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Dream Cafe @ Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru

Sooner or later I'm going to change my blog genre into a food blog, so many food posts in a row oh my goodness! Not mentioning that I still have a long long list of unpublished drafts pending for publication now. I love hanging out with my friends in the vicinity of Taman Mount Austin and to my horror, I can never catch the speed of opening of new cafes in this area given that I do café hopping at least twice a week! Nah nah nah I'm neither a coffee lover nor a rich young girl (yours truly is a poor young girl inside out and upside down), it's all because of my friends' preference that makes me visit to cafes so often. Personally I would prefer to fly kites at Bukit Layang-layang, to bake and cook together or to have a picnic at a random park, how fun and awesome will that be! Speaking of that, I've been suggesting the above-mentioned activities for ages (since high school if I'm not mistaken) and nobody ever takes my words serious after so many years, and my small dreams never come true *sob sob* Oh I just wrote a paragraph of craps and I have never failed to do so in most of my blog posts, I think this somehow show my determination and persistence in sprouting nonsense wherever and whenever I am. Where were we just now? Oh oh oh I said that I can't catch with the speed of opening of new cafés in Taman Mount Austin even though I go there very frequently, they're popping up in this area at every single second! I'm such a kind soul that I wanna keep you guys updated with all the happenings in JB so today, I'm going to share another new cafe with you all, the Dream Cafe

最近美食文泛滥啊!我的Blog都要换Genre了,干脆就变成Food Blog好了哈哈哈!话说我明明就上Cafe上得非常频密,一星期最少两次好不好?可我怎么永远都赶不上JB新Cafe的速度啊?随便在Mount Austin打个圈就能发现又有新的Cafe开张了。来来来,今天就来给大家跟进一下Mount Austin的新Cafe,Dream Cafe也!

According to Chef Patrick the mastermind behind Dream Cafe, the cafe has been operating for 6 months.

其实Dream Cafe已经营业快半年了,是我自己孤陋寡闻没有去过而已啦~

Hey I love this outdoor dining area! It looks so romantic don't you agree? 
I will definitely choose to sit here if I'm coming during the night time.



Upon entering Dream Cafe, the bright red container caught my attention immediately and I can't move my eyes away from it. It's actually the central kitchen of  the cafe, how creative is this! Not mentioning that you can enjoy the life cooking show through the large glass panel, it's a FOC entertainment to me hehe!


Rose Tea
RM 6.90

非常斯文秀气的玫瑰花茶,杯子好迷你我超怕一个不小心就会把它给捏碎哈哈哈!呃,花茶那么有气质的茶饮我实在不会欣赏,因为太小一杯了,感觉上还没喝进口就已经先蒸发了半杯 *泪* 

Hot Chocolate
RM 8.90

Chocolate Milk Shake
RM 10.90

Thai Style Salmon Salad
RM 15.90

Basically the salad is spicy with a tangy hint, very appetizing indeed! It tasted very different from all the other salads that I had before and I fell in love with it after my very first try, try it yourself and I promise that you will agree with my statement. Oh ya, you can find generous amount of salmon in the salad, and they're really fresh!

这个好吃!非常非常地推荐!沙拉本应是第一道入肚的食物,但当天我却是在吃完所有主食、side dish和甜品之后才发现自己忘了吃沙拉。原本还想说要是沙拉都被扫光了那就算了吧,没想到碗里还有一点点,不然我就要和这超棒的沙拉擦肩而过了!酸酸辣辣并带点微甜的沙拉酱是Chef Patrick的得意之作,配上清爽的蔬菜和三文鱼块格外开胃,个人非常喜欢,大家不妨试试看。

Cauliflower Soup with Spicy Sour Cream
RM 8.90

Looking like a pumpkin soup but tasting less sweet, with a hint of spiciness. All of us were puzzled with the real identity of this soup and Chef Patrick's answer was indeed jaw-dropping, "Cauliflower Soup", he revealed with a satisfying smile on his handsome face. I never know the existence of a Cauliflower Soup on this planet! It tasted very smooth and creamy, nice one!

不告诉你的话你肯定以为这是南瓜汤吧?我们都那么认为!这碗金黄色的浓汤竟然是由椰菜花熬煮而成的,非常意想不到吧?我还真是第一次尝到椰菜花浓汤呢!结果一试就喜欢得不得了,味道香甜顺滑,非常棒!这道浓汤里也有红萝卜,所以汤才会呈现好看的金黄色。由于加了Spicy Sour  Cream的关系,这汤有一点点的辣,独特得很!

Herb Butter Dory with Raisin Rice
RM 15.90

A very filling and balanced dish that comes with carbohydrates, protein and fibres. Raisin rice is very healthy and I totally like this idea.


Beef Bolognaise
RM 22.90

Can you believe that Chef Patrick actually prepared the beef Bolognaise himself from scratch? It's so unbelievable to me as most of the cafes and restaurants will just go for canned pasta sauce in order to save time and efforts. In this era of globalization and capitalization (suddenly feel like writing SPM essay lol!), we want to maximize efficiency, productivity and profits whenever we can so I'm pretty impressed that Chef Patrick is doing something different from the other players.

在这个讲求低成本、高量产和高效率的时代,竟然有店家愿意亲自熬煮意大利面酱,真是太有心思了!没错!这道牛肉意大利面的面酱是Chef Patrick亲自调配烹煮的,所以吃起来格外有风味,其他的罐头意面酱差太远了啦!牛肉碎煮得够软够味,RM 22.90一大碗,绝对值得!

Salmon Steak with Herb Crush
RM 32.90

I had a lot of salmon steaks before and this definitely stands out of the crowd, all because of the crispy herb crush. The mashed potato is really fine and smooth, tasted butterly as well.

Salmon Steak我吃多了,基本上只要三文鱼够新鲜、厨师的火候掌控得好,那出来的成品绝对不会差到哪里去。Dream Cafe的Salmon Steak 的特别之处在于三文鱼扒的表面裹上了一层 Herb Crush,所以鱼肉吃起来会有脆脆的口感。三文鱼底部的马铃薯也做得很好呢!细致又绵密,还有浓浓的Butter香。

Fried Oyster with Home Made Tartar Sauce
RM 13.90

Looking crispy and crunchy outside, I thought the oyster will be dry inside after going through the frying process. To my surprise, the oyster remained succulent and juicy, thus giving me a contradictory sensation as I chew the fried oyster. Imagine the combination of crispiness and juiciness in your palette!


Milk Pudding with A Scoop of Ice Cream
RM 11.90
Dessert to end the awesome dinner! 

最后当然要以甜品来为今天的餐聚画上完美的句点,牛奶布丁蛋糕配香草冰淇淋,还有Toffee Sauce来当沾酱,听起来不错吧?

Dream Cafe
No.27, Jalan Austin Heights,
Taman Mount Austin,
81100 JB.

Tel: 07-3641052
Operating hours: 12pm - 11pm (Mon-Thurs)
                            12pm - 12am (Fri-Sun)

*No GST, only 5% of service charge.
*Each Facebook check in will be entitled a 10% off the total bill, promotion is ending this month yo!


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