Monday, 29 August 2011

Raya Eve

           Viola!! So it's Raya Eve!!! How did you spend your day? Let me tell you how did I spend my hoilday!

          Well I spent my whole day at City Square. Went there and had lunch there. There were sooooo many people at City Square! It was so crowded that I can bump anyone as I walked! Had lunch at Kim Gary.

Princess in the funky mouths jumpsuit

         Felt so regret that I ordered a rice. =.= F.U.L.L. No pictures of food available. Not going to eat at Kim Gary anymore, the food there is awful. :(

         If you are my friends then you should know that I LOVE Union Jack. Guess what? I bought myself a Union Jack messenger bag today! Finally I found a nice one and brought it home. :) A messenger bag is still not enough! I'm still looking for huge Union Jack canvas bag ( I want a real HUGE one!) and Union Jack clothing, both top and bottom.

I don't know why but I just into Union Jack so much!

That's all for today. Keep loving. Keep believing. Keep dreaming.

Selamat Hari Raya to all of my Malays friends. ^.^



             OMG! OMG! OMG! Just found that I only have 2 weeks of holidays left! How could it be? Time flies huh? I must learn the complete choreography of Mr. Taxi up before going back!!!

            Going to have fun like crazy during this Raya + Merdeka long holiday!

            Have been listening non-stop to Kiss Kiss Kiss by SHINee, it's a "night-song" to me. Listen, you will love it, I know you will. ^.^

Nice right? Soft and soothing like a lullaby, very mesmerizing.
因为是感受,华文传神些。(明明就是英文烂!还一大堆借口!>w< )
        No MV available, and I will upload here after I get it.

Just a simple and short update, going to end my post here, good night and good bye~


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Aubrey Organics Green Tea & Ginkgo Skin Care Regimen

               I said that I will share my reviews on Aubrey Organics Green Tea & Ginkgo Skin Care Regimen and I'm going to do so in this post!


A closer look!

                The travel set includes a bottle of Cleanser, Toner  and a Mask .Sample sizes of Lumessence Eye Crème, Rosa Mosqueta Hand & Body Lotion are also included in this travel set!

                 I have been using these products for couple weeks and I'm going to share my reviews with you here! First of all, let's have a look at the Aubrey Organics Green Tea & Ginkgo Facial Cleansing Lotion!

                Aubrey Organics Green Tea & Ginkgo Facial Cleansing Lotion: The invigorating formula gently dissolves makeup residue and debris with a mild coconut oil-corn oil soap blend, and protects skin as it cleanses, leaving the complexion fresh and radiant.

               Oh I forgot to mention that Aubrey products are all ORGANIC products! All of them are free from artificial fragrance, artificial coloring and artificial additives. The Green Tea and Ginko series smell very "organic", it's sort of  gingery smell.

                  Ok stop the crap on the gingery smell. The cleanser is normal, nothing special, just that it's ORGANIC. LOL>.< And also, the solution needs to be well-shaken before using, special huh? If you are interested in getting a bottle of it, you can get it at all TNS SkinLab outlets nationwide. The price is  RM88.00 for 8oz and RM46.00 for 4oz.

Aubrey Organics Green Tea & Ginkgo Facial Toner: Revitalizing toner is the answer to dull, lackluster skin. Cooling formula refreshes and conditions and leaves skin clear and smooth for better absorption of a moisturizer.
               Toner! I love toner! Again, the toner has gingery smell XD The toner is quite different from those I have used before, since it will leave a sticky feel after applying. And again, the toner has to be well-shaken also before using. Price:  RM51.00 for 8oz.
Omg the picture is so blurry=.= I'm lazy to take photos again so just bear with it >.<

              Aubrey Organics Green Tea Rejuvenating Mask: Invigorating antioxidant mask helps draw out impurities with green clay and natural fruit acids to leave dull, dehydrated skin renewed and refreshed.

             Mask! It's not that kind of paper mask, it's in semi-liquid form that we need to spread it on our face by our own. This mask is really different from the others! When I mixed the paste and the liquid on my palm, the mixture became hotter and hotter! Exothermic reaction? Maybe! Haha! After applying the mixture on my face I still can feel the heat! The feeling is so good! I like the heat so much as it seems like the mask is doing work on my skin! LOL >.< After the mask my skin becomes more delicate and bouncy! ( But my skin is always delicate and bouncy, lol>.<) Besides, my pores become smaller too! They are almost invisible! Like the mask the most! Interested? Get one for yourself at RM51.00 (4oz)!

              It's my very first try on TNS SkinLab products. Overall it's not too bad. If you have no faith in new brands, you can always try the travel set, since everything comes in small bottles and it's cheaper.

              I shall end my post here, going to have my supper, hehe>.<  おやすみ なさい~


Monday, 15 August 2011

Linda Farrow

                 Never heard Linda Farrow before? How could you! Linda Farrow is my favourite glasses brand! The glasses of Linda Farrow are all kind of funky, crazy and colourful! Colourful + Funky = my cup of tea!  The series that I love the most are of Alexander Wang and Jeremy Scott! Their designs are really so funky! I heard about Jeremy Scott during my secondary school days, and he was not that famous at that time but still, his designs really drew my attention! I still can remember that Jeremy Scott's pieces was more to sneakers at that time. Okay let's drop the topic on Jeremy Scott here, I'm going to publish another post specially for him!

               Go back to Linda Farrow's glasses. Want to have a peep on their glasses? Here you go!

My favourite!! Jeremy Scott Hands!
It's so funky! Wondering whether you can see clearly after donning the Hands? No worry! You can "peep" through the gap between the middle finger and the ring finger! Funny huh? LOL><

Another colour! Flesh colour~

Another black, translucent one, also very nice.

Transparent Hands! But the hands will not be obvious on the face then.

That's how human looks like after donning the Hands. Show you this picture first so that you won't be that vertiginously surprised when you see me in the Hands. >w<

More funs to go!

I like this TV Specs so much! It looks so crazy! Gaga indeed! Spot the antenna? Cute huh? 

                   If you are Jeremy Scott's fans then you must know that he likes WINGS! Wings on glasses? Check it out!

Cool huh? I want to have wings on my glasses on my pants and on my sneakers!

More colours to go!

White wings may give you an angelic look!

Hmm Hmm I don't like transparent wings that much...
(But I love transparent Wings on Sneakers! Share with you in my upcoming post!)

Looks ordinary?

No you are wrong!
Wondering who can resist these funky and crazy glasses! 

Ok let's have a look at Alexander Wang's designs.

Zipper on glasses? Ok we should zip our eyes and mouth.

                    There are still some other nice Alexander Wang's glasses, but the pictures are quite blurry so I didn't share it here. In fact, Alexander Wang emphasizes on details, so his designs are more to the minors, whereas Jeremy Scott's designs will make your jaw dropped in amazement on the spot, haha!

                   When am I going to get one of these glasses? ( Or maybe two and three and four and more!) Buy me one please~ Haha! Got to stop here, more Jeremy Scott to go in my upcoming posts, so stay tuned. ^.^


Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dr. Wu Intensive Hydrating Pack

                    最近在用Dr.Wu 的玻尿酸保湿系列,个人觉得很不错,所以就在这里和大家分享一下。

That's how it looks like.

                          因为是Travel Pack,所以全部产品都是Mini size 的,cute huh?


                         玻尿酸,学名为透明质酸 (Hyaluronic acid,简称HA),在经过高科技水解后分子变得微细,具绝佳的亲肤性和卓越的保水力,不仅可快速透润角质层深层滋润干燥角质,使肌肤的含水量达到极致饱满,并在肌肤表层形成水分子保水隐形网,牢牢抓住肌肤内水份,持续润泽保湿,同时完美调理肌肤内外的保湿度,立建完美的保湿机制。

                        明白了吧?简单来说,玻尿酸就是保湿锁水的acid啦~Hada Labo 就含有很高成分的玻尿酸,所以才可以称之为“极润保湿”,哈哈!

                        我现在在用的Dr. Wu 保湿系列的主要诉求是强力补水、导水、锁水、以达到保湿、紧致、活化,给肌肤柔嫩的触感。(我翻译到很累 XD) 里面共有4个products, let's check it out!

Step1:Basic Care Hydrating Gel Cleanser With Aqua-Collagen
Functions: Cleanse and Tone

Step 2: Intensive Soothing Toner With Chamomile
Chamomile 就是蓝洋甘菊~
Functions: Cleanse and Tone
为了用整set的Dr.Wu系列我被迫暂时抛弃NanoWhite 的Toner,只是暂时而已啦~

Step 3: Intensive Hydrating Serum With Hyaluronic Acid
Functions: Treat and Repair
最喜欢的就是serum了,哈哈!我也有在用Nano White的 Whitening Serum哦,下次再分享~

Step 4: Extra-Hydrating Lotion With Aqua-Collagen
Functions: Hydrate and Protect

                    个人是觉得Dr.Wu的保湿系列还不错,下次试Hada Labo看看~
                    想买Dr.Wu的产品?Sasa 就有了>w<
                    Okay I shall end this post here, it's my dancing time now^.^ Bye~


Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hiragana Lesson 2

                 It's been so long! I'm super busy recently!
                 Okay stop the crap and start the lesson now>.< Today we are going to learn another five Hiragana which are か、け、き、こ、く。

か is pronounced as "ka" as in CAr
け is pronounced as "ke" as in CAke
き is pronounced as "ki" as in KEy
こ is pronounced as "ko" as in CAll
last but not least,
く is pronounced as "ku" as in COOl

Easy right? Don't forget to practice them everyday!

Oh ya! Oh ya! Oh ya! I almost forgot to teach you the meanings of the words! It's stupid if we learn how to pronounce Japanese but don't know the meaning behind it isn't it? Haha!!

In fact, most of the Hiragana do not have any specific meaning, but some of them do have. For example, こ means child while く means the number "9". In addition, け means hair. 

It's enough for you learn to 5 new Hiragana per day. Don't be too greedy or you might mix them up, LOL><

So that's all for today~ Leave me a comment if you are not clear with my lesson, I will try my best to clear your doubts ^.^ Bye then >w<

P/S: I watched Koizora yesterday, 新垣結衣 is pretty but the movie is so-so XD


Friday, 5 August 2011

Stabilo Performer Ballpoint Pen!

           Stabilo has released it's latest product>> Stabilo Performer Ballpoint Pen! That's how it looks like:

In fact Stabilo is giving out free samples of Performer Ballpoint Pen right now, and I have just received it couple days ago. Stabilo is so generous that they gave me two pens to try! 

These are what I received from Stabilo.

                     After writing using the pen given, I was so amazed that it is sooooo smooth! The smoothness is comparable with a gel pen! 

Arghh! The photo is so blurry =.=

Its ink is like a mixture of normal ink and gel ink. Can you imagine that? It's smooth indeed! And the most exciting fact is, it only costs RM 0.90! Cheap until boom! It's much more cheaper  as compared to pens with similar features such as g'soft ( g'soft costs me RM 1.50!).


Monday, 1 August 2011

First Day of Fasting

                Viola!! Yesterday I drove to KSL City by my own! Am I great? Haha!!
                 So we had a walk there and there was a lot of sales! People were all crazy! Saw a nice and stylish Playboy bag but Judy didn't like it, so we didn't buy it. After walking for don't know how many hours, we went to dessert shop to chill. The shop owner was so stingy in giving toppings for our Momo Chacha and Ice Kacang :( Not going to have desserts there anymore.)

                 Didn't take any pictures yesterday since I went to KSL empty-handed, didn't bring my phone as well as my camera, funny huh? LOL><

                 And we went to Tebrau City (again>.<) on the next day. Successfully bought a bag and an one-piece  from the first shop we entered today! ( It's a good start!) Like the bag so much! After that I bought a pair of heels from Voir! It's the pair that I'm searching for all the while! Finally we met! The heels is so nice that I must describe it in details here. Erm maybe I shall just upload some photos of it? Hmm hmm I'm too lazy to connect all those cables XD So I shall just describe it in words.( Rest assure I will upload the photos in my future post ><) It's made of fine leather of dark beige color and..........find out in my future posts!

               After shopping for so many hours Judy was hungry so we had our lunch at Sizzling Stone Grill. Sizzling Stone Grill here is really much more well-decorated as compared to Pelangi's and City Square's. But the food quality is the same at the 3 places lah, haha!! Disadvantage to eat at Sizzling Stone Grill: all of ius smelt like just having Barbeque after having our sizzling lunch =.=

            Going home after having lunch? NoNoNo!! We continued to shop! Went to Origins and wanted to have a facial there, but the manager said that today is public holiday and no facial is available=.= Like this also can ah? No choice, continued to shop then.

            Not going to tell you what we bought later, haha!! Bought breads from Bread Talk before going back home. Have you ever tried Japanese Cheese Cake from Bread Talk before? No? Go and grab one today because it's so cheezzy and tasty! It's a must try cake!!

           So I spent my two days like a shopaholic, and didn't learn any new dance steps :( Got to catch up tomorrow. Good bye and good night!

p/s: This post is totally out of topic from the title, LOL><

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