Monday, 13 March 2017

Althea Vitamin Box: When Happiness Only Costs Me $39

Hello guys! I'm extraordinarily excited to compose this post because guess what, I got myself an Althea beauty box, like finally! I have been eyeing on Althea's value-for-money curated beauty box since their launch back in October 2016 but unfortunately, it seems like I'm always a little slower than the other customers because the boxes are forever out of stock when I check my cart out. Can you imagine my frustration? These unbelievably cheap beauty boxes come in limited quantity so they are selling like hot cakes, only the fast fingers can bring them home. When I received newsletter from Althea regarding the launch of Vitamin Box, I told myself that I need to get this box after so many times of failure in checking my cart out, my determination is unprecedentedly strong! 

Althea Vitamin Box
SGD 39

Althea Vitamin Box
SGD 39

And yea, I'm now a proud owner of Althea Vitamin Box! *fireworks*

Monday, 6 March 2017

The Plant Base: Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water & Nature Solution Skin Essence

I'm a huge fans of Korean beauty products because they are affordable and they work well on Asians' skin. There are so many Korean beauty brands out in the market and I never get tired and bored trying them out. Established brands such as Laneige, Etude House, Innisfree, Skin Food and The Face Shop never let me down, and at the same time, new brands never fail to surprise me. I have seen The Plant Base products at Watson outlet and I thought their skin care range is interesting. Further studying the products, I found that it's a skin care brand from Korea! I'm going to give them a try, I told myself. 

Bamboo water? I was immediately attracted! Despite being an irrational consumer who emphasizes on aesthetic pleasure, I love how simple and clinical-looking the product packaging is, it somehow gives me reassurance that the product is safe, natural and organic. Well, this is exactly what The Plant Base promises their customers.

The Plant Base insists only hypoallergenic and high performance products formulated with only natural plants and certified organic ingredients. They have been doing a wonderful job in exploring and utilizing the skin care benefits in natural plants. 

Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water (150ML)
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