Friday, 26 April 2013

KOSE Mask White

            Hello! Today I'm going to review on KOSE Mask White! Hehe excited right? I always hear positive feedback on KOSE's products and today, I myself is going to give it a try!! First of all, let's see what KOSE products I'm using.

Tada!!! It's the super famous KOSE Mask White!! (Enah I know you already knew the answer since I wrote in the title already LOL!)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013





Friday, 19 April 2013

My Anticipation Towards Awesome Wholesome, Vanity Trove

             Hello! I really can't wait to receive the May Trove from Vanity Trove! The May Trove is named as Awesome Wholesome and I really hope that it's an AWESOME box!! The box suppose to arrive in next week but I can't help myself from anticipating the postman to deliver the box to me earlier LOL! Looking at the postman with desperate eyes everyday hahaha! Eh maybe the postman might misunderstand that I have a crush on him LOL! Choi Choi Choi!!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sungkyunkwan University International Summer School-How to Join?


Random Photos that I took during the field trip

Look fun ya?

         Wow I didn't know that my readers have so much interest on SKKU ISS! Many have asked me on the application procedures to enter SKKU ISS. Instead of replying your comments one by one, I think it's better for me to write another post on this.

        So you are ready to join SKKU ISS now? ( Yeah I can see you nodding your head LOL!) Ok, let me clarify, it's not that everyone who applies for SKKU ISS will be selected. SKKU will have a selection procedure based on your academic achievements and extra-curriculum performance. Another important thing is the overall application procedure might take you some time, ranging from 3-6 weeks. So my advice is, apply for it as early as possible!! 

When My Hair Was Still Black

Street Fashion again, with my favourite Union Jack. I know I have mentioned so many times but still, I want to re-emphasize my love towards Union Jack again. >w<

Em, new try on Vintage Country Style.

What style is this?


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My Airport Fashion

Colours!!!!! <3

Love my red hair at that time.
And my cute Polka Dot Backpack from Vans Off the Wall.

Chuck Taylor which matches everything that I wear <3


Sunday, 7 April 2013


      I was checking on the photos that I took during these few years and I decided to write some posts to summarize my ootd. 

Galaxy Leggings from ROMWE
Oh I just can't stop loving clothings from ROMWE!! You know, I love Street Fashion and ROMWE has everything I want!! From Denim Jacket to Spikes Boots, omg I might spend all my $$$$ on ROMWE :S

Just.....Simply mixed and matched?

COLOURS!! I love colours!! Let's count how many colours I was wearing XD

Vampiric Style is my another love! Black X Red X Lace Woohoo!! 
I just couldn't resist the mysterious and royal vampiric fashion!


Friday, 5 April 2013

Put on Your Party Hat!!!

        Who doesn't love party? I'm sure that everyone love party!! Eating yummy food, chit-chatting with friends and taking photos in a party are things that I love the most in my life!! Especially the happiest photo-taking session in front of the themed backdrop!! But so difficult and mafan to make our own backdrop lah, have to paint, cut and paste and finally keep the backdrop on the wall. Making our own party backdrop is fun but somehow it's way too time-consuming. You know, you cannot make small backdrop right? It looks super funny LOL! The back drop must be as larger as possible to fit in all the guests who come to the party! Some more one has to prepare all the themed invitation cards to all the guests (like that only got class what, cannot simply sms and ask people to come to your party haha) 

          So organizing a party is super troublesome and energy-consuming. I have never held any party on my birthday since I don't want to get myself with so many troubles LOL! BUT! I might change my mind this year hehe~~

Pepperlunch @Midvalley Megamall

        Sometimes, eating out can be expensive and as a poor undergraduate student, I always have my solution hahahaha!! It is undeniable that I'm a food lover, yeah, a yummy-food-lover. But spending too much on good food sometime really make me poor! Therefore, seeking for cheap and yummy food will be my life-long target LOL! 

           Today's topic is: WHERE TO FIND CHEAP AND DELICIOUS FOOD IN MIDVALLEY MEGAMALL? Yeah you didn't hear me wrong, it's Midvalley Megamall! 

Kiehl's- Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution

           Tada!! Yes!! Today I'm going to write a short post on Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution from Kiehl's!! As indicated by the name,Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution is something that is going to correct all your dark spots like a correction pen hohoho!! You can apply the solution throughout your entire face to improve the overall luminosity and radiance of your complexion; and you can also apply it on specific region to diminish dark spots particularly. For me, I only apply the solution on the region with dark spots that I wish to correct. ( Wanna save on the solution mah, so expensive man! So cannot simply apply on the entire face LOL!) 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Manhattan Fish Market-Scallop Americana

            It was International Women's Day!! International Women's Day leh! Where can rot at hostel? Must go out walk walk and eat eat!! (Finding excuse to go out XD)

So here we are!! (or here we were? I'm not sure, haiz my lousy English!)

The Manhattan Fish Market!!

I wanted to sit on these pretty red sofa but it was so crowded on that day :(
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