Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Don't Worry, He Doesn't Read My Blog

I hope you understand that I'm neither an option nor an alternative,
And I would never want to be one.

Call me demanding, 
Call me lordly,
Call me capricious,
Call me imperious,
Call me high-handed,
Call me unreasonable,
Anything you wish.

I want nothing other than the first priority.

I understand that you're just being you, 
Following your inherent traits,
Doing what you've been doing over the past few years,
Those acts that I despise from the bottom of my heart.
Don't you feel that it's so disgusting?

It's just the ridiculously and unbelievably naive me who always take your words to heart,
Believe in your every single word without any doubt.

Too bad,
I'm too smart to be fooled.
Empty promises,
Again, again and again.
You know that I can't swim, don't you?
How could you be so cruel to me?
To drown me in the sea of disappointments.

You're undoubtedly guilty as charged,
But I was sentenced to the prison on behalf,
To the prison of endless grief and agony.

Prison break me,



Tuesday, 26 May 2015





Sunday, 24 May 2015

不必多问 也不必多说



Thursday, 14 May 2015

I Believe That He Will Say The Same Thing Even If I Have No Hair One Day

We were watching TV together after the dinner and here appeared an artist with an eye-catching hairstyle, in claret red.

I was so excited and I told Dad "Eh Dad Dad Dad look at her hair! Very nice right?" 

"Nice meh?" Dad said in a doubtful tone.

"Very nice ah, look at the colour!" 

"I think yours is much nicer." 

Only my dad will say this to me. 


Monday, 11 May 2015

Backstreet Cafe 小巷咖啡館 @ Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru



Monday, 4 May 2015

Teluk Intan 1 Day Trip 霹靂安順一日游(美食游比較貼切!)

由於我是一個很懶很懶的 Blogger所以基本上我都不怎麽分享我的旅遊經歷(牢騷文Emo文卻很勤力地在寫tsk tsk tsk這樣不好哦)旅遊照片那麽多路綫那麽多景點那麽多咧!光是edit 照片這件事就會花上很多時間(adjust brightness是一定一定要的!)所以每段開心的旅程自己知道就好哈哈哈!可是!當不同的朋友問我 “Eh那裏那裏有什麽好玩好吃的啊?路綫要怎麽Plan?Schedule要怎麽跑才省時間?” 的時候我就超級希望我可以直接send個post link讓他們自己去讀,多麽方便啊!從上個月開始就不斷地有朋友向我詢問勞動節+衛塞節的長周末行程規劃,就不同洲推薦了一遍兩遍三遍四遍之後我就狠狠地下定決心要把過去的旅程給寫下來!以後大家就直接來這裡讀就好,一了百了Oh Yeah!我實在是太聰明了!所以今天就把旅遊筆記和舊照片給挖出來,整理一番后就從安順開始寫起!原本想要從北一路寫去南的可是檳城和登嘉樓的照片實在是多到爆炸!看了就很無力,所以我們就從只有幾張照片的安順開始吧!

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