Thursday, 8 December 2011

Hopper Done!!

           Finally I got my hopper DONE!!! Yeah!! And my flour flows out smoothly at a constant rate! Ok drop the topic on hopper, I shall write another post about it next time, stay tuned ya!

            It's a terrible month, countless reports and quizs and homeworks and tests and designs and mini projects and activities!! I was leading a dull + monotonic life for the last few months!! Oh my god I wonder how can I be that strong and tough to withstand all these terrible stresses!! Ok things will get better next semester!! Two more weeks to go!! Come on you can do it!!

            Today I'm happy because I got 100% in my Economy test 2, and again the highest in my class ^.^ Happy die!! I have two 100% now, yeah!!! Hopefully everything goes smoothly. May god bless me.

            And I ate McD ice-cream today!! Although can't hang out with Dinah but an ice-cream really made my day. And I bought some nice biscuits too!!

             Ok I shall stop crapping here and start my Hopper report now. Loving and believing, there's nothing you can't do.

p/s: Nice food and nice music are magical. They just make my day.

These might look simple to you but I consider them as nice food in my dull life here.
Got to be grateful here. It isn't my Neverland here, isn't it?
I will adapt the environment, because nothing here will change due to my presence.
Again, loving and believing.


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