Friday, 28 October 2011


               Sad to tell, Ajisen Ramen was not opened yesterday =3= Super dissapointed!!! And we went to another restaurant to have our dinner. By the way, I saw the Popeye Bistro that Zhaoyu mentioned!! Our next gathering will be held at there!!

               Just finished reading my friends' blogs. One of them is writing a long story ( or shall I just call it a novel? XD). But I know that he's writing his own story, although he keeps denying. It sounds very sad. Knowing that all of the scenes of his ''novel'' are parts of his life just makes me feel so sad. The story is so nostalgic. It's like an old person is flashing back, 回味当年的美好时光。Haiz how can time fly so fast. I really love the time at Dato'. Although we always make complaints about the school's teachers, policies and facilities, but the fact is I love the school very much. So contradictory =3=

               I remember we used to share nice food among each other. We used to bring nice stuffs from home and share among us. Love the feeling so much. I miss Fam's banana cake a lot, and fried rice cakes. When Sheau Ning gave me the Apollo's chocolate cake I was totally stunned!! It has been so long!!!

That's what Sheau Ning gave me, an old-school feel Apollo chocolate cake!!

              It feels so great that somebody bought you something and shared with you. Thank you Sheau Ning!! I remember I used to buy this cake when I was in my primary school. It's nothing expensive but it just made my day. That's what people called 礼轻情意重!Haha!!

Say Good Bye~
Here is where we spent our idiotic and crazy time!!
Finally it comes to the end.

Sad die me!! T_T

OK stop reminiscing. 
I think I should start to design my hopper =3=
Don't know what is a hopper? Long story. Google it. XD
My design work: Design a hopper that can hold 1 kg of material at all time and is able to discharge the material at a constant flow rate.
Material: Flour

You have to know that flour is the most troublesome material among all!!! It just can't flow smoothly!!
''Constant flow rate'' will be a big problem. Got to crack my brain on this.
Any idea? Leave me a comment if you do. ^.^

So many lab worksssss to be done.

Song of the day: My land's song!! Haha!!

Their dance is neat and uniform but plain. SHINee is always the best. The song is not really nice too, I share it here just because of the name of the song. U-Kiss's muscles + heavy eyes' make up = no eyes see, just ignore it >w<
 Good Bye and Good Night.


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