Sunday, 28 June 2015

[GIVEAWAY] IKAN Brand Instant Paste: Soy Sauce Paste & Sambal Paste

Remember my previous post regarding IKAN Brand Instant Tomyam Paste? It's a simple and easy recipe and today, I'm going to prepare some other dishes using other instant pastes from IKAN Brand. Opps! Did I say that I'm going to prepare the dishes myself? Aiyah typo there, my mum will prepare the dishes and I will be savouring the dishes on your behalf haha! Since I can only do some light cooking in my rented house so.... I shall just pass the baton to my beautiful and talented Mum hehe!

Stir Fried Lady Fingers with IKAN Brand Sambal Paste

So sorry that I have no idea on how my mum got this done, got back home and the dishes was served on the table, all ready to eat. *Failed blogger* Anyway, all of us love the sambal paste very much! There're bits of shrimp in the sambal paste, tasted very traditional. The sambal paste is very versatile that it can be used to cook meats (prawn, pork, chicken and fish) and vegetables. 

IKAN Brand Soy Sauce Paste can be used to cook fish, chicken, pork, prawns and etc. Since I'm a prawn-lover, I paired it up with prawns hehe! Save the hassle of preparing your own sauce and seasoning, just get yourself a packet IKAN Brand instant paste from your nearest supermarket!

Interested in trying out the instant paste? Good news for all of my readers! IKAN Brand is really generous that they have prepared 50 sets of instant paste for the lucky readers of Neverland! Just follow the simple steps below and the instant paste will be delivered to your doorstep:

1. Follow my instagram: and leave your instagram username in the comment box of this post.
2. Like the official Facebook page of IKAN Brand: and inbox them your Name, Contact No and Mailing Address. Don't forget to mention that you're from Princess Neverland's blog in order to be qualified to receive the sample ya!

> IKAN BRAND uses all natural ingredients (without any artificial seasoning and flavoring 
> All IKAN BRAND products are preservatives, MSG and coloring free. 
> We check and make sure that all of our suppliers have HALAL cert and all our supplier’s products are without preservatives. 
> We pack our products in high temperature condition to make sure their have longer shelf life.
> Any charity event that required product sponsoring can contact my company and we will try our best to assist. 
> Our company supports charity events and we hired 4 workers from Dual Blessing Berhad (non-profit organisation for people with disability).

This video was taken by Dual Blessing Berhad to encourage more companies to hire workers with disability so that they can support themselves and reduce financial burden to their family.



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    1. Hello Anis!

      Yes it's delicious! Maybe you want to have a try too? You can join the simple giveaway to receive a packet of FREE instant paste!

  2. Done following your ig.


    Thankyou ;)

    1. Dear Amal,

      Thank you so much for joining the giveaway! The instant paste is on its way to your doorstep now! Hope you will like it ^^ Don't forget to spread to good news to your family and friends ya! :)


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