Wednesday, 29 July 2015

20 Facts About Me

1. I must wake up before 9.30am.
2. I love to tease children.
3. There was a time that I was really into games, be it computer games or PS2 games.
4. I keep every single card, letter, postcard and notes from my friends because they’re so precious to me.
5. I call home everyday whenever I’m away from home.
6. I don’t really like rice.
7. I fall down very frequently.
8. I love science and at the same time, I love art.
9. So far all of my flight experiences are unaccompanied.
10. I can live without a handphone but I can’t live without a camera.
11. Songs of the 90’s are the best.
12. I can never understand people’s obsession over Teddy bears and soft toys.
13. The two people that I love the most in my life are definitely my parents.
14. I’m scared of all animals on this Earth, well except those living under the sea.
15. Never ever date me for a movie because I don’t watch movies with friends.
16. I chew each mouthful of food for at least 40 times before swallowing it.
17. I try my best to live life with no regrets.
18. I love night views and streetscape.
19. I don’t know how to comfort people.
20. I witnessed a death before. Life is really fragile so please cherish your loved ones.

1. 無法忍受自己九點半之後才起床。
2. 很喜歡騙小孩。
3. 有段時間真的很喜歡打Game,後來就不打了,電腦裏的Game全部Uninstall,連PS 2都送人了。
4. 別人送的卡片、 明信片、 手寫信、小紙條甚至是禮物外面的禮物紙都捨不得丟掉,會一直收著。
5. 不在家裏的日子,我每天都會打電話回家。
6. 不喜歡吃米飯。
7. 跌倒率奇高。
8. 喜歡理科也喜歡文科。
9. 目前爲止一直都是獨自搭飛機。
10. 可以沒有手機,但不能沒有相機。
11. 覺得90年代的歌最好聼。
12. 無法理解爲什麽會有人喜歡大大的Bear Bear和公仔。
13. 爸爸媽媽是我這輩子最愛的人。
14. 極度害怕這世界上(海底世界除外)的所有動物。
15. 從來不和朋友看電影,不管是誰約都一定一定會拒絕。
16. 吃東西都會先咀嚼40下再吞。
17. 認爲“遺憾”是人生中最可怕的事。
18. 非常喜歡看夜景和街景。
19. 安慰別人這門學問我永遠都學不會。
20. 曾經目睹別人在我眼前掙扎並死去。生命脆弱,請珍惜眼前人。


Friday, 24 July 2015

Untangle the Tangled - Schwarzkopf Bonocure BC Fibre Force

Life is neither a bed of rose nor a walk in the park.

There’re so many roles that we need to play in our life, and there’re so many things that we need to take care of everyday, may it be important or trivial matters.

And as the proud owner of my long long hair, I need to take good care of it.

I own my hair, and I shall put in efforts in making sure that it is silky smooth, glossy and shiny.

That’s where my responsibility as a “long-hair-owner” lies.

My hair is naturally straight, but sometime it’s mischievous. Little naughty one.

It can get frizzy, tangled and disheveled.

Well, basically it gets tangled after each of the showers. My hair is was just way too long.

Ah, not forgetting the oily scalp when the weather is hot and humid.

That’s what I call a bad hair day, when oily scalp meets frizzy and tangled hair.

Like this.

Tangled Everywhere

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

She is Your Destiny, She is Your Fate

I keep myself insanely busy with my work, my magazine, my camera, my trips, my learning plans, my family and my friends.
I’m back to the life that I used to lead,
Packed and meaningful, not even wasting a single second every day.
I was fine and good, till we talked to each other again.
Yes, we talked again.
It’s just like a viscous cycle isn’t it?
A cycle that repeats on a weekly basis.

It was 7am in the early morning,
Another great day, I thought.
Let’s see if I can dine with Carine tonight, we need to catch up.
Oh yeah, I’m going to clear the sponsored post tonight.
And I need to make the to-bring list for my weekend getaway.
Everything seemed to be perfect and wonderful.

And then, we talked, in this beautiful morning.
You took initiative to tell me about her, like finally.
You finally made the acknowledgement to me.
She is my destiny, she is my fate.” You said.
Your destiny, your fate.
Holy Crap! For Goodness' Sake!
其實我早就知道 (雖然你一直都不承認也不否認但我就是知道)
頭皮發麻  心頭一涼  四肢冰冷
And I died again.
And I was shattered into thousands pieces again.
And I was torn and shredded again.
And I was swirled into the black hole of sorrow again.
And I was drowned in an ocean of agony and despair again.

I hugged my knees to my chest.
I hugged myself air tight.
Hoping that I can get rid of the cold feeling,
Hoping that I can chase away the heartache,
The heartache that I’m so familiar with ever since you lied to me for the very first time.
(Yea, your lies never work on me, being too smart is not a good thing, huh?)
My mind went blank.
I can’t do anything.
I just wanted to stay in my own embrace for a long long time.
To stay safe and warm.

It was 7:55am,
And I need to leave the house by 8:10am.
I haven’t even brushed.
Hey Princess,
What’re you doing for this chap?
Live your life out!
Today is supposed to be a wonderful day isn’t it?

I dressed myself up,
And reached my workplace on time.
I looked at my control valves,
I looked at the photos of my loved ones,
I even looked at my resume to see how awesome I am. (I know this part is really amusing)
I just needed some self-reassurance.
I’m capable,
I’m amazing,
I’m superb,
I’m formidable and most importantly,
I’m blessed and loved.

I got myself back into shape after 3 hours.
I was good, I was calm.
What an achievement.
I'm a man of word, 
When I said that I'm going to overcome this, I will do it. (And I have to do it)
Thank you so much my left brain, 
For making sure that everything's under control.
I know I can take it I can do it I can make it,
Cos I’m nobody else but the Princess. :)

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Doctor, I Will Get Well, Right?

2 kg lost in a week.

Thank you so much, you’re way more efficient than a slimming center.

I’m impressed with the result, good job, my boy.

But it’s quite expensive.

I would rather pay two thousands bucks to Mary Chia to get the same outcome,

Rather than paying you my unshed tears, sleepless nights, shattered soul and also, my broken heart.


I was on my flight back to Malaysia, alone.

I was coming back from that beautiful country,

The country that we each had our best days during different seasons.

I was bored in the flight, I just can’t stay idle.

There’s a very limited choice of movies,

And I watched “White Haired Witch”, which is not my cup of tea.

Oh well, just to kill time.

I laughed when Fan Bing Bing’s hair turned white over the night after she was abandoned by Huang Xiao Ming.

It’s no big deal, foolish woman.

You have better things to do in your life, just move on.

Oh I really shouldn’t watch this movie, it’s a crap.

These were what on my mind  after the movie.


I had my inflight dinner after the crappy movie.

I ordered seafood meal, it was splendid and scrumptious.

Sea bass, squid and prawns, paired with baby potatoes.

You love prawns as much as I do. And peanuts. We love peanuts.

I landed safe and sound.

Your message came in as soon as I stepped into the Arrival Hall.

Overflowing with care and concern, how sweet of you.

My heart skipped a beat to read each of the words from you.

Too sweet that my cardiovascular system just can't take it.

You’ve never failed to warm the cockles of my heart.

And now, her heart.


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

缘起 · 缘灭 | 情深·缘浅

最後,你終于對我說了I'm Sorry.

你說了I'm Sorry.





不断被你挖开又愈合挖开又愈合的伤口,是不是一句I'm Sorry就能够止痛止血还能保证不留疤?溃烂的伤口连我都不想直视

300個日子,以 I'm sorry結束。天啊300个日子,那么久了哦?









你是不會對我撒謊的,either the truth or silence.






不,it should be 很不好很不好。




















我总是以自己的persistence and determination为傲





Monday, 13 July 2015

My Boy, I'm So Curious.

My boy, I'm so curious.
Did you tell her the same stories that you once shared with me?
Those stories that got us closer, like how the King and Scheherazade in One Thousand and One Nights slowly fell for each other.
I know you did.
You surely did.
That's your perfectly engineered fatal booby trap, that made me to know you deeper and better day by day.
Eventually, you built up the intimacy between us, and I let my walls come down for you.
Did she go through the same process as I did?
I'm curious, are those stories scripted?
Do you use the same script for every girl?
Have I become part of your stories?
Am I your another 0.5? Or 0.7? Or 0.9?
Did you tell her about me?
Like how you told me about your previous girls.

My boy, I'm so curious.
Do you greet her good morning and good night everyday, like how you used to greet me every single day?
Is she your very last thought before sleeping, and the very first thought upon waking up now?
It was once me.
It was once me who occupied your mind day and night.
It was me who occupied a significant space in your heart.

My boy, I'm so curious.
Do you talk to her every night that you're reluctant to hit the sack?
Do you stay up late for her, keep her accompanied when she is having insomnia at night, like what you once did for me for months?

My boy, I'm so curious.
Did you make her laugh with your silly and funny jokes?
Again, are those jokes scripted?
I thought I'm the only one who has heard all the jokes from you, but I'm not, am I right?
Did you tell her the punch lines that I made you chuckled?
I hope you didn't, and you won't.
Cos those are only meant for you and only you, not for your new girl, or girls.
They're copyrighted for you, my boy.

My boy, I'm so curious.
Do you share all your happiness and woes with her now?
Like how we once shared secrets and emotions with each other, 
As if we're leading a shared life, 
As if you're part of me and I were part of you.
Is she the one that you will run to when you're feeling down and on the verge of crying now?
Like how you once wanted to cry in my embrace when you felt defeated, 
Confided your weakest side to me without reservation.
Do you share your dreams with her?
Like how you told me about your wild and ambitious dreams, 
And we promised that we'll work hard together and be the masters of our life.
Like how you described your perfect future to me, the dream family, dream house and dream life.

My boy, I'm so curious.
Do you drown her in your sweetest words and mushiest talks like how you used to pamper me with all your smooth talks?
Do you soft soap her in the same way that you did to me?
Do you get jealous when she is spending time with other guys? 
Like how you used to manja me when I went out with my guy friends.
Do you get anxious when she doesn't reply your texts? 
Like how you once chided me for not replying your messages after hours.
Do you put side your ego and take initiative to apologize after bickering with her? 
Like how you used to coax me after our arguments.
Do you call her the same sweet name that you used to call me everyday?
I hope you don't, because that's my name, that name belongs to me.
It's mine.

I can't even question you,
Because I don't have the position and rights to do so.
Despite being left unanswered, I have all the answers with me.
I was blinded, but I'm not stupid.
I knew it for long, but I have faith in you.
I trust you.
I believe in you.
But you let me down, again and again.

There's no right or wrong.
It's just that, 
I'm a good girl, a good girl who is so serious.
And you're a player.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Coffee Loft @Taman Molek, Johor Bahru

Holy Craps! Can you believe that I go to cafe so often that I have more than a thousand photos taken in different cafes? Oh my there goes all my hard-earned money *sob sob* Let's see which cafe pocketed my money again! 

Ah, I forgot to take photos of the cafe's exterior so I can't show you how nice this cafe is *failed blogger* I shall just unveil the cafe that I'm going to share with you today in an unglamourous way:


I've visited Coffee Loft for a couple times and here is my latest visit to this cozy cafe. It's spacious and comfortable, a perfect place to chill with friends and enjoy a book or two. I will try to snap some photos of the cafe for you guys during my next visit, you know lah, when I'm with friends then I will be very hyperactive and talkative until I forgot to take out my camera T.T Okay let's check out the food we had during the meet up! 

RM 10
My friend said it's good! I didn't try it since I'm super sensitive to caffeine, so I have no comment on this. 

Mushroom Soup
RM 12

Thick and rich mushroom soup that warm one's stomach. A little disappointed that the soup is not paired with any bread or slices of baguette, side dishes is very important too, don't you think so?
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