Friday, 24 July 2015

Untangle the Tangled - Schwarzkopf Bonocure BC Fibre Force

Life is neither a bed of rose nor a walk in the park.

There’re so many roles that we need to play in our life, and there’re so many things that we need to take care of everyday, may it be important or trivial matters.

And as the proud owner of my long long hair, I need to take good care of it.

I own my hair, and I shall put in efforts in making sure that it is silky smooth, glossy and shiny.

That’s where my responsibility as a “long-hair-owner” lies.

My hair is naturally straight, but sometime it’s mischievous. Little naughty one.

It can get frizzy, tangled and disheveled.

Well, basically it gets tangled after each of the showers. My hair is was just way too long.

Ah, not forgetting the oily scalp when the weather is hot and humid.

That’s what I call a bad hair day, when oily scalp meets frizzy and tangled hair.

Like this.

Tangled Everywhere

I never like it when my hair got tangled. It’s very messy and hard to manage. I can’t even comb my hair smoothly, I just feel like….like a lion. My hair was severely damaged, especially after I got myself a head of striking red hair. The bleaching and dying processes almost killed corroded my pretty hair. It became so dry and damaged that it’s no longer silky smooth and the saddest part is, it doesn’t shine anymore. It's just so lifeless and dull. I need something that can give my hair a new life, something reliable, something that really works, something like the latest hair care range from Schwarzkopf Professional, the Bonocure BC Fibre Force.

With Bonocure BC Fibre Force hair care range, I can now reconstruct my extremely damaged and eroded hair, strengthen it and restore it to its optimal level of force and resilience. The formulas with micronized, hair-identical keratin components can penetrate deep into the hair to re-cement the gaps in the Cell Membrane Complex, the intercellular bonding cement responsible for strong and resilient hair fibre. This will thus strengthen the hair strand and make it less susceptible to breakage and hair fall. For your information, the range is suitable for all hair types and structures. 

Bonocure BC Fibre Force Shampoo
RM 60 | SGD 24

Bonocure BC Fibre Force Shampoo gently cleanses extremely damaged hair and restores it from within. All you have to do is to apply it to your wet hair, give your hair a good massage and lastly, rinse it out. It smells incredibly nice! I really love its smell, very addictive! I love how it leave my scalp clean and fresh after the shower, and the best thing is it doesn't leave a sticky feel on my hair. Some shampoos leave my hair sticky and that's really gross.

Bonocure BC Fibre Force Conditioner
RM 60 | SGD 24

Bonocure BC Fibre Force Conditioner untangles extremely damaged hair and restores it from within. The innovative complex with micronized hair-identical Keratins deeply penetrates and regenerates weakened hair. To use the conditioner, towel dry your hair after shampooing and apply an adequate amount of the conditioner to your hair. Leave it for 2 minutes for a better penetration and lastly, rinse it out.

This is what I need! The untangling part really caught my attention and I can't wait to try this out. Imagine that you don't have to fight with you tangled hair after your shower anymore, oh I'm willing to pay any amount of money to achieve that, just take my money. The conditioner is pretty rich that you only need a small amount to moisturize your hair. *money-saving mode on* Regarding the results of the conditioner, be patient yer, keep reading and you will see how the hair care range worked on my hair like magic.

Bonocure BC Fibre Force Fortifier Treatment
RM 60 | SGD 24

Bonocure BC Fibre Force Fortifier Treatment intensively replenishes extremely damaged hair where the hair’s inner fibre is fortified and the hair surface is sealed. It can regenerate the hair's structure and thus providing new resilience and strength to the hair strand. Apply the cream onto towel dried hair and rinse out after 5-10 minutes.

The treatment cream is seriously no joke. The effects are exactly the same with what you can get from a saloon's hair treatment, and don't forget that you can get this big tub of treatment cream at RM60 only, value for money indeed. I only use the treatment cream once in a week so a tub of it can last for a very long time. Now let me show you how Schwarzkopf Bonocure BC Fibre Force hair care range improved my hair's strength and resilience, and how it made my hair shines again! Let's the pictures do the talking!

Is this the so-called waterfall-like hair? My hair is now camera-ready regardless of the weather, super silky smooth and straight, no more frizzy lion hair and I seriously think that I can be a model for hair commercial now!

Say bye to tangled hair, I don't even need to comb my hair after showering now and even if I'm combing it, I can't feel any resistance as I comb through my hair. I know you're jealous with my pretty hair now, it's just too silky to be real.

Bonocure BC Fibre Force Conditioner & Fortifier Treatment did an awesome job in nourishing my damaged hair. My dry and dull hair used to look like flammable hay but it shines healthily now. I got to say that the hair care range really claim their promises, the untangling effect is very obvious and significant, as if I just rebonded my hair, which I obviously didn't. 

I started to miss my long hair now....
It's really pretty isn't it?
I’ve cut my hair short, 
But still, 
I love my hair as much as I did when it was long.
Its length doesn’t make any difference, not at all.
Like the way I miss you now,
It’s still the same as before.
It’s just that, the mutuality is no longer there.
It’s gone.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have some conditioner for our life?
So that we can untangle all the tangled effortlessly.


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