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Detoxification with TruDtox‏

       Good Morning! What did you have for your breakfast this morning? Nasi lemak? Roti canai? Mee goreng with sun-tanned egg? The Princess is a person who enjoys gastronomical adventure and one of my hobbies is to go around the cities, try all the food and share with my friends and family so that next time we can have them together! Actually it's quite obvious that I'm a food lover if you know how my weight increases all these years. I know what is on your mind now, "Princess you look slim okay!!!!" That's what people will tell whenever I say I'm fat. Well you should look at my photos when I was 19, I was freaking boney at 37kg! And things change when I started my university life T.T For your information, I have a very very healthy and balanced diet when I was homed. I need a lot and vegetables and fruits everyday. When I was doing my degree in the university (OMG I'm using past tense to describe my university life now!!!!! Epic!! It WAS my university life!), every meal was so unbalanced with little amount of vegetables, and I rarely have any chance to eat fruits. After eating outside food for a freaking 4 years, I feel so unhealthy and yes, I gained much weight. Well I don't have a choice either, I can't bring a maid to my hostel and ask her to cook for me right? After feeding myself with unhealthy, unbalanced, oily, salty outside food for 4 years, I can feel that my body is poisoned with all kinds of toxins. T.T It's time to detox!   

TruDtox, my very first try on detox drink.

I have never tried any detoxification product before and to be honest, I was afraid to them out. I have heard many bad experiences from my friends who complained to me that detox drinks are nothing different from nicely-packaged laxatives. Some of them even became dependent to the detox drink, this is so scary wey! So when I was introduced to TruDtox, I was doubtful. 

TruDtox which comes in 15+2 tea bags
RM 88.50

At here, I would really express my gratitude to Betsy! She took some time to give me really detailed explanation on the importance of detoxification and how TruDtox works. Basically, detoxification is a process of clearing toxins from the body or neutralising, transforming and eliminating them from through the detox organ. Toxins are everywhere around us and the amount of toxic chemicals released into the atmosphere, the food and water we consume and the products we use are staggering! Our body has a natural detox system that comprises various organs to facilitate toxins removal or to transform them into harmless excretable chemicals. But if these important detox organs' functions are compromised, some toxins will get stored in our cells or get recirculated in our bloodstream. Accumulation of toxins can lead to health problems such as fatigue, aches and a decline in immune system, which may trigger an onset of degenerative diseases. It is thus essential that we do something to assist our body in eliminating these toxins in order to reduce the burden on our detox organs. Let me summarize the benefits of detoxification because I know generation nowadays don't like to read >< (There is a 105 years old year nanny inside me so I'm different! I love to read haha)

Benefits of Detoxification: 
 Flush away toxins & waste
 Promote regularity
 Relieve digestive discomforts
 Promote better absorption of nutrients
 Improve metabolism
 Strengthen immune system
 Promote health, vitality & energy

I would really love to start doing something to make my body healthier (As you grow older you will become more health conscious I tell you) and kick start my detoxification journey. However, I was afraid that my body will rely on the detox product and I was worried with the laxatives ingredient in the product. However, I'm happy to find that TruDtox is made from European herbs and the best thing is, it does not contain harsh laxatives such as Senna! Knowing that it is made from 100% natural and organic herbs, floral and teas, I decided to give TruDtox a try!

TruDtox comes in convenient tea bag so that you can bring it around easily.

There are many other reasons for me to start my detox journey with TruDtox. For your information, TruDtox is formulated by a Swiss nutraceutical company and is rigorously tested, approved and qualified. Not forgetting to mention that it is also certified as food by the Ministry of Health. In addition, it contains no artificial colouring, bulking agents, pesticides, or caffeine. Because it's made from 100% natural and organic herbs, floral and teas, it is safe to be taken regularly without resulting in bowel dependency.

Preparing the detox tea is very simple and I'm sure everyone can do it effortlessly. I brew the tea bag in a hot cup of water for 20-30 minutes and the detox tea is ready to be served. Very simple and easy right? Of course, you can also boil TruDtox teabag in a hot pot of water and share it with your family. (Cost effective and save more yo!) Be noted that the effect of the product may vary due to water temperature and brewing duration. 

After 20 minutes of brewing, TruDtox tea is ready to be served yo!
The tea smells very soothing and tastes like chinese herbal tea.

As I mentioned earlier, TruDtox is  made from 100% natural and organic herbs, floral and teas and you can see them inside the tea bag!

I take TruDtox once in a week since this is my first time detoxifying my body so I think it's better for me to start it slowly in a mild way. After I drank the tea, everything is rather normal until the 10th hour. I felt a minor urge of bowel movement at the 10th hour and I went to toilet. And this is followed by another 4 toilet visits afterwards hahaha~ Don't worry, it wasn't diarrhea, it's just that the rigorous bowel movement that keeps you visiting the toilet. I feel so good on the next day you know! It's like all the rubbish and toxins accumulated in my body for don't know how many years were totally removed! I can feel that a massive gotong-royong is taking place in my body hahaha! I feel lighter and healthier after the detox process. However, my tummy is still as big and round as it used to be after I started my detox journey LOL! Well I think it's just too stubborn and I can only get rid of it through exercise haha! Anyway, I wasn't expecting any weight loss from this detoxification process because what I'm aiming for is to clear all the toxins and trash from my body to make myself healthier and more energetic. Moreover, my bowel movement is getting better on normal days without drinking TruDtox. I think the herbs and natural organic ingredients did help in improving my bowel system in the long run! Since TruDtox is working on me in a mild and healthy way, I introduced it to my mum and let her to try also. She is not new to detox product and she had tried some other brands before this. According to her, TruDtox is very mild and what she likes the most about this product is that she can control the timing that she wants to visit the toilet. And she commented that the last detox tea she had tasted super awful and she was surprised that TruDtox tastes like herbal tea! A detox product that she will replenish once this pack is finished. (Great! Mum you buy it and I drink it hahahaha!)    

OMG I didn't realise that I wrote such a longggg post! The 105 years old nanny inside me is getting more and more long-winded and naggy haha~ Hopefully you will have a better understanding on detoxification and how TruDtox works after reading my post yo! You can buy TruDtox from most leading pharmacies such as Caring, Watsons, Guardian, Alpha, Alpro, Healthlane, Vitacare etc as well as independence pharmacies nationwide. It is also available online in and Hop on to their website and Facebook to check out more! Thanks for reading until this line and bye bye!



  1. Gotong royong taking place in the body! Haha so cute la you Princess! :D Nice write up!


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