Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hiragana Lesson 2

                 It's been so long! I'm super busy recently!
                 Okay stop the crap and start the lesson now>.< Today we are going to learn another five Hiragana which are か、け、き、こ、く。

か is pronounced as "ka" as in CAr
け is pronounced as "ke" as in CAke
き is pronounced as "ki" as in KEy
こ is pronounced as "ko" as in CAll
last but not least,
く is pronounced as "ku" as in COOl

Easy right? Don't forget to practice them everyday!

Oh ya! Oh ya! Oh ya! I almost forgot to teach you the meanings of the words! It's stupid if we learn how to pronounce Japanese but don't know the meaning behind it isn't it? Haha!!

In fact, most of the Hiragana do not have any specific meaning, but some of them do have. For example, こ means child while く means the number "9". In addition, け means hair. 

It's enough for you learn to 5 new Hiragana per day. Don't be too greedy or you might mix them up, LOL><

So that's all for today~ Leave me a comment if you are not clear with my lesson, I will try my best to clear your doubts ^.^ Bye then >w<

P/S: I watched Koizora yesterday, 新垣結衣 is pretty but the movie is so-so XD


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