Tuesday, 26 June 2018

ID.AZ Dermastic Clay Mask Review: Pore Clean | Oil Control | Brightening | Hydrating

My life is getting busier these days that I have no choice but to adapt to the faster pace of life. (Singapore's working life is no joke, everyone is chasing after TIME!) After living in this fast paced city for 3 years, I am so well trained to do everything fast in order to have a higher throughput and productivity. It's a bit sick that I even want to do my skin care and make up in a faster and more efficient way, time is gold here ladies! Therefore, I was super excited and thrilled to try out ID.AZ Dermastic Clay Masks when I was informed that they are 5 min clay masks, this is exactly what I have been searching for! 

ID.AZ Dermastic Clay Mask

There are 4 variants of these beautiful clay mask in pastel colours, each targeting at different skin concerns, namely

  • ID.AZ Dermastic Pore Clean Clay Mask - Grey
  • ID.AZ Dermastic Oil Control Clay Mask - Green
  • ID.AZ Dermastic Brightening Clay Mask - Yellow
  • ID.AZ Dermastic Hydrating Clay Mask - Pink

I'm seriously in love with the convenient tube packaging, so hygienic, easy to bring around and the best part? They don't spill or leak like other clay mask packaged in tub and bottle, brownie point for the user-friendly packaging design. At the same time, clay mask does dry out pretty fast and with a tube packaging, they can be stored for a longer period due to the small dispensing opening. 

ID.AZ Dermastic Clay Mask

Monday, 18 June 2018

Ssamjeang Prawn Pizza - A Fresh New Addition to Domino’s Hottest Korean Sensation

Fall in love all over again with the sweet and spicy Ssamjeang flavors especially created by Domino’s Pizza. Hot on the trail of its popular Ssamjeang Pizza range, Domino’s introduces its latest addition, the new Ssamjeang Prawn pizza, the fourth variant added to the range.

Featuring springy, succulent prawns marinated with Italian herbs & spices coupled with nutritious seaweed that’s rich with umami flavour, fresh cherry tomatoes, green peppers, sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds atop the specially developed Ssamjeang sauce, the Ssamjeang Pizza is packed with well-balanced flavors and textures.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Tsum Tsum X Mentholatum Skin Care Collection Review - Hand Cream | Face Wash | Fruity Lipbalm | Face Mask

[WARNING] Tonnes of colourful, cute and adorable pictures in this post! I'm sure that Tsum Tsum fans will be delighted with the newly launched Tsum Tsum Collection by Mentholatum, this definitely has one of the most “kawaii-looking” packaging among all beauty care items in the market, girls will love it!

Consisting of hand cream, face wash, lip balm and face mask, these colourful products are so eye-captivating and at the same time, they are of top notch quality. Mind you, Mentholatum is famous of their high quality lip care products! Being a young little girl at heart *shameless*, I'm absolutely in love with this collection and I can't stop admiring the cute packaging. Even my parents were attracted by the sweet pastel colours of the products, tell me who can resist Tsum Tsum?

Not only this collection looks super cute and appealing especially to Tsum Tsum fans, it is also a joy to use with both fun fruity scents and invigorating floral scents. With the use of skin-loving ingredients, the products aim to deliver the best results to your skin.

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Hand Cream
 RM16.90 (50g)

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