Monday, 30 June 2014

Romwe Independence Day Sale

Romwe Independence Day Sale
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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner- Laser Precision

      I seldom put on make up because I'm not good at it. Okay or I shall just admit that I'm lazy. Putting on make up make you look better but it takes time. Being an engineering student, I don't see the point for me to attend classes with make up on. I mean, drawing graphs, pushing calculator's buttons and conducting experiments in laboratory with make up on? Oh I don't see a point. And I seriously think that putting on make up in my Faculty is illegal because I have never seen anyone doing so! However, girls being girls, I still put on make up occasionally. There are events where bare faced is considered to be inappropriate. When it comes to make up, eyeliner is something that I can never skip. Eyeliner is so important because it can make my listless and droppy eyes look more energetic. My eyes can be considered as a mess. I'm a monolid girl and I have very very very weird eye shape. The shape is so weird that I always have a hard time on drawing my eyeliner. I need an eyeliner with sharp and precise tip so that I can control the line easily. When I tried Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner, I know I found it, this is THE eyeliner. 

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner- Laser Precision (Brown)
RM 35.90

If you are following the latest make up trend on fashion runways, then you definitely know how popular ultra-fine lined eyes is in the fashion industry! FINE is the trend now girls! 

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner- Laser Precision (Brown)

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner- Laser Precision (Brown)

[Giveaway] Beauty Talk 美人語 3D Refining Day Cream- Week 4 Testimonial

        おはいよ ございます!It's Saturday! I love Saturday because I can watch Doraemon hahaha! Okay let's cut the crap and get into the today's topic. Time really flies and I can't believe that I have been using Beauty Talk 美人語 3D Refining Day Cream continuously for a month! Lecture of the day: Time waits no man and it flies like a rocket! Have you read my Week 1 and Week 2 testimonials on the product? Today, I'm going to share with you how the product improved my skin conditions after one month of continuous usage. 

Beauty Talk 美人語 3D Refining Day Cream
RM 150

Friday, 27 June 2014

L'Oreal White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream

         There's a saying, "A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults". Therefore, it is really obvious that how important a fair complexion can enhance your beauty. Since I was a child, I was brainwashed that a girl with fair skin looks prettier. Even in the fairy tales, we have Snow White who is famous of her snow-alike skin hahaha! Whitening product is always the main hit among Asian girls and almost every brand has a whitening range. As one of the most popular drugstore brands in Malaysia, L'Oreal Paris never fail to surprise me with their whitening range. Recently, L'Oreal Paris has come out with a powerful whitening product that packed 10 benefits in one single bottle! I'm really glad and thankful to be able to try this product before it's officially launched in Malaysia and today, I'm going to do a review on this product. Let's us have a look at this amazing product together^^

Deng Deng Deng Deng!!!
L'Oreal White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream, the latest whitening secret from L'Oreal Paris

For the first-time ever from L’Oréal Paris, a whitening cream that not only gives you fairer skin but protects from external aggressions to help prevent future UV-induced darkening and excess sebum. Great skin is easy to achieve with just one product packed with 5 complete brightening and 5 full protection benefits! L'Oreal White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream is a new total whitening solution with two major functions, where skin can receive whitening action from deep within its layers and at the same time, it is also protected on the surface from aggressors that cause future UV-induced darkening and excess sebum. In other words, it can protect your skin from inside to outside, double action yo! L'Oreal White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream is a whitening and oil-control product where protection is optimised to help prevent future UV-induced darkening.

L'Oreal White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream (50mL)
RM 39.90

Detoxification with TruDtox‏

       Good Morning! What did you have for your breakfast this morning? Nasi lemak? Roti canai? Mee goreng with sun-tanned egg? The Princess is a person who enjoys gastronomical adventure and one of my hobbies is to go around the cities, try all the food and share with my friends and family so that next time we can have them together! Actually it's quite obvious that I'm a food lover if you know how my weight increases all these years. I know what is on your mind now, "Princess you look slim okay!!!!" That's what people will tell whenever I say I'm fat. Well you should look at my photos when I was 19, I was freaking boney at 37kg! And things change when I started my university life T.T For your information, I have a very very healthy and balanced diet when I was homed. I need a lot and vegetables and fruits everyday. When I was doing my degree in the university (OMG I'm using past tense to describe my university life now!!!!! Epic!! It WAS my university life!), every meal was so unbalanced with little amount of vegetables, and I rarely have any chance to eat fruits. After eating outside food for a freaking 4 years, I feel so unhealthy and yes, I gained much weight. Well I don't have a choice either, I can't bring a maid to my hostel and ask her to cook for me right? After feeding myself with unhealthy, unbalanced, oily, salty outside food for 4 years, I can feel that my body is poisoned with all kinds of toxins. T.T It's time to detox!   

TruDtox, my very first try on detox drink.

[Giveaway] Clean & Clear Watery Light Hydrating Cleanser

         Hello! It's beauty review post again! Remember that I did a review and giveaway on Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser last month? Congratulations to all of the lucky readers and I'm really glad to know that all them love the product as much as I do! When it comes to giveaway, I always wish that I could have more prizes to give out so that all of the participants can be the winners. All thanks to the generosity of Clean and Clear Malaysia, I'm going to host another giveaway in July! Woohoo! Now let me do a review on the product that I'm giving away today, Clean & Clear Watery Light Hydrating Cleanser.

Clean & Clear Watery Light Hydrating Cleanser is another product from the oil-free range that will not lead to pore clogging. It is suitable for combination of oily and dry skin. In fact, many people are not sure with their skin types. A simple step to determine your skin type is by checking two zones on your face, which are your cheeks and your T-zone. If both areas are oily, then you have an oily skin type. Similarly, if both areas are quite dry or with minimal amount of oil, then you have a dry skin. If your T zone is oily but your cheeks are dry, then you are said to have a combination skin type. Hope that this can help to clear all the doubts on skin type! 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

3CE Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner Vivid- Wow Pink from

       Hello everyone! I'm sure that everyone of you has heard about the popular cosmetic brand, 3CE before! 3CE can be said as a major success in the beauty and cosmetics industry that created a craze among the Asian girls, including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and many more! I always wish to try their products but I'm worried in getting fake products. Eh using fake beauty products is very dangerous you know! Who knows what will happen to my pretty face? It's always better to play safe so I was thinking to buy 3CE when I visit to South Korea next time. (Which means I might need to wait for another 10 years LOL! ) Recently, I found that is bringing authentic 3CE products all the way directly from South Korea! I was so happy and here is the chance for me to try 3CE products without needing to wait for yearssss haha! brings you authentic skin candies direct from Korea, Japan & Taiwan. At, they believe in quality both in goods and service. They may be new but they strive to provide you 100% original goods and quality service. It's not only about the goods, but the experience you bring home. 

SkinCandy makes your skin Happy!

You must be curious with the reasons for me to believe in because there are so many online stores outside that claimed to carry authentic beauty product also. Well I was convinced by all the positive feed backs from the customers!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Beauty Talk 美人語 3D Refining Day Cream- Week 2 Testimonial

Hello! Remember I told you that I will be updating my testimonial on Beauty Talk 美人語 3D Refining Day Cream weekly? I hope you can have a better understanding on how the product works on me after reading my Week 1 Testimonial^^ I have been using Beauty Talk 美人語 3D Refining Day Cream for two weeks and let's see how it improves my skin conditions!

My face before using Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream

After Using Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream for 2 Weeks

Friday, 13 June 2014

Tokyo Love Soap PURE GIRLS

東京一直是我很想去的地方,還記得以前和Dinah約好等我們賺了大錢就要一起去東京玩哈哈!想起來就覺得好白痴~ 公主我現在根本就還沒畢業沒工作也沒收入,所以東京之旅還得慢慢等咯~去不了東京沒關係,有機會用Tokyo Love Soap 洗澡我就很高興了哈哈哈!(根本就是在亂扯亂掰)哎喲講了一堆廢話,今天要和大家分享的就是最近紅翻天的TokyoLove Soap啦!

Tokyo is a place that I always want to go. I still remember how Dinah and I made promise that we will pay a visit to Tokyo after both of us earn buckets and buckets of money. Well I have not saved enough money for my Tokyo trip so Princess, please continue to save more haha~ The beauty product that I’m going to review today is originated from Tokyo! Yes you guess it right! It’s Tokyo Love Soap that everyone is crazy over!

Natta Cosme 的包裹總是充滿驚喜!
Parcels from Natta Cosme never fail to surprise me!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

HERMO 2nd Year Anniversary Sale

HERMO will be having their  2nd Year Anniversary Sale on 12 June 2014 (Yes, it's tomorrow!) and all are invited to join the blast!

The sale will be on-going from 12-6-2014 to 18-6-2014 and 612 FREE goodie bags worth RM30 each will be given out during this period! Not to mention that they are giving RM20 off with every RM50 purchase! (Different cash rebate amount for different level of members yo) OMG this is so exciting! 

Don't forget to join the shopping spree starting tomorrow ya!

Last but not least, 
Happy 2 Years Old Birthday to Hermo!


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Beauty Talk 美人語 3D Refining Day Cream- Week 1 Testimonial

Remember that I introduced Beauty Talk 美人語 3D Refining Day Cream last week? I have been using the product continuously for 1 week and today, I'm going to let you know how the product works on me^^

My face before using Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream
I think I look good here (no make up no skin care nothing on my face) but well, it can be better!

After applying Beauty Talk 美人語 3D Refining Day Cream for 1 week
(I'm sorry that I wore the same T-shirt but I swear I washed it!!!)

Brighter and more luminous skin! As I mentioned in my previous post, the product has moderate coverage so you can still see my birth mark near my right eye very clearly. However, it is good enough to hide the slight redness on my skin. I have been using the product continuously for 1 week and I'm happy with it! The best part is that it's a really good make up base that is not oily at all, not oily even on a hot and sunny day! Well I'm very biased to oil-free product because I really hate the oiliness and stickiness on my face. In addition, my skin is very well hydrated and moisturized that I do not need to apply other moisturizer. However, the whitening effect is not that obvious yet and I hope it really can whiten my skin soon! Will keep you updated with my skin conditions next week so stay tuned ya! (Week 2 Testimonial)

For more information,

By the way, Beauty"n"Me is having a Guess and Win Contest on their Facebook page now and 1 bottle of Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream (worth RM150) will be given away to the lucky winner!! Don't say I don't share ya! Go and join now!


Thursday, 5 June 2014

What Else I Can Say To You Other Than "Thank You"?

Time passes and people change
You're still the same
The same you that I first met years ago
Thank you so much
I always know it and I truly appreciate it
Down deep from the bottom of my heart
I'm really grateful to have you with me through these years
Thank you for everything, for every single little thing that you have done

It was a great night, and I truly enjoyed myself

May all the unspoken remains unspoken


Monday, 2 June 2014

Beauty Talk 美人語 3D Refining Day Cream

         If you're an audience of the popular Taiwan beauty show, "QUEEN"《女人我最大》, you definitely have heard about the brand of Beauty Talk 美人語 before! Beauty Talk is a very popular beauty brand in Taiwan and all of their products are selling like hot cakes! No jokes I tell you! Unfortunately, it's quite difficult to get Beauty Talk products in Malaysia. So I was really happy and excited when I found that Malaysians can buy genuine Beauty Talk products from! This is really a great news to me! Today, I'm going to review one of their hot-selling product, 3D Refining Day Cream.  

RM 150.00
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