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The Plant Base: Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water & Nature Solution Skin Essence

I'm a huge fans of Korean beauty products because they are affordable and they work well on Asians' skin. There are so many Korean beauty brands out in the market and I never get tired and bored trying them out. Established brands such as Laneige, Etude House, Innisfree, Skin Food and The Face Shop never let me down, and at the same time, new brands never fail to surprise me. I have seen The Plant Base products at Watson outlet and I thought their skin care range is interesting. Further studying the products, I found that it's a skin care brand from Korea! I'm going to give them a try, I told myself. 

Bamboo water? I was immediately attracted! Despite being an irrational consumer who emphasizes on aesthetic pleasure, I love how simple and clinical-looking the product packaging is, it somehow gives me reassurance that the product is safe, natural and organic. Well, this is exactly what The Plant Base promises their customers.

The Plant Base insists only hypoallergenic and high performance products formulated with only natural plants and certified organic ingredients. They have been doing a wonderful job in exploring and utilizing the skin care benefits in natural plants. 

Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water (150ML)

Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water is a treatment toner. Yes you heard it right, a treatment toner, which is a multifunctional toner that targets on anti-aging, anti-oxidant and moisturizing. The toner contains bamboo water and argan kernel oil which can help to hydrate, comfort and smooth skin. Instead of refined water, the toner is made from 76.67% of bamboo water, that means more goodness in your toner! Do you know that bamboo water is an excellent anti-oxidant and it can boost your skin with plenty of moisture, hence restoring the skin natural moisture barrier.  

Remember to shake the double layered toner before using to have an even blend of bamboo water and argan oil. The bamboo water has a citrus scent, I absolutely love how the gentle scent lingers on my skin after application, so refreshing and natural! I have to admit that I'm not particular when it comes to toner because you know, traditional toner doesn't really have much direct skin care benefits, they are generally meant to assist the subsequent product absorption. Nevertheless, Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water is remarkably different from the conventional toner. I can feel that my skin is more supple the next day after my first time of application. Another plus point is the refreshing sensation provided by the natural citrus scent, it literally "wakes" my tired skin up. Last but not least, Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water is free from 11 harmful ingredients below: 
  • Paraben
  • Paraffin
  • Pigment
  • Synthetic fragrance
  • Benzophenone
  • DEA
  • Silicon
  • Animal raw materials
  • Mineral oil
  • PEG
  • Surfactant
Nature Solution Skin Essence (40ML)

Next, we have Nature Solution Skin Essence, a hypoallergenic oil-drop anti-aging essence. Containing 62.84% bamboo water and 13 blended natural oil, the essence can help to restore vital balance by promoting skin’s natural renewal rhythms. Being an expert in natural plants, The Plant Base uses oil-drop technology to blend 13 natural oils into intensive hydrating serum. Similar to Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water, Nature Solution Skin Essence is free from 10 harmful ingredients including paraben, paraffin, pigment, synthetic fragrance, benzophenone, DEA, animal raw materials, mineral oil and PEG. As a consumer who concerns about the the product ingredients, I feel secured and safe to know that my essence is free from the aforementioned chemicals which are potential threats to my health. 

The essence has a gel like texture and it has the same citrus scent like the bamboo water. Gel essence/serum has been my top favourite in 2016 due to their lightweight and non-greasy properties, so when I pumped the essence on my hand, I know I'm going to love this essence. The product feels featherly light on my skin, ahh the reason why I love gel essence! It took a while for the essence to be completely absorbed by my skin and I gave my face a good massage to facilitate the absorption. I have not seen significant changes on my skin so far but one major difference that I notice is that my make up adheres and fits my skin better, thanks to the essence for the moisturizing effect! 

Oh no I just realized that this post is quite lengthy and wordy, sorry guys! I really want to give a detailed review on The Plant Base products since the brand is quite new to most of the Malaysians, hope that you guys will have a better understanding on their products after reading my review! If you are interested to try The Plant Base out, you can now enjoy a 10% discount by using promotional code TPBADD10 (vaild from from 6/3/2017 to 16/4/2017). Do check their website and Facebook fanpage out for more updates and promotions! 

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