Monday, 15 August 2011

Linda Farrow

                 Never heard Linda Farrow before? How could you! Linda Farrow is my favourite glasses brand! The glasses of Linda Farrow are all kind of funky, crazy and colourful! Colourful + Funky = my cup of tea!  The series that I love the most are of Alexander Wang and Jeremy Scott! Their designs are really so funky! I heard about Jeremy Scott during my secondary school days, and he was not that famous at that time but still, his designs really drew my attention! I still can remember that Jeremy Scott's pieces was more to sneakers at that time. Okay let's drop the topic on Jeremy Scott here, I'm going to publish another post specially for him!

               Go back to Linda Farrow's glasses. Want to have a peep on their glasses? Here you go!

My favourite!! Jeremy Scott Hands!
It's so funky! Wondering whether you can see clearly after donning the Hands? No worry! You can "peep" through the gap between the middle finger and the ring finger! Funny huh? LOL><

Another colour! Flesh colour~

Another black, translucent one, also very nice.

Transparent Hands! But the hands will not be obvious on the face then.

That's how human looks like after donning the Hands. Show you this picture first so that you won't be that vertiginously surprised when you see me in the Hands. >w<

More funs to go!

I like this TV Specs so much! It looks so crazy! Gaga indeed! Spot the antenna? Cute huh? 

                   If you are Jeremy Scott's fans then you must know that he likes WINGS! Wings on glasses? Check it out!

Cool huh? I want to have wings on my glasses on my pants and on my sneakers!

More colours to go!

White wings may give you an angelic look!

Hmm Hmm I don't like transparent wings that much...
(But I love transparent Wings on Sneakers! Share with you in my upcoming post!)

Looks ordinary?

No you are wrong!
Wondering who can resist these funky and crazy glasses! 

Ok let's have a look at Alexander Wang's designs.

Zipper on glasses? Ok we should zip our eyes and mouth.

                    There are still some other nice Alexander Wang's glasses, but the pictures are quite blurry so I didn't share it here. In fact, Alexander Wang emphasizes on details, so his designs are more to the minors, whereas Jeremy Scott's designs will make your jaw dropped in amazement on the spot, haha!

                   When am I going to get one of these glasses? ( Or maybe two and three and four and more!) Buy me one please~ Haha! Got to stop here, more Jeremy Scott to go in my upcoming posts, so stay tuned. ^.^



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