Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Swissvita Serum Review: Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum, Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum & Micrite 3D All Use Whitening Serum

Swissvita Serum

I learnt about Swissvita Eye Cream from Jennifer and its special aluminium sealed tube design piqued my interest towards this brand. As fas as I concern, aluminium sealed tube is a very popular packaging for medication and adhesive products due to its excellent ability in preventing product contamination. I have seen all sorts of packaging for skin care and beauty products, but not an aluminium sealed tube. So after reading Jennifer's review on Swissvita eye cream, I googled and learnt more about this brand and found that Swissvita is a brand focusing on aesthetic medicine. They sell a wide varieties of skin care products and what excites me the most is that all of their products are very reasonably priced! I tried 3 of their serums which are Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum, Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum & Micrite 3D All Use Whitening Serum respectively.

Swissvita Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum
RM 110/50mL

Can you believe that a 50mL bottle of Swissvita Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum is only sold at RM110? What a steal! Its RRP is RM190 but they're having special promotion now so you get to buy this Mandelic Acid at an unbelievably cheap price.

Thursday, 19 January 2017


我们家是零食大军,家里永远都有一堆冰淇淋、薯片、巧克力、饼干以及糖果的库存。绝对不是在开玩笑,我妈妈还会定时添货,确保我们无时无刻都有零食解馋。(其实因为她是家里最喜欢吃零食的人所以都很主动地去买哈哈哈,但自从我开始自己赚钱之后我很对零食库存做出了很大的贡献>.<)什么乱七八糟的零食我们都吃,便宜的贵的外国的本地的,反正就是买不停吃不停就对了。唯一不曾尝试过的就是健康的零食。写到这里我自己也忍不住笑了一笑,这世上会有健康的零食吗?之前我也认为零食都没多少营养价值。是有健康的饼干啦,但健康的薯片啊巧克力啊要去哪里找?去年在Garden Ritz吃阿根廷炭烤料理时机缘巧合接触到自家手工制作的低温风干果干,觉得非常特别,所以今天就来和大家分享啦~

夹炼链带的包装设计十分方便,收纳保存都不是问题。我尝试了4种果干,左边起是苹果、granola、梨子和香蕉。这些果干都来自Unparalleled Grace,由一位妈妈亲手洗切水果并以低温风干。注意哦,是风干而不是烘干。由于低温风干并不涉及加热,因此能够保留高达96%的营养成份。低温风干的制程繁复且耗时,所以老板娘都不接急单,也不囤货,所有的果干都是在收到订单后才开始制作的。标榜着无防腐剂、无色素、无味精,这些果干不是健康的零食是什么?

Let's Pop in Some Magi Planet Popcorn!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, how time flies! I thought I just unboxed my Christmas presents and it's CNY now? Oh noooo! I spent all my weekends in January in different shopping malls to get myself some CNY clothes and of course, CNY goodies such as cookies, decorations, flowers, bakwa (chinese dried meat) and hampers. Pineapple tarts, peanut cookies, kuih kapit, love letters and almond cookies, oh these evil cookies are calling for me! This year, we added some extraordinary CNY snacks to our table: Magi Planet Popcorn

I think these should be enough to serve our guests? Or not? 

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydra Calm Serum

Today we are going to talk about serum! I always have 2 bottles of serum with me, with one serving for whitening purpose and another one for hydrating effect. I personally find serum the best way to give a boost to my tired skin, especially when I need to attend important meetings or appointments the next day. There are several criteria that I will pay attention to when choosing serum: viscosity, effectiveness and of course, affordability. I do not want my serum to be too watery or too sticky. There was a time that I tried out a watery serum because I thought such consistency will facilitate in the absorbance of the product by skin but all I got was a whole mess. It is so hard to get the right amount of serum in one pump and I really hate it when the serum accidentally drips onto my dressing table. It's so wasteful and dirty. Ever since then, I become really particular when choosing the right serum - it mustn't be watery! 

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