Friday, 31 August 2012

The Sophomore Year

         Before I start my stories in Korea, I should have wrapped up my Sophomore Year. Always wanted to wrap up the sophomore year but I'm just too busy, really really busy. I know what is on your mind:" What are you doing? Are you really that busy?" Frankly speaking, YES I'M BUSY LIKE A BIG BOSS!!!Omg I started to crap again (I know, for all the time right?), let's stop talking rubbish and get into the main topic today: The Princess Sophomore Year!

        Hmm Hmm let's look back how my sophomore year was. Flashing back all the memory, what comes into my mind first is the endless and disastrous laboratory reports!!! Omg omg omg I don't want to flash back those saddening and scary memories!! It was a nightmare! How did I survive through all these? Oh I really admire myself!!And the thing is, the experiments are getting tougher and tougher!! Equipment that we need to handle are getting scarier!!

Huge huh??

What else did I do besides experiments? Hmm let me think....

Ahhhhhh, I almost forgot that I took Engineering Drawing last semester!

What comes to your mind first when you heard about Engineering Drawing??

Colour Pencils?

Hahahaha of course not!! It's all about presenting the 2-D and 3-D views of a structures either by manual or computer drawings. Personally I found that this is the course that I like the most in this semester, since I was given the chance to draw again. (I know I'm not really good at drawing but I really love to draw :) ) However, I spent most of my time on completing the homeworks of this subject. Hey, the engineering manual drawing is not a joke!! Every measurement is given in millimeters and the tutor will check the accuracy of every single measurement!!! Any deviation in the drawing will result in mark deduction T_T 

Another thing that I really don't like is that I need to carry the-super-heavy-drawing-tools to my faculty!! And it takes around 10 minutes for me to walk from my room to my faculty!!! Super tiring!!


This is what I did for my final project, impressed? :)

Another course that I took last semester is Public Oration. It's sort of public-speaking-training course. To me this course is not that difficult, since I don't have stage-fright. During the class, students will be picked and asked to give some impromtu speeches at random. It was quite exciting actually. I dunno why but I really enjoy giving speeches and presentations at the stage. (Ok I know I'm a weirdo >w<)

Yes, my study life is all about doing experiments and hitting buttons on the calculator. In fact I enjoy analyzing and solving problems, it gives me great sense of satisfaction.

There's really not much to write, I tried my best to flash back the memories, but it seems like nothing special has happened in my Sophomore year. 

So let's end this post here.


Thursday, 16 August 2012


   最近实在是太忙了,韩国的journey一点都还没有写到T_T没办法,要plan新trip,不得空啦!okok bye bye lah!!
P/S:这篇是用S II写的,还可以放照片,超级无敌方便!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Short Update

        Hello everyone! The Princess is busy like a BOSS recently!! Right after I finished my sophomore year in Malaysia, I took a course and studied in Korea!! What?!! Korea?!! I know it sounds so "sudden" right? Since I didn't mention that I'm going to study in Korea in my previous post. No I didn't forget my blog!! It's just that I'm toooooo busy recently that I don't even have a second to relax and blog!! Relax relax my readers! I will start blogging again >w<

        There are so many stories to be shared with you so stay tuned! The Princess is heading for Red-bean soup now >w< Bye!


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