Saturday, 17 December 2011

Well Said

Jesus: Hello. Did you call me?

Man: Called you? No. Who is this?

Jesus: This is Jesus. I heard your prayers. So I thought I will chat.

Man: I do pray. Just makes me feel good. I am actually busy now. I am in the midst of something.

Jesus: What are you busy at? Ants are busy too.

Man: Don’t know. But I can’t find free time. Life has become hectic. It’s rush hour all the time.

Jesus: Sure. Activity gets you busy. But productivity gets you results. Activity consumes time. Productivity frees it.

Man: I understand. But I still can’t figure out. By the way, I was not expecting YOU to buzz me on instant messaging chat.

Jesus: Well I wanted to resolve your fight for time, by giving you some clarity. In this net era, I wanted to reach you through the medium you are comfortable with.

Man: Tell me, why has life become complicated now?

Jesus: Stop analyzing life. Just live it. Analysis is what makes it complicated.

Man: why are we then constantly unhappy?

Jesus: Your today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. You are worrying because you are analyzing. Worrying has become your habit. That’s why you are not happy.

Man: But how can we not worry when there is so much uncertainty?

Jesus: Uncertainty is inevitable, but worrying is optional.

Man: But then, there is so much pain due to uncertainty.

Jesus: Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

Man: If suffering is optional, why do good people always suffer?

Jesus: Diamond cannot be polished without friction. Gold cannot be purified without fire. Good people go through trials, but don’t suffer. With that experience their life become better not bitter.

Man: You mean to say such experience is useful?

Jesus: Yes. In every term, Experience is a hard teacher. She gives the test first and the lessons afterwards.

Man: But still, why should we go through such tests? Why can’t we be free from problems?

Jesus: Problems are Purposeful Roadblocks Offering Beneficial Lessons (to) Enhance Mental Strength. Inner strength comes from struggle and endurance, not when you are free from problems.

Man: Frankly in the midst of so many problems, we don’t know where we are heading.

Jesus: If you look outside you will not know where you are heading. Look inside. Looking outside, you dream. Looking inside, you awaken. Eyes provide sight. Heart provides insight.

Man: Sometimes not succeeding fast seems to hurt more than moving in the right direction. What should I do?

Jesus: Success is a measure as decided by others. Satisfaction is a measure as decided by you. Knowing the road ahead is more satisfying than knowing you rode ahead. You work with the compass. Let others work with the clock.

Man: In tough times, how do you stay motivated?

Jesus: Always look at how far you have come rather than how far you have to go. Always count your blessing, not what you are missing.

Man: What surprises you about people?

Jesus: When they suffer they ask, “why me? When they prosper, they never ask “Why me” Everyone wishes to have truth on their side, but few want to be on the side of the truth.

Man: Sometimes I ask, who I am, why am I here. I can’t get the answer.

Jesus: Seek not to find who you are, but to determine who you want to be. Stop looking for a purpose as to why you are here. Create it. Life is not a process of discovery but a process of creation.

Man: How can I get the best out of life?

Jesus: Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear.

Man: One last question. Sometimes I feel my prayers are not answered.

Jesus: There are no unanswered prayers. At times the answer is NO.

Man: Thank you for this wonderful chat. I am so happy to start the day with a new sense of inspiration.

Jesus: Well. Keep the faith and drop the fear. Don’t believe your doubts and doubt your beliefs. Life is a mystery to solve not a problem to resolve. Trust me. Life is wonderful if you know how to live.

Man: Thank you so much.

I'm glad that I know who am I, and why I am here, that's why I can move on no matter how hard the life is. 


Monday, 12 December 2011

Pizza Frenzy!!


           After having my strength of material's test, I was so tired and exhausted!!! Do you know the feeling of studying for such a long time without a break? Oh no no no I'm going crazy soon!!I need to relax myself for a while!! How to relax myself? Have some nice food will always be my 1st choice!! So I ordered Domino's with my coursemates!!

There were 7 of us and we ordered 7 pizzas!! 3 large and 4 regular!! 
Stunned huh?

My favourite Plain Cheese!!
But it's not my favourite anymore, I think Pizza Hut's Ultimate Cheese 7 will taste more cheesy!!
I'm not sure, going to try it out next time!!

Favourite of the day!! Aloha Chicken!!
It's really JUICY and SUCCULENT!!
It's a must try!!

2nd best of the day!! 
Classified Chicken!!
I got to say that their sauce really tastes good!!
Thumbs up!!

BBQ Chicken!!
My another love!!!
The BBQ sauce tastes so BBQ!! 
Oh I want to have a slice of it NOW!!

Flaming Tuna!! Hot and spicy and I just love it!!

Tuna Temptation. 
Didn't manage to try this, sad case :(
Who ate mine? Hgn!

Seafood Delight.
I don't like the way that Domino's claimed that this is a SEAFOOD pizza by just putting some crabsticks inside, sort of cheating people :(

Last but not least, Twisty Bread!!
They taste great too!!

                OMG I dunno why am I blogging about such nice food in the middle of the night because I'm super hungry now!! Looking at these delicious pizza yet I can't have it now really make me frustrated!! 

                I'm not used to eat quickly, I like to eat slowly and enjoy the food. Like to chit-chatting with my friends while enjoying nice food. It wasn't the case. My coursemates were sort of snatching and fighting over pizzas, so horrible. I was the slowest eater =.=

              Ok enough of crapping today! Stop drooling and go and sleep now!! Good Bye and Good Night!!

p/s: I'm happy because I'm going back home soon!! Palace is under renovation, wondering how will it look like after I go back.



Sunday, 11 December 2011


Hebe you're wrong. Too wrong. People only love themselves, not others.


That's people.


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Hopper Done!!

           Finally I got my hopper DONE!!! Yeah!! And my flour flows out smoothly at a constant rate! Ok drop the topic on hopper, I shall write another post about it next time, stay tuned ya!

            It's a terrible month, countless reports and quizs and homeworks and tests and designs and mini projects and activities!! I was leading a dull + monotonic life for the last few months!! Oh my god I wonder how can I be that strong and tough to withstand all these terrible stresses!! Ok things will get better next semester!! Two more weeks to go!! Come on you can do it!!

            Today I'm happy because I got 100% in my Economy test 2, and again the highest in my class ^.^ Happy die!! I have two 100% now, yeah!!! Hopefully everything goes smoothly. May god bless me.

            And I ate McD ice-cream today!! Although can't hang out with Dinah but an ice-cream really made my day. And I bought some nice biscuits too!!

             Ok I shall stop crapping here and start my Hopper report now. Loving and believing, there's nothing you can't do.

p/s: Nice food and nice music are magical. They just make my day.

These might look simple to you but I consider them as nice food in my dull life here.
Got to be grateful here. It isn't my Neverland here, isn't it?
I will adapt the environment, because nothing here will change due to my presence.
Again, loving and believing.


Tuesday, 6 December 2011











Tuesday, 15 November 2011


           Had a jab today!!! So painful!!! It's so painful that I can't drive back to my faculty!! Luckily I have Zi Jie accompanying me, so she drove back, LOL! In fact she was not accompany me, she tumpang my car, haha!!

          It was a super last minute decision and guess what? I sneaked out and had the jab during my tutorial class!!! Clever huh? As I told before, some lecturers deserve my attention but some don't, this tutor does not  deserve anything from  me, including my precious time. Instead of listening to his crap I rather sneak to computer laboratory and rush my reports. So today the location was changed!! I played truant at University Health Centre!! Hehe!!

University Health Centre

             OMG I just realised that I haven't mentioned what jab I took!! Stupid lah me! For your information, I have taken a Cervical Cancer Vaccine today!! Today was the 1st dose, going to have to second dose in December. Each of the dose costs me RM 145, considered cheap as compared to outside's clinics. By the way a big-thank-you to Esther for informing me about this vaccination campaign! I totally have no idea about this campaign!! I have to say that I have seen their poster hanging outside my hostel for thousand times but I just never stop and read the words on it!!! 

Ouch it looked painful!!!

            After having the injection, my arm was so painful and ''sour''!! Don't know what is meant by sour?? That's a complicated feeling that you feel like there's lemon juice inside your arm!! (What kind of lousy explanation is this?? OMG!! But I bet you sure know what is meant by sour right? >w<) At that time I can't even move my arm!! Then how am I suppose to drive? Luckily I was not alone!! My penumpang: Zi Jie offered herself to drive me back. So both of us returned to the tutorial class safe and sound, LOL! 

           And I can't raise my arm at all after the injection!! OMG!! The worst thing was I have to do an experiment related to pipe fittings in the afternoon!! No choice, I fit all those components and pumps with pipes in agony then. T_T And I'm typing with my single arm right now!! Hopefully the pain will go away soon!

          Haven't taken Cervical Cancer Vaccination? You should have gotten yourself one, really. Huh? You don't know what is Cervical Cancer?? OMG how could you?! Go google it yourself!! 

          Haiz I'm so lazy today, feel like don't want to study and just want to rest. Is this another effect of the vaccine? LOL I guess not >< Looking at my Mass Transfer but my mind is full of delicious food (Burger King!! Nadeja!! Secret Recipe!! Pasta!!! Pizza!! Ramen!!) , thinking of meeting up with my friends, thinking of going back home, thinking of this and that. I shouldn't be like this T_T Updating my blog is a solid evident that I'm skiving T_T 

         Going to be super busy after tonight, tomorrow will be the dreadful Tanglung Festival, Friday there will be an IEM Talk, and my Debate will start on Friday too. Speaking of Tanglung Festival, I will be in charge of making and cooking tang yuan.LOL!! 

Look nice huh? I'm the one who made all these!! And they taste nice too!! So bouncy!!

Dinah this is the Pooh's cup!!

Snow-skin Mooncake made by my neighbour's mum!! It tasted super nice!! As good as those branded mooncakes! 

Oh I feel like want to have a piece of mooncake now :(

         Shouldn't be so lazy anymore, buck it up!! Ok I have enough rest today, Good Night and Good Bye. Have a sweet dream ^^

p/s: I miss those time when we were in a long queue and chatted like aunties in front of koperasi before having our jabs, and complained together that the nurse was unskilled after the injection. =__=



Friday, 28 October 2011

Overworked and Underpaid?

              Engineers here are overworked and underpaid, in most cases at least, but it really isn’t that bad, honestly speaking. I once saw a documentary on bridges and at the end of it, they interviewed this old Japanese engineer who was once a part of this big suspension bridge project which became a lifeline between two cities. He ended his interview with this remark: “I brought my grandson to look at it and one of my greatest joys was to point at that great bridge and tell him that I help built that thing.”

Bed Fluidisation ^.^

p/s: By the way I want to go to Big Bad Wolf soooo badly!!!! The books there are super cheap!!



               Sad to tell, Ajisen Ramen was not opened yesterday =3= Super dissapointed!!! And we went to another restaurant to have our dinner. By the way, I saw the Popeye Bistro that Zhaoyu mentioned!! Our next gathering will be held at there!!

               Just finished reading my friends' blogs. One of them is writing a long story ( or shall I just call it a novel? XD). But I know that he's writing his own story, although he keeps denying. It sounds very sad. Knowing that all of the scenes of his ''novel'' are parts of his life just makes me feel so sad. The story is so nostalgic. It's like an old person is flashing back, 回味当年的美好时光。Haiz how can time fly so fast. I really love the time at Dato'. Although we always make complaints about the school's teachers, policies and facilities, but the fact is I love the school very much. So contradictory =3=

               I remember we used to share nice food among each other. We used to bring nice stuffs from home and share among us. Love the feeling so much. I miss Fam's banana cake a lot, and fried rice cakes. When Sheau Ning gave me the Apollo's chocolate cake I was totally stunned!! It has been so long!!!

That's what Sheau Ning gave me, an old-school feel Apollo chocolate cake!!

              It feels so great that somebody bought you something and shared with you. Thank you Sheau Ning!! I remember I used to buy this cake when I was in my primary school. It's nothing expensive but it just made my day. That's what people called 礼轻情意重!Haha!!

Say Good Bye~
Here is where we spent our idiotic and crazy time!!
Finally it comes to the end.

Sad die me!! T_T

OK stop reminiscing. 
I think I should start to design my hopper =3=
Don't know what is a hopper? Long story. Google it. XD
My design work: Design a hopper that can hold 1 kg of material at all time and is able to discharge the material at a constant flow rate.
Material: Flour

You have to know that flour is the most troublesome material among all!!! It just can't flow smoothly!!
''Constant flow rate'' will be a big problem. Got to crack my brain on this.
Any idea? Leave me a comment if you do. ^.^

So many lab worksssss to be done.

Song of the day: My land's song!! Haha!!

Their dance is neat and uniform but plain. SHINee is always the best. The song is not really nice too, I share it here just because of the name of the song. U-Kiss's muscles + heavy eyes' make up = no eyes see, just ignore it >w<
 Good Bye and Good Night.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011



每天SMS+ 夺命连环CALL催组员把他们的部分交给我=
对不起我的PEN DRIVE 借人了所以SAVE不到给你+

= 最后自己做



我是Persatuan Mahasiswa Mahasiswi Kejuruteraan (PEMAJU)的副财政


PEMAJU的meeting 和中秋的开会撞倒乱
还有Intercollege English Debat




Tuesday, 25 October 2011

It's All About Delicious Food!!

Went out in my favourite singlet and hoodies.
We ate a lot of nice food.
     Ate chicken chop that day. Very delicious!! The chop is so crispy!! Long time didn't eat western food, miss so much. I like western food and Japanese food and Korean food and Italian food.
So greedy lah me >.<

  Oh I'm drooling right now!

I'm having chocolate everyday!! Chocolate rocks!!

Chocolate!! 66%. Nice.

Long time didn't eat this. This is very very very nice!! I love this cream toffees!!
Werther's Original, from Germany ^^
But if you are those who don't like sweet stuffs then it won't be your cup of tea because it is extremely sweeeet!!! Like it!!

Eating delicious food really perk me up!! Going to have Pizza Hut tomorrow? Hmm Hmm maybe~ Or Thursday?? Haha my mind is full of food now!!
But for sure that I'm going to have Ajisen Ramen as my dinner tomorrow!! Hurray!!
Never have Ajisen Ramen before? How could you! It's sooo famous and delicious!!
Ok ok be patient, I will take some nice photos and share it here!!
Oh Ramen Ramen my favourite!!

Oh ya!! I haven't shown my Burberry Body here right? Here you go!!

Tada!! Surprise huh??

Burberry Burberry Burberry

It smells so nice!! 自然不做作!haha!!

Ok I shall stop my showing off here, if not people might smash their monitor, LOL>.<

Song of the day: The Boys by SNSD!!!!
Finally SNSD made their comeback!!!

OMG who can resist SNSD?? They are so pretty!!!
And they look really different in this song!!
But still, their dance is SUPERB!!
But this time their dance is not that ''girly'', it's more powerful now ^.^
I've been listening to this song non-stop for the whole day! Yeah!

Ok that's all for today. Good Night and Good Bye~

p/s: I have completed all of my reports!! Clap clap!! 


Friday, 21 October 2011

Home Sweet Home

                  I'm backkkkk!!! Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! Finally I can run away from the super hectic + hustle life! Oh Yeah!! Made a really last minute decision to go back home on Thursday's evening!! My initial plan was to go home on Friday's early morning, but since lecturer let us go earlier, I decided to skip my gym session and go back home!! (I'm not doing gym lah, Im the AJK only, LOL><)

                  I'm really impressed with my efficiency!! I only spent 30 minutes to reach TBS from my university!! Amazing!!

                Finally I can take a breath now~ I need adequate sleep and rest!!! Know what? I have 3 reports to finish each week and for one of the labs I need to pass up the same-say-report right after those terrible experiments!! R-I-G-H-T A-F-T-E-R!! That means I have to carry out the highly-technical experiment and figure out what's the relationships between all of the parameters. In addition, I have to check on my experimental results and analyse whether they deviate from the theory. T.T In order to perform well, I have to do research on these experiments before carrying out them. For your information, I have labs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, consecutively. All of the reports need to be passed up in 7 days. So can you imagine how hectic my life is? Rushing for reports everyday! Reports and reports and reports!!!

             I sound so naggy. =.= OK I got to start my report now. Good Bye and Good Night. I promise I will write during this holiday. :)

p/s: I have one design project and a mini project to be finished. But I have done another experiment design project already :)


Monday, 3 October 2011




Sunday, 25 September 2011


             I'm sooooooo busyyyy!!! Busy doing laboratory reports, busy attending stupid meetingsssss, busy entertaining people from here and there and busy attending college activities so that I can get more merits!!

Then how come I still have time to blog???
Because I ate too much tonight and I can't sleep!!!! Haha!!

Just came back from the Hari Raya event ( I know Hari Raya is thousand years ago but my college still insist on having this event =.=). I ate a lot of nice food!! 10 sticks of satay, rendang chicken, mee soto, jelly, currypuff, kiuh raya and a lot of cookiess!!! Yeah I love cookiesss!!! So full now!

Okay back to our topic of the day: Laboratories. I have done my THREE laboratories this week!!! It's super tiring but these experiments are AMAZING!!!! 

Press-filter filtration!!!

A closer look of it!!

See the filter plates!!

I'm not going to explain the experiment to you since you may not understand =3=
So just enjoy the pictures!!!( In fact there's nothing to enjoy with, all of the pictures look so technical =.='')
This is not my favourite experiment, going to share my favourite experiment in my upcoming posts!! So stay tuned!! 

顺便提一下,我的Lab全部都是跟马来朋友一组。(全班只有本公主遭受到这样的命运!)虽然偶尔会埋怨可是也只是口头上讲讲而已。虽然试验都是我在做,教授问问题也是我在答,实验前的准备资料也是我在找,报告更不用说,统统我包完,分数就大家share.看起来好像不公平,但实际上是我赚到。实验我做就我会;问题我答我就记得;准备资料我找那就我明白;报告我做就更不用说了,简直就是让实验的流程、背后的原理以及实验的意义深深烙印在我的脑里。所以我是不是赚到?父王说得对,知识在头脑里了就谁也带不走,所以要很高兴才对!耶!(刚做完一份报告,感觉上我可以去做lab assistant 了!完全彻底的明白!报告写到很爽!滔滔不绝简直不想停笔!耶!)

超级无敌大的toilet paper!!而且还是Scott 牌的!每间实验室都有哦!真的是大到~~



P/S: 这篇根本就是杂乱无章乱写一通!


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