Sunday, 19 July 2015

Doctor, I Will Get Well, Right?

2 kg lost in a week.

Thank you so much, you’re way more efficient than a slimming center.

I’m impressed with the result, good job, my boy.

But it’s quite expensive.

I would rather pay two thousands bucks to Mary Chia to get the same outcome,

Rather than paying you my unshed tears, sleepless nights, shattered soul and also, my broken heart.


I was on my flight back to Malaysia, alone.

I was coming back from that beautiful country,

The country that we each had our best days during different seasons.

I was bored in the flight, I just can’t stay idle.

There’s a very limited choice of movies,

And I watched “White Haired Witch”, which is not my cup of tea.

Oh well, just to kill time.

I laughed when Fan Bing Bing’s hair turned white over the night after she was abandoned by Huang Xiao Ming.

It’s no big deal, foolish woman.

You have better things to do in your life, just move on.

Oh I really shouldn’t watch this movie, it’s a crap.

These were what on my mind  after the movie.


I had my inflight dinner after the crappy movie.

I ordered seafood meal, it was splendid and scrumptious.

Sea bass, squid and prawns, paired with baby potatoes.

You love prawns as much as I do. And peanuts. We love peanuts.

I landed safe and sound.

Your message came in as soon as I stepped into the Arrival Hall.

Overflowing with care and concern, how sweet of you.

My heart skipped a beat to read each of the words from you.

Too sweet that my cardiovascular system just can't take it.

You’ve never failed to warm the cockles of my heart.

And now, her heart.


Correct, it’s no big deal.

You have better things to do in your life my Princess.

You’re not a foolish girl, are you?

I’m fine.

Healthy, fit, and also, slimmer now.

I'm neither sad nor happy.


You're just ...... everywhere


But it's beyond my control

are very busy with her now.



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