Monday, 1 August 2011

First Day of Fasting

                Viola!! Yesterday I drove to KSL City by my own! Am I great? Haha!!
                 So we had a walk there and there was a lot of sales! People were all crazy! Saw a nice and stylish Playboy bag but Judy didn't like it, so we didn't buy it. After walking for don't know how many hours, we went to dessert shop to chill. The shop owner was so stingy in giving toppings for our Momo Chacha and Ice Kacang :( Not going to have desserts there anymore.)

                 Didn't take any pictures yesterday since I went to KSL empty-handed, didn't bring my phone as well as my camera, funny huh? LOL><

                 And we went to Tebrau City (again>.<) on the next day. Successfully bought a bag and an one-piece  from the first shop we entered today! ( It's a good start!) Like the bag so much! After that I bought a pair of heels from Voir! It's the pair that I'm searching for all the while! Finally we met! The heels is so nice that I must describe it in details here. Erm maybe I shall just upload some photos of it? Hmm hmm I'm too lazy to connect all those cables XD So I shall just describe it in words.( Rest assure I will upload the photos in my future post ><) It's made of fine leather of dark beige color and..........find out in my future posts!

               After shopping for so many hours Judy was hungry so we had our lunch at Sizzling Stone Grill. Sizzling Stone Grill here is really much more well-decorated as compared to Pelangi's and City Square's. But the food quality is the same at the 3 places lah, haha!! Disadvantage to eat at Sizzling Stone Grill: all of ius smelt like just having Barbeque after having our sizzling lunch =.=

            Going home after having lunch? NoNoNo!! We continued to shop! Went to Origins and wanted to have a facial there, but the manager said that today is public holiday and no facial is available=.= Like this also can ah? No choice, continued to shop then.

            Not going to tell you what we bought later, haha!! Bought breads from Bread Talk before going back home. Have you ever tried Japanese Cheese Cake from Bread Talk before? No? Go and grab one today because it's so cheezzy and tasty! It's a must try cake!!

           So I spent my two days like a shopaholic, and didn't learn any new dance steps :( Got to catch up tomorrow. Good bye and good night!

p/s: This post is totally out of topic from the title, LOL><


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