Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Christmas Gifting Idea - What to Buy for Your Girlfriends? | belif Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh | belif Aqua Gel Oil | belif Cleansing Oil Fresh | belif Tinted moisturizer powdery B.B.

HoHoHo! Christmas is just 14 sleeps away! Have you prepared the Christmas gifts for all your loved ones? I believe there are many people who are still clueless with what to buy for their family and friends, especially guys! I don't mean to mock but it's really hilarious to see guys seeking help from the store assistants with dialogues below (Not exactly the same dialogues, but the gist is there):

"Erm do you have gift set? Like all the bestsellers be wrapped in a box?" 
"What's the difference between this cream and that cream?"
"Do you know what colours of lipstick do girls usually buy?"
"I don't know whether my girlfriend needs a serum or not, I have not seen it on her face..."

Don't laugh, it happens in real life! Oh boys you're in luck today, because this post is dedicated to guys who need some gifting idea for their girlfriends! I have been using products from belif for quite some time and I really like the effects they give, their products do deliver the promises they claim! I  love their Christmas gift set and here I am recommending it to you guys. Not only that it is worth every penny, I can assure you that your girlfriend will love this Christmas present as much as I do.

belif Christmas Set

Being wrapped in a funky and chic box in blue and hot pink (with Flamingo's prints! Oh which girl doesn't like flamingo huh?), the belif Christmas set consists of 4 products - 3 skin care and 1 make up. I like how the gift set covers both skin care and make up products, more variation in the sense of gift! With this eye-captivating packaging, you don't even need to wrap the gift set up, just put the box in a nice bag and viola! 

Before proceeding to my review on the products, I would like to make a confession here, that I actually did a double take on photo shooting the products in this post, as the photos from the first round of photo shooting is such a failure. I stared at the first batch photos and my mind went blank, I couldn't proceed with photo processing at all because I feel that these photos do not do justice to my sense of aesthetics and photography skills. They do not translate my taste and sense at all. (What was on my mind when I was taking those photos?!) They are not ugly to be honest, but they are just average to me. Therefore, I decided to spend another day to redo the photo shooting. Okay enough of the story behind the scenes, let's move on to some brief introduction on belif. 

Created by a UK herbalist, belif is a "true herbal cosmetic" brand which believes in the value of honesty and power of the truth. belif only uses essential ingredients, list them all honestly and does not use flashy packaging, which translate their core value of honesty. This is really rare in the current beauty scene where brands are competing on the packaging game. In addition, belif combines time-tested apothecary herbal traditions and modern Korean skin science to provide the utmost care and efficacy for skin. 

Belif Christmas Set

From left to right, 
Tinted moisturizer powdery B.B. 
Aqua Gel Oil
Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh
Cleansing Oil Fresh

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