Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sungkyunkwan Summer School- Why Did I Join?


              Finally, here come my very first post on my Sungkyunkwan Summer School experiences after being lazy for like almost 10 months. The most frequently asked question by my friends and my readers is:


And the funny fact is they will always answer on my behalf, saying "Oh I know, for Kpop right?" LOL! Since everyone is so curious on the reasons behind, so I shall clarify here before I officially share my 30-days life in Korea. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

YNOT Graffiti Competition!

            Hello!! I has been so long!! Urghhhh was busy preparing for my Test 1 :[ In fact the test is not over yet but I'm slacking now LOL!! (And not feeling guilty at all! XD) I know I shouldn't be blogging in the midst of studying, BUT I REALLY HAVE A BREAKING NEWS THAT MUST BE SHARED TO ALL OF MY READERS!!

           That is, the YNOT Graffiti Competition held by RWGenting is coming to the finale on 13-14 April 2013!! ( I know, it's like super fast right? We just heard about this competition and now it has come to the finale stage in a blink of eyes!)

             What?! You don't know what is YNOT Graffiti Competition? OMG How could you?! Okay in case you don't know about it, let me have a brief explanation here. The YNOT Graffiti Competition is RWGenting's way of giving back to the young people community, where the young and the young at heart such as yourselves could express themselves by painting Genting's Outdoor Theme Park with art! Currently, RWGenting's had installed  8 Graffiti masterpieces on 8 bus shelters located all around Klang Valley!! Sounds so artsy right? Imagine you are waiting bus at a graffiti-painted bus shelter, super artsy and dramatic!! ( Watched too much dramas?) But is it possible that bus shelters were graffiti-painted? YES IT'S REAL! See!

This is located at IACT Jln Barat
So streety right?

Sunday, 17 March 2013




Thursday, 7 March 2013



Saturday, 2 March 2013



            一直以来我对摄影很有兴趣,以前中学的时候我还一度都要加入摄影学会咧!可是当年我却被老师硬硬分去别的学会 *伤心*(后来摄影学会也好像倒闭了哈哈哈!)

                DSLR拍出来的照片真的很很很很美!而且DSLR能够捕抓到超级无敌好的光线!这点是Digital Camera完全无法媲美的!虽然我在很多年前我就开始很喜欢DSLR,可是一直都嫌它太笨重,所以就算价格不算太贵我也从来没动心想要买。你知道的啦,我出门啊旅行啊最喜欢两手空空的,就算拿包包我也觉得很麻烦+很zuo deng,自己一个人旅行的时候才勉勉强强地背上最方便背包。我真的觉得只有神经病才会背着重到半死DSLR还有一堆脆弱的半命的Lens出门咯!




Friday, 1 March 2013

Be Patient

            Seven months have passed after I ended my one-month-journey in Seoul (OMG time really flies!!!) , South Korea and yet I have not shared my experiences my my dear readers. Some of you started to ask me when am I going to start blogging on SungKyunKwan University hahaha >w< You know, it's not easy to start because it's gonna be a super long story! Hey ONE-MONTH-JOURNEY is no joke okay? Be patient my readers, everything is in progress now, so stay tuned!


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