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3CE Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner Vivid- Wow Pink from

       Hello everyone! I'm sure that everyone of you has heard about the popular cosmetic brand, 3CE before! 3CE can be said as a major success in the beauty and cosmetics industry that created a craze among the Asian girls, including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and many more! I always wish to try their products but I'm worried in getting fake products. Eh using fake beauty products is very dangerous you know! Who knows what will happen to my pretty face? It's always better to play safe so I was thinking to buy 3CE when I visit to South Korea next time. (Which means I might need to wait for another 10 years LOL! ) Recently, I found that is bringing authentic 3CE products all the way directly from South Korea! I was so happy and here is the chance for me to try 3CE products without needing to wait for yearssss haha! brings you authentic skin candies direct from Korea, Japan & Taiwan. At, they believe in quality both in goods and service. They may be new but they strive to provide you 100% original goods and quality service. It's not only about the goods, but the experience you bring home. 

SkinCandy makes your skin Happy!

You must be curious with the reasons for me to believe in because there are so many online stores outside that claimed to carry authentic beauty product also. Well I was convinced by all the positive feed backs from the customers!

Talking about customer service and quality of products!

My first ever 3CE product from, Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner Vivid in Wow Pink! 

3CE Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner Vivid- Wow Pink 
RM 65

I love how trendy, simple and classy the packaging is! They look so sophisticated don't they? 
I feel extra proud to take out 3CE eyeliner from my handbag in the washroom hahaha!

The eyeliner comes with a sharpener at the end of the pencil! Hey this is so user-friendly and convenient!

A small sharpener hidden at one end of the eyeliner and it's pink in colour also, super sweet and cute.

As stated by its name, 3CE Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner Vivid is very creamy and soft. It can be glided on very easily and smoothly, like a crayon I would say! It is so smooth as it glides on that it will not irritate and "pull" my eyelid, I love it! 

 I was so amazed with the swatch! So highly-pigmented! I can get rich and sharp colour in a single glide.

Now let's see how good the product is in water resisting. 
I put my hand under the running tap water for 1 minute and I rubbed my hand as the water flowed over.

Tada! Perfect score in water resistant test! 
The eyeliner remained intact and there wasn't any trace of smudging and colour fading yo!

So does it mean that it will be difficult to be removed by make up remover? Let's carry out another experiment! I dripped a drop of Biore Cleansing liquid on the eyeliner and left aside for 30 seconds, without any rubbing action and here is the outcome! The eyeliner was dissolved within 30 seconds oh yeah! Great one since I really hate to fight with all my make up while removing them before my shower~ 

To be honest, this is my very first try on coloured eye liner since I usually stick to black and brown eye liners which are definitely more natural and safer to play with. Coloured eye liners look awesome and fashionable on the runway and models but will it be very weird to wear coloured eye liner in real life? Will we look very cartoon-ish and funny with hot pink eye line? I always love to try out new stuffs and I think 3CE Wow Pink eyeliner look so good on me! Of course, I did some magic tricks to make the overall make up to look more natural hehe! And since I'm a very generous Princess, I'm going to share my magic tricks with you girls here!

Step 1: Draw a normal black eyeliner. Remember to fill in all of gaps at the root of your eyelashes to create a more natural look.

I'm using K-Palette One Day Tattoo here, my all time favourite black eyeliner!
By the way, you can see that my black eye liner super thick because I have inner double eyelid, so I have to draw an extremely thick eyeliner for it to be visible when I open my eyes. (Sad loh, wasted all my eyeliner)

Nah now you see it, I drew a 8mm thick eyeliner and it looks like 1mm here =.= 

Step 2: Draw another eyeliner closely on top of the black eyeliner. This time, we will be using 3CE Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner Vivid in Wow Pink. 

Step 3: Draw the bottom eye line. No black eyeliner is needed for the bottom eye line and we just need to draw the pink eye liner. I only draw the eyeliner at the 1/3 end of my eye, natural looking is what we want remember? 

Tada! The final outcome! 

I have a great news for all of my readers! You can get RM5 off on any purchase when you quote "PRINCESSXSC5". (Without minimum purchase yo! How generous is!) The code is valid until 25th July 2014. And the promotion doesn't end here! For your information, is having a special Parents' Day promotion now and all items are entitled to a 10% discount until the end of June! That means you can enjoy 10% off and RM5 off at one go! OMG this is the best timing for you to make purchase on I tell you! Oh ya, did I mention that they also carry other brands such as Miss Bow Bow, UNT and LadyBird Cosmetics? Hop on to their Facebook page and browse through their albums to find out more! Hey hey thinking that this is the end of all? You're wrong hoho! is super generous in giving discount that whenever you post your received items on social platform tagging @skincandyco and hashtag #skincandyco, you will be entitled for another RM 5 off for the next purchase! This is such a good deal! 

Hint hint:  Once achieving 1k fans on their Facebook page, will hold a giveaway as an appreciation to the followers! So faster go and like their page okay? You might be the lucky one to win away their awesome prizes! 

Company name : (SkinCandy Trading JM0673490-T)
Tagline : SkinCandy makes your skin happy
Facebook :
Instagram : Hashtag: #skincandyco
Email :
Line/ WeChat : skincandyco
Whatsapp : 011-12717270
Carousell : Skincandyco provides meetup/ COD for JB and Singapore customers at specific locations.
For JB : City Square - Weekdays during working hour 9.00am - 5.00pm
For Singapore : Little India/ Bugis MRT- time to be advise.
For COD, do contact for more details and arrangement.

This is such a long post and I hope it didn't bore you! Hope you enjoy my post today^^ Bye~~


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