Wednesday, 20 March 2013

YNOT Graffiti Competition!

            Hello!! I has been so long!! Urghhhh was busy preparing for my Test 1 :[ In fact the test is not over yet but I'm slacking now LOL!! (And not feeling guilty at all! XD) I know I shouldn't be blogging in the midst of studying, BUT I REALLY HAVE A BREAKING NEWS THAT MUST BE SHARED TO ALL OF MY READERS!!

           That is, the YNOT Graffiti Competition held by RWGenting is coming to the finale on 13-14 April 2013!! ( I know, it's like super fast right? We just heard about this competition and now it has come to the finale stage in a blink of eyes!)

             What?! You don't know what is YNOT Graffiti Competition? OMG How could you?! Okay in case you don't know about it, let me have a brief explanation here. The YNOT Graffiti Competition is RWGenting's way of giving back to the young people community, where the young and the young at heart such as yourselves could express themselves by painting Genting's Outdoor Theme Park with art! Currently, RWGenting's had installed  8 Graffiti masterpieces on 8 bus shelters located all around Klang Valley!! Sounds so artsy right? Imagine you are waiting bus at a graffiti-painted bus shelter, super artsy and dramatic!! ( Watched too much dramas?) But is it possible that bus shelters were graffiti-painted? YES IT'S REAL! See!

This is located at IACT Jln Barat
So streety right?

Another one at Jln University

This one at Jalan Pudu
Eh I also wanna do planking there! Super cool! 

            Awesome right? Aiyoh I must find a day and take cool photos in front of these cool-looking bus shelters!! Wanna to see more masterpieces? Have a look here!

          Opps almost forgot to tell!! You can vote for your favourite art piece now! (Yes I call them art pieces because they really are!!) Vote them now at here!

          Oh I really love these artsy thingy! Ok lah must stop blogging and go back to my Safety and Hazards now =.= Bye and Night!


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