Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Don't Worry, He Doesn't Read My Blog

I hope you understand that I'm neither an option nor an alternative,
And I would never want to be one.

Call me demanding, 
Call me lordly,
Call me capricious,
Call me imperious,
Call me high-handed,
Call me unreasonable,
Anything you wish.

I want nothing other than the first priority.

I understand that you're just being you, 
Following your inherent traits,
Doing what you've been doing over the past few years,
Those acts that I despise from the bottom of my heart.
Don't you feel that it's so disgusting?

It's just the ridiculously and unbelievably naive me who always take your words to heart,
Believe in your every single word without any doubt.

Too bad,
I'm too smart to be fooled.
Empty promises,
Again, again and again.
You know that I can't swim, don't you?
How could you be so cruel to me?
To drown me in the sea of disappointments.

You're undoubtedly guilty as charged,
But I was sentenced to the prison on behalf,
To the prison of endless grief and agony.

Prison break me,



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