Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Small Gathering

Had a small gathering with my secondary school friends before going back to hometown.
It's a very small gathering since there were 5 of us only,haha!

Dinah LOL!!!

Did nothing on that day actually, just chatted.
But it's great that we can meet up and update with each other.
I love my friends very much. I really do.


Monday, 30 January 2012
















Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Time Square+ Sungai Wang+ Pavillion+ Fahrenheit 88

            So busy recently!! Chinese New Year is just around the corner!! WooHoo!! Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! New Year means a lot of new clothings and super delicious food!! You have to know that I'm a food lover hahaha!! Okok I shall stop talking about new year, because this post is meant to share about my KL outing with you all!!

 It's Christmas!!!


When we were on our way to Pavillion, we saw something really weird!!!
What are those silly-looking bears?
They looked so funny since all of them raised up their hands widely XD

Here is it!!
Bears designed by different countries!!
Let's check them out one by one!!

There are so many of them!!!

1-Malaysia bear is super ugly!!!
Shame ah shame *shake head shake head*

Union Jack my favourite!!!
I was so excited to see the UK bear in Union Jack!
But I was wondering why is this bear wearing goggles? Funny die!!
Look of the day: 
Black singlet+ Hoodies+ Skinny Jeans+ Union Jack Messenger Bag + Chuck Taylor

Finally I went to Sephora XD

By the way I found that


is just right besides LV!!
Father King and Mother Queen are you happy with that?

Aiyah I just realised that I didn't write much in this post haha!! Actually nothing much to write also, we just shopped and shopped and shopped, LOL XD. Never mind just let's the pictures do the talking!!

Had dinner at Sushi Zanmai again. It's Sushi Zanmai at Fahrenheit 88 and it was the 2nd time I had meal there. I must say that Sushi Zanmai is really good! They serve food with quality at a reasonable price. You can get a wide varieties of Japanese food there. 

Great lightning with comfortable seatings.

Spacious and comfortable.

I was in a dilemma between Don and Udon. I would like to try their Udon but the tempura on the Don was so tempting!!! I love prawnss!! Arghhhh!!Which one to choose??

Finally tempura won!!
My order on that day.
Felt so upset that they changed their purple cabbage pickles into some other pickles :(
Purple cabbage pickles is really nice!!!  (But Potassium and Esther and Fish all dislike it XD)

Hehe my tempura~
The prawn was really fresh and bouncy!

Cecelia ordered Don also

Hmm Hmm we spent most of our time at Time Square and bought some accessories there. Nothing much to say about this outing, just wanna relax myself after finishing my dreadful Test 2 XD

So sorry that my blog is getting boring-er and boring-er :( 


Monday, 16 January 2012

End of Semester 3

          WARNINGS: This post is super boring because it's all about my study life so you may skip reading it if you are short of time. 

        As expected I can't sleep again. As usual, I feel very tired but I just can't sleep. T.T Insomnia is really torturing!! Hopefully I can get a good rest during the 5-weeks-long sem break. Yes! Today is the last day of my 3rd semester!! Yeah yeah yeah!! Finally it ends!! It's a super dreadful + busy+ horrible+ terrible semester!! Let's summarise what I had done in this semester!

1. Super heavy work load

Well for your information I have to carry out 3 experiments each week and submit 3 reports every week. For some of them I even need to get my long report done on-the-spot!! Crazy huh? Generally I spent most of my time on starring at the monitor, thinking of how to explain my experiments and write it in a proper way, with my fingers flying around the keyboard. Doing experiment is not easy too. All of the apparatus, no, I shouldn't call them apparatus, that sounds too minor, haha! Those are all EQUIPMENT that I never seen before! So before carrying out the experiments I need to google those equipment and understand the operating theories behind them. You got to know that lecturer will evaluate me during the experiments by asking me super technical questions. Unable to answer their questions mean deduct marks. Luckily I did my preparation works pretty well XD. For engineers, writing a good report is a must-have skill and I think I'm well-trained now LOL!!

2. Super Difficult Design Projects

Guess what? My project for Heat Transfer was to design a Heat Exchanger. Let's see what I did.

This is the simplest diagram found in my report. I wanted to upload some other pictures here but blogger does not support their formats, too bad. So I spent 3 days (that means all day round beside sleeping!! I even ate while calculating LOL!!) on doing the super tedious manual calculation in order to design the most efficient heat exchanger at minimum cost. Failure and retry, failure and retry. The process kept repeating and it was really disappointing to see the results deviated again and again. Drawing is a problematic part too. I was so regret that I didn't learn learn AutoCad from my father King during my 4-months sem break. Got to learn it up during this sem break.

Another designing project was to design a hopper. Look at my ideas.

Design 1: Failed because I can't get myself an a.c. supply

Design 2: Failed again 
I was trying to modify an electric alarm but since I was unable to find one, I tried to build the electric circuit on my own. But the problem is I can't find myself a sore iron core in U-shaped. T.T Forced to give up all of my designs due to resources limitation. I was really sad because I feel very proud of my design so I wished to make them a usable one.

No choice, I used a hand massager to vibrate my hopper at the end. 

3. Countless Extra-Curriculum Activities

There were so many activitessss!! I shall skip them here, if not this post will be super longgg.

         Feeling sleepy? I know you must be feeling boring right now since I've been talking things that are so "physics". But I just feel like sharing with you about what I've been busy with through the past 4 months.

        Still can't sleep right now. Haiz. 

p/s: If you are reading until here, I got to say Thank You for your patience, haha! And please bear with my grammatical mistakes, I was writing this post at 4 a.m. in a super-tired-but-can't-fall-asleep mode XD
When I read back this post I found that it's a crap indeed!


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