Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Facial Cleansers for Active Men - Dashing X Manchester City Football Club

Malaysia’s No. 1 male grooming brand Dashing has partnered with Manchester City Football Club, the fastest growing Premier league team to create some amazing products and experiences for all sport lovers in Malaysia. After the recent launch of the Dashing and Manchester City Football Club range of limited edition EDTs and Deodorants, Dashing is all set to revolutionize Skin care for Malaysia Men.

In grooming, personal hygiene, and the desire to look one’s best, today’s men are as committed as women. It surpasses the common belief that active, ‘macho’ men don’t care about their appearance, the reality is completely different. Today’s heroes are legends in the sports arena who have their own statement style and take care of their appearance like Sergio Aguero, Vincent Kompany, Samir Nasri and David Silva.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Pork Knuckle & Grilled Pork Sausages @Brotzeit Katong

最近真的快被工作給壓死了啦!哦不,工作是無辜的,上司才是問題的根源!好好好,壞事我們就掃到地毯下,今天來説些好吃的!由於可怕的經理老姐姐讓我的日子變得很不好過,所以本公主一氣之下決定吃頓好的!就算當天下著滂沱大雨我還是千山萬水地跑到Katong的Brotzeit吃了頓德國全豬宴(對!狂風暴雨中我還是撐著傘背著相機搭巴士+走路到Katong去),但怎麽知道這頓飯竟然沒想像中的好吃,應該說根本就是有點難吃*淚* (简直就是極度悲傷的一天)爲了避免大家和我一樣把錢亂花在味道普通的食物上,我比平時還要用心地拍了照寫了文,大家以後就別去踩地雷啦!嚴格來説Brotzeit也不完全是個地雷啦,他們的德國香腸好吃地沒話説,但身為招牌菜的德國烤豬腳真的...不太好吃~

Oven Roasted Pork Knuckle
SGD 36

Saturday, 19 December 2015 - Everything with My Name on Wins

Christmas is just around the corner and I decided to send a gift to myself (Trust me, girls can find all kinds of excuses to shop haha!) If you read my this and this post then you will know that I like personalized stuffs very much. As what you can read from the title of this post - everything with my name on wins and I'm serious with this! I really like the customization service from and yea, I ordered my very first customized pillow from their website!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Maybelline White Superfresh Liquid Powder

I have combination skin and the sebum secretion at the T zone on my face is extraordinarily active, my T zone always gets oily and it shines bright like a diamond during the midday - No girl wants her face to shine like a disco ball I tell you. I tried many products such as blotting paper, mineral powder and loose powder to keep my T zone shine free. Some of them worked, some of them didn't. I've been searching for a fast and easy remedy to keep my face clean and fresh for the whole day and Maybelline White Superfresh Liquid Powder is definitely an affordable option that I would go for.

Maybelline White Superfresh Liquid Powder (25mL)
RM 29.90

Maybelline White Superfresh Liquid Powder
RM 29.90

Do you remember that I did a review on Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++ before? This is just another awesome product from the White Superfresh series! Maybelline White Superfresh Liquid Powder is a liquid foundation which gives a powdery finish to the skin, very special isn't it? Unlike most of the foundation or BB cream that contain oil, this foundation has a unique powder-in-water formula provides an all-day white, fresh and matte look with a lightweight feel. Imagine that you won’t need any touch-ups throughout the day, how convenient that will be!

Sunday, 13 December 2015


Christmas is my favourite festival
It's always so warm and blissful
Yes, I feel extraordinarily blessed and loved in December.
And these feelings are all amplified under the magic of light.
Light is unbelievably magical to me,
It's so irresistibly enchanting, fascinating and bewitching.
Let's enjoy the magnificent sculptures of light from the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay
Admission to the Christmas Wonderland is completely free of charge :)

I can't help myself from falling under the spell of these spectacular lights.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015



小明哥總是問我 “你長得一點都不美,可怎麽老是拍照,老是Post自己的照片啊?”






3 Must-Have Tops for Women

Ever since I started my working life, I found that people do judge from how you dress. Like it or not, you are being judged by how you look, how you dress, and how you carry yourself. In a simple word, you're judged by your appearance. Therefore, one should create her own signature look to tell others about her character. One of the many ways a woman can flaunt their personality is by wearing various designed tops. Designers have created an extensive range of tops for women from many designs, colours, prints and patterns. Women can find from the basic simples to the stylish trendy ones according to their style. However, every women needs to know that there are three must-have tops that they should add into their closet at home. It does not matter what your age is, these tops are crucial to have as it allows you to experiment in your own way.

1. Basic Tees

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