Friday, 5 April 2013

Pepperlunch @Midvalley Megamall

        Sometimes, eating out can be expensive and as a poor undergraduate student, I always have my solution hahahaha!! It is undeniable that I'm a food lover, yeah, a yummy-food-lover. But spending too much on good food sometime really make me poor! Therefore, seeking for cheap and yummy food will be my life-long target LOL! 

           Today's topic is: WHERE TO FIND CHEAP AND DELICIOUS FOOD IN MIDVALLEY MEGAMALL? Yeah you didn't hear me wrong, it's Midvalley Megamall! 

Tada!!! Here you go!! The answer is Pepperlunch!! Guess how much the above set meal costs? RM13.90 only!! 

Teriyaki Pepper Chicken Rice 
Served with lots of sweet corns and chinese cabbage! 
Sizzling hot plate woohoo!!

The special sauce that made the chicken tasted even better!! 
TIPS: Must add in the sauce at the beginning for a better absorption into the tender chicken meat!!

Another set meal which is cheaper! 
Chicken Pepper Lunch
RM 9.90 only!

And the fun part about pepper lunch is that you can cook your pepper lunch by yourself! Well, all ingredients  are all cooked and what you have to do is just stir mix everything with the special sauce on the sizzling hot plate.

Ya, just cook according to the instructions hehe. 

        In a nutshell, the food is pretty yummy and the portion is really filling. An economic choice for poor student like me lah hahaha.


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