮,實在是太喜歡了啦!
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