Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Coffee Loft @Taman Molek, Johor Bahru

Holy Craps! Can you believe that I go to cafe so often that I have more than a thousand photos taken in different cafes? Oh my there goes all my hard-earned money *sob sob* Let's see which cafe pocketed my money again! 

Ah, I forgot to take photos of the cafe's exterior so I can't show you how nice this cafe is *failed blogger* I shall just unveil the cafe that I'm going to share with you today in an unglamourous way:


I've visited Coffee Loft for a couple times and here is my latest visit to this cozy cafe. It's spacious and comfortable, a perfect place to chill with friends and enjoy a book or two. I will try to snap some photos of the cafe for you guys during my next visit, you know lah, when I'm with friends then I will be very hyperactive and talkative until I forgot to take out my camera T.T Okay let's check out the food we had during the meet up! 

RM 10
My friend said it's good! I didn't try it since I'm super sensitive to caffeine, so I have no comment on this. 

Mushroom Soup
RM 12

Thick and rich mushroom soup that warm one's stomach. A little disappointed that the soup is not paired with any bread or slices of baguette, side dishes is very important too, don't you think so?

Fish Fillet with Rice
RM 21

Personally I think that this is crazily overpriced, just an average fish fillet and plain white rice and I have to pay RM 21? No way!!!

Tuna Panini
Price: Forgot

A healthy option for those who are looking for a balanced diet! I love their French fries, looking ordinary but tasting good! It's very fragrant, not oily at all. 

Smoked Duck Pizza
RM 21

My favourite of the day, Smoked Duck Pizza! The thin crust pizza is crispy and crunchy, it's so good and irresistible that I got myself a second helping, it's addictive! The thin slice of smoke duck paired up with the mushroom slices and cheese perfectly, giving a flavourful and layered sensation in every single bite. Trust me, order this!

Caramel Waffle
RM 15

Completing the lunch with dessert woohoo! I tried waffle during the previous visit and it's not too bad so I placed the same order. Good things worth a second try! Their waffle comes in a variety of flavor including chocolate, banana, caramel and etc. Caramel is my all time favourite so I ordered a caramel waffle without a second thought. The portion of the waffle is just nice for sharing among friends, 4 pieces of waffle and a scope of vanilla ice-cream, not too fattening hehe! It would be nicer if they can be more generous in the caramel drizzle, some of the waffles (especially the behind one) are quite dry as they didn't get enough of caramel shower. In overall the waffle is above average, but it can't beat the best waffle I had in CaRFFee Coffee Bar

Okay that's all for today, see again! 

Coffee Loft
29, Jalan Molek 1/12, 
Taman Molek, 
81100 Johor Bahru, 
Johor, Malaysia


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