Tuesday, 9 June 2015

CaRFFee Coffee Bar @Taman Molek, Johor Bahru

Another cafe post today! I wonder how long it will take for me to clear all of the cafe-related posts, they're piling in my draft folders oh my.... Visited CaRFFee Coffee Bar at Taman Molek for their well-known waffle and it really lives up to its name, it's a must-try cafe in Johor Bahru area!

Painted in apple green, CaRFFee Coffee Bar is very eye-catching and it can be located very easily, you're not going to miss it out.  

I love the colour combination used in the interior design of the cafe, apple green X lilac is so youthful and energizing!

The design of the coffee bar is so special and awesome! I just can't move my eyes away from the exquisite coffee bar. The wallpaper and the lighting make a seamless match with the coffee bar, creating a warm and cozy corner in the cafe. 

Outdoor Dining Area

I got to say that CaRFFee Coffee Bar has the most unique and creative menu! 

It's like a paper version transformer! I almost tore the menu apart when I was trying hard to unfold it, talking about the inherent clumsiness in me haha! 

Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup with chewy mushroom bits suspended within, a traditional and stomach-warming soup. Average, nothing fancy. 

RM 8.90

Iced Hazelnut Caffe Latte
RM 16.00

Chicken Baked Penne
RM 18.90

What a huge serving of Cheese Baked Chicken Penne! Looking so mouth-watering don't you agree? Topped with a generous amount of boneless chicken and cheese, let's forget about the calories today! 

Grilled BBQ Chicken Kebab
RM 18.90

It's pretty surprising that Kebab is available here. I mean, eating Kebab in a cafe? Sound so wrong doesn't it? Anyway we did that, pairing up chicken Kebab with Latte, what an experience! Sandwiched between slices of capsicum and spring onions, the grilled chicken Kebab was tender, juicy and succulent, I love it! The grilled capsicum tasted so so so good! Sweetness overload! However, the BBQ sauce was too overwhelming and salty.

Chicken Pizza
RM 13.90

Look at the cheese! How am I going to say no? It's just irresistible! I'm a huge fans of thin crust pizza so needless to say more, just give me all the pizzas! I had 4 slices of it and I would like to have more. The chicken slices were well-marinated and tasted flavorful, it would be nice if they could put more chicken toppings.

Banana Chocolate Pancake
RM 13.90

The main reason of my visit to CaRFFEE Coffee Bar today, the waffle! (wondering why they called it pancake instead, pancake doesn't look like this okay) 

The waffle was stuffed with banana and cream, with chocolate syrup and peanuts drizzled over. There's a large scoop of chocolate ice-cream sitting on top of the waffle, the presentation of this dessert is just invincible. I have much anticipation towards this waffle and I'm glad to inform that it didn't let me down, it's the best waffle I have ever had so far! Freshly hot from the oven, the waffle was fluffy inside and crispy outside. Ah my poor English and plain description are not doing justice to this heavenly good waffle. Pardon my incapability to tell you the awesomeness of this waffle, you should really come and let your own taste buds to do the justification! 

In a nutshell, I had a splendid and scrumptious lunch at CaRFFee Coffee Bar and I will definitely come back for their waffle. Do note that the waffle is served fresh here so you might need to wait for quite some time especially during the peak hours, but the wait is definitely worthwhile!

CaRFFee Coffee Bar
51-01, Jalan Molek 2/1
Taman Molek,
81100 Johor Bahru.

Website: www.carffee.cc/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/CaRFFee-Coffee-Bar/251333821632459



  1. I've been searching for nice waffle... I want those crispy kind but most of them turns out to be soft type.. I should try this then~ ^_^

    1. Audrey yaloh most of the cafes serve soft-type waffle which I really don't like, but this is really different and nice! You should go try it! ^^


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