Friday, 28 October 2011

Overworked and Underpaid?

              Engineers here are overworked and underpaid, in most cases at least, but it really isn’t that bad, honestly speaking. I once saw a documentary on bridges and at the end of it, they interviewed this old Japanese engineer who was once a part of this big suspension bridge project which became a lifeline between two cities. He ended his interview with this remark: “I brought my grandson to look at it and one of my greatest joys was to point at that great bridge and tell him that I help built that thing.”

Bed Fluidisation ^.^

p/s: By the way I want to go to Big Bad Wolf soooo badly!!!! The books there are super cheap!!



               Sad to tell, Ajisen Ramen was not opened yesterday =3= Super dissapointed!!! And we went to another restaurant to have our dinner. By the way, I saw the Popeye Bistro that Zhaoyu mentioned!! Our next gathering will be held at there!!

               Just finished reading my friends' blogs. One of them is writing a long story ( or shall I just call it a novel? XD). But I know that he's writing his own story, although he keeps denying. It sounds very sad. Knowing that all of the scenes of his ''novel'' are parts of his life just makes me feel so sad. The story is so nostalgic. It's like an old person is flashing back, 回味当年的美好时光。Haiz how can time fly so fast. I really love the time at Dato'. Although we always make complaints about the school's teachers, policies and facilities, but the fact is I love the school very much. So contradictory =3=

               I remember we used to share nice food among each other. We used to bring nice stuffs from home and share among us. Love the feeling so much. I miss Fam's banana cake a lot, and fried rice cakes. When Sheau Ning gave me the Apollo's chocolate cake I was totally stunned!! It has been so long!!!

That's what Sheau Ning gave me, an old-school feel Apollo chocolate cake!!

              It feels so great that somebody bought you something and shared with you. Thank you Sheau Ning!! I remember I used to buy this cake when I was in my primary school. It's nothing expensive but it just made my day. That's what people called 礼轻情意重!Haha!!

Say Good Bye~
Here is where we spent our idiotic and crazy time!!
Finally it comes to the end.

Sad die me!! T_T

OK stop reminiscing. 
I think I should start to design my hopper =3=
Don't know what is a hopper? Long story. Google it. XD
My design work: Design a hopper that can hold 1 kg of material at all time and is able to discharge the material at a constant flow rate.
Material: Flour

You have to know that flour is the most troublesome material among all!!! It just can't flow smoothly!!
''Constant flow rate'' will be a big problem. Got to crack my brain on this.
Any idea? Leave me a comment if you do. ^.^

So many lab worksssss to be done.

Song of the day: My land's song!! Haha!!

Their dance is neat and uniform but plain. SHINee is always the best. The song is not really nice too, I share it here just because of the name of the song. U-Kiss's muscles + heavy eyes' make up = no eyes see, just ignore it >w<
 Good Bye and Good Night.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011



每天SMS+ 夺命连环CALL催组员把他们的部分交给我=
对不起我的PEN DRIVE 借人了所以SAVE不到给你+

= 最后自己做



我是Persatuan Mahasiswa Mahasiswi Kejuruteraan (PEMAJU)的副财政


PEMAJU的meeting 和中秋的开会撞倒乱
还有Intercollege English Debat




Tuesday, 25 October 2011

It's All About Delicious Food!!

Went out in my favourite singlet and hoodies.
We ate a lot of nice food.
     Ate chicken chop that day. Very delicious!! The chop is so crispy!! Long time didn't eat western food, miss so much. I like western food and Japanese food and Korean food and Italian food.
So greedy lah me >.<

  Oh I'm drooling right now!

I'm having chocolate everyday!! Chocolate rocks!!

Chocolate!! 66%. Nice.

Long time didn't eat this. This is very very very nice!! I love this cream toffees!!
Werther's Original, from Germany ^^
But if you are those who don't like sweet stuffs then it won't be your cup of tea because it is extremely sweeeet!!! Like it!!

Eating delicious food really perk me up!! Going to have Pizza Hut tomorrow? Hmm Hmm maybe~ Or Thursday?? Haha my mind is full of food now!!
But for sure that I'm going to have Ajisen Ramen as my dinner tomorrow!! Hurray!!
Never have Ajisen Ramen before? How could you! It's sooo famous and delicious!!
Ok ok be patient, I will take some nice photos and share it here!!
Oh Ramen Ramen my favourite!!

Oh ya!! I haven't shown my Burberry Body here right? Here you go!!

Tada!! Surprise huh??

Burberry Burberry Burberry

It smells so nice!! 自然不做作!haha!!

Ok I shall stop my showing off here, if not people might smash their monitor, LOL>.<

Song of the day: The Boys by SNSD!!!!
Finally SNSD made their comeback!!!

OMG who can resist SNSD?? They are so pretty!!!
And they look really different in this song!!
But still, their dance is SUPERB!!
But this time their dance is not that ''girly'', it's more powerful now ^.^
I've been listening to this song non-stop for the whole day! Yeah!

Ok that's all for today. Good Night and Good Bye~

p/s: I have completed all of my reports!! Clap clap!! 


Friday, 21 October 2011

Home Sweet Home

                  I'm backkkkk!!! Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! Finally I can run away from the super hectic + hustle life! Oh Yeah!! Made a really last minute decision to go back home on Thursday's evening!! My initial plan was to go home on Friday's early morning, but since lecturer let us go earlier, I decided to skip my gym session and go back home!! (I'm not doing gym lah, Im the AJK only, LOL><)

                  I'm really impressed with my efficiency!! I only spent 30 minutes to reach TBS from my university!! Amazing!!

                Finally I can take a breath now~ I need adequate sleep and rest!!! Know what? I have 3 reports to finish each week and for one of the labs I need to pass up the same-say-report right after those terrible experiments!! R-I-G-H-T A-F-T-E-R!! That means I have to carry out the highly-technical experiment and figure out what's the relationships between all of the parameters. In addition, I have to check on my experimental results and analyse whether they deviate from the theory. T.T In order to perform well, I have to do research on these experiments before carrying out them. For your information, I have labs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, consecutively. All of the reports need to be passed up in 7 days. So can you imagine how hectic my life is? Rushing for reports everyday! Reports and reports and reports!!!

             I sound so naggy. =.= OK I got to start my report now. Good Bye and Good Night. I promise I will write during this holiday. :)

p/s: I have one design project and a mini project to be finished. But I have done another experiment design project already :)


Monday, 3 October 2011




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