Tuesday, 15 November 2011


           Had a jab today!!! So painful!!! It's so painful that I can't drive back to my faculty!! Luckily I have Zi Jie accompanying me, so she drove back, LOL! In fact she was not accompany me, she tumpang my car, haha!!

          It was a super last minute decision and guess what? I sneaked out and had the jab during my tutorial class!!! Clever huh? As I told before, some lecturers deserve my attention but some don't, this tutor does not  deserve anything from  me, including my precious time. Instead of listening to his crap I rather sneak to computer laboratory and rush my reports. So today the location was changed!! I played truant at University Health Centre!! Hehe!!

University Health Centre

             OMG I just realised that I haven't mentioned what jab I took!! Stupid lah me! For your information, I have taken a Cervical Cancer Vaccine today!! Today was the 1st dose, going to have to second dose in December. Each of the dose costs me RM 145, considered cheap as compared to outside's clinics. By the way a big-thank-you to Esther for informing me about this vaccination campaign! I totally have no idea about this campaign!! I have to say that I have seen their poster hanging outside my hostel for thousand times but I just never stop and read the words on it!!! 

Ouch it looked painful!!!

            After having the injection, my arm was so painful and ''sour''!! Don't know what is meant by sour?? That's a complicated feeling that you feel like there's lemon juice inside your arm!! (What kind of lousy explanation is this?? OMG!! But I bet you sure know what is meant by sour right? >w<) At that time I can't even move my arm!! Then how am I suppose to drive? Luckily I was not alone!! My penumpang: Zi Jie offered herself to drive me back. So both of us returned to the tutorial class safe and sound, LOL! 

           And I can't raise my arm at all after the injection!! OMG!! The worst thing was I have to do an experiment related to pipe fittings in the afternoon!! No choice, I fit all those components and pumps with pipes in agony then. T_T And I'm typing with my single arm right now!! Hopefully the pain will go away soon!

          Haven't taken Cervical Cancer Vaccination? You should have gotten yourself one, really. Huh? You don't know what is Cervical Cancer?? OMG how could you?! Go google it yourself!! 

          Haiz I'm so lazy today, feel like don't want to study and just want to rest. Is this another effect of the vaccine? LOL I guess not >< Looking at my Mass Transfer but my mind is full of delicious food (Burger King!! Nadeja!! Secret Recipe!! Pasta!!! Pizza!! Ramen!!) , thinking of meeting up with my friends, thinking of going back home, thinking of this and that. I shouldn't be like this T_T Updating my blog is a solid evident that I'm skiving T_T 

         Going to be super busy after tonight, tomorrow will be the dreadful Tanglung Festival, Friday there will be an IEM Talk, and my Debate will start on Friday too. Speaking of Tanglung Festival, I will be in charge of making and cooking tang yuan.LOL!! 

Look nice huh? I'm the one who made all these!! And they taste nice too!! So bouncy!!

Dinah this is the Pooh's cup!!

Snow-skin Mooncake made by my neighbour's mum!! It tasted super nice!! As good as those branded mooncakes! 

Oh I feel like want to have a piece of mooncake now :(

         Shouldn't be so lazy anymore, buck it up!! Ok I have enough rest today, Good Night and Good Bye. Have a sweet dream ^^

p/s: I miss those time when we were in a long queue and chatted like aunties in front of koperasi before having our jabs, and complained together that the nurse was unskilled after the injection. =__=


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