Monday, 12 December 2011

Pizza Frenzy!!


           After having my strength of material's test, I was so tired and exhausted!!! Do you know the feeling of studying for such a long time without a break? Oh no no no I'm going crazy soon!!I need to relax myself for a while!! How to relax myself? Have some nice food will always be my 1st choice!! So I ordered Domino's with my coursemates!!

There were 7 of us and we ordered 7 pizzas!! 3 large and 4 regular!! 
Stunned huh?

My favourite Plain Cheese!!
But it's not my favourite anymore, I think Pizza Hut's Ultimate Cheese 7 will taste more cheesy!!
I'm not sure, going to try it out next time!!

Favourite of the day!! Aloha Chicken!!
It's really JUICY and SUCCULENT!!
It's a must try!!

2nd best of the day!! 
Classified Chicken!!
I got to say that their sauce really tastes good!!
Thumbs up!!

BBQ Chicken!!
My another love!!!
The BBQ sauce tastes so BBQ!! 
Oh I want to have a slice of it NOW!!

Flaming Tuna!! Hot and spicy and I just love it!!

Tuna Temptation. 
Didn't manage to try this, sad case :(
Who ate mine? Hgn!

Seafood Delight.
I don't like the way that Domino's claimed that this is a SEAFOOD pizza by just putting some crabsticks inside, sort of cheating people :(

Last but not least, Twisty Bread!!
They taste great too!!

                OMG I dunno why am I blogging about such nice food in the middle of the night because I'm super hungry now!! Looking at these delicious pizza yet I can't have it now really make me frustrated!! 

                I'm not used to eat quickly, I like to eat slowly and enjoy the food. Like to chit-chatting with my friends while enjoying nice food. It wasn't the case. My coursemates were sort of snatching and fighting over pizzas, so horrible. I was the slowest eater =.=

              Ok enough of crapping today! Stop drooling and go and sleep now!! Good Bye and Good Night!!

p/s: I'm happy because I'm going back home soon!! Palace is under renovation, wondering how will it look like after I go back.



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