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Althea Vitamin Box: When Happiness Only Costs Me $39

Hello guys! I'm extraordinarily excited to compose this post because guess what, I got myself an Althea beauty box, like finally! I have been eyeing on Althea's value-for-money curated beauty box since their launch back in October 2016 but unfortunately, it seems like I'm always a little slower than the other customers because the boxes are forever out of stock when I check my cart out. Can you imagine my frustration? These unbelievably cheap beauty boxes come in limited quantity so they are selling like hot cakes, only the fast fingers can bring them home. When I received newsletter from Althea regarding the launch of Vitamin Box, I told myself that I need to get this box after so many times of failure in checking my cart out, my determination is unprecedentedly strong! 

Althea Vitamin Box
SGD 39

Althea Vitamin Box
SGD 39

And yea, I'm now a proud owner of Althea Vitamin Box! *fireworks*

The reason that I'm so thrilled over Althea Vitamin Box is that I'm a hardcore skin care girl and apparently, this beauty box contains everything that I have been wanting to try. 
  1. The SAEM Max Perfection Firming Multi Cleanser 
  2. a;t Fox Gyoolpi Tea Fresh Mist
  3. Holika Holika 3 Seconds Starter Vita Complex 
  4. Mizon Vita Lemon Calming Cream 
  5. Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask 
  6. Gwa II Na Ra Banana Body Cleanser 
  7. Let Me Skin Ultra H20 Modeling Pack
Coming with 7 full sized skin care product with vitamins infused in, Althea Vitamin Box is sold at SGD39, what a steal! 

The SAEM Max Perfection Firming Multi Cleanser 

The SAEM Max Perfection Firming Multi Cleanser 

I was a little confused when I read "multi cleanser" and I thought this is a cleanser for face and body. Well apparently I interpreted it wrongly haha! The SAEM Max Perfection Firming Multi Cleanser is a facial cleanser that is able to remove make up and cleanse your face, no more double cleansing step! The oil-to-foam cleanser is able to remove heavy and waterproof make up without leaving residues in pores. 

The cleanser looks and feels like typical cleansing oil but it lathers into foam when water is added to it, interesting right? The multi cleanser did a great job in removing my make up and I like it for being multi-functional so I can save some time by skipping double cleansing step, this will definitely be my pick when I'm travelling around. Being rich in Vitamin B and D, truffles extract moisturizes my skin and keeps it well hydrated. However, the oil based cleanser does not leave my skin fresh and clean after the cleansing action, it feels like there is a thin layer of oil sitting on my skin after I towel dry my face. I'm still not used to this and trying to adapt to it.

a;t Fox Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water Mist

a;t Fox Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water Mist

Gyoolpi means dried tangerine peel in hangul and it is the main gradient of the fresh water. a;t Fox Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water Mist is infused with Vitamin C and tangerine peel extract to recharge energy to your skin. The fresh water smells tangy and citrus, it's definitely the yummiest-smelling water spray that I have ever used. I keep a;t Fox Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water Mist in my office drawer so that I can keep my skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day, the tangy mist never fails to restore my energy.

Holika Holika 3 Seconds Starter Vita Complex 

Skin care primer is very popular among the koreans and I have added this step to my skin care regime since two years ago. Being a skin care primer, Holika Holika Three Second Starter Vita Complex creates a bacteria free platform for face before the subsequent skin care and make up steps by actively fighting bacteria the lead to acne breakouts.

The starter is a clear emulsion that can be absorbed by skin in seconds. It has a very light fragrance upon pumping out the emulsion but the fragrance does not linger on skin, it just disappears as I apply the product. The starter contains vitamin C so it can help to brighten dark spots and create a more even skin tone. I have not seen any significant results from the starter but I like how it prep my skin for the subsequent skin care absorption.

Mizon Vita Lemon Calming Cream

When I'm feeling thirsty and tired, I always go for a glass of ice lemon tea to refresh myself. What about when your skin is dull, listless and weary? Slap some Mizon Vita Lemon Calming Cream on your skin for instant hydration and revitalization!

Mizon Vita Lemon Calming Cream
The whole space is filled by a revitalizing scent of lemon when I removed peel the aluminium foil off, time to feed some lemonade to my skin haha! An interesting fact about Mizon Vita Lemon Calming Cream is that it contains carbonated water from France which is rich in mineral, this is very helpful in purifying your skin. Instead of having a cream texture, the calming cream is a gel type moisturizer. The lightweight cream is not sticky and greasy, leaving my skin fresh and matte throughout the day. After 2 days (day and night) of using the product, I feel a significant change to my skin - it becomes softer, smoother and more supple. Mind you, I only used it for two days! I will say this is my favourite product in Althea Vitamin Box, I'm hooked to the lemon-ish scent! 

Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask 

Containing 6 kinds of highly nutritious plant oils, Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask is an overnight lip mask that repairs and hydrates your lips. I apply the lip mask before sleeping and wipe it when I wake up, the lip mask doesn't seem to be edible.

Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask 

Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask 

The lip mask comes with a mini spatula, it's more hygienic to scoop the product by using spatula instead of using finger, it reduces the chance of product contamination and breeding of fungus. Remember the wash the spatula after using ya!

Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask

Due to its mineral oil ingredient, my lips become oily and greasy after I applied the lip mask. Oh gosh I look like a disco ball! Thank god that I don’t have to go out and face people with my oily-disco-lips. The moisturizing and hydrating effects are immediate that my lips feel incredibly soft and tender the next morning. I can glide my lipsticks on easily and smoothly, and the fine lines on my lips are greatly reduced. I use the lip mask twice a week now and its effects are very promising and significant. Not only that I can feel the softness of my lips, my friends also noticed that my lips become more moisturized and healthy. Guess that I can bid my chapped lips adieu this time.

Gwa II Na Ra Banana Body Cleanser

The body cleanser resembles the authentic Korea banana milk so much that my mum thought it is the milk in family package haha! I’m going to keep this bottle and reuse it because it’s too adorable! Imagine when your guests see this bottle in your bathroom, oh yeah the proud moment!

I took a shower using Gwa II Na Ra Banana Body Cleanser and it turned me into a Miss Banana inside out. I kid you not, the cleanser smells exactly the same like the banana milk, this is so mind blowing! I keep feeling that something is wrong when I was taking shower, I feel like I’m rubbing banana milk onto my skin haha! Personally I love this body cleanser because of its delicious scent and dense bubbles produced. I will say this is a love-it-or-hate-it product, depends on personal preference. For example, my boyfriend said he will vomit for using the body cleanser because he hates banana. (But I don’t care and continue my banana milk spa cos I’m a banana girl haha!) This is a great gifting idea too, I definitely want to see how my friends react to a banana milk body cleanser, it’s going to be very fun!

Let Me Skin Ultra H20 Modeling Pack

Let Me Skin Ultra H20 Modeling Pack

Let Me Skin Ultra H20 Modeling Pack

How not to fall in love with this super duper wuper cute Vitamin pill? So huge and cute! The combination of pastel yellow and soft green makes the pill to look like a toy, it makes me to feel like a kid again!

Let Me Skin's Ultra H20 Modeling Pack features two essence type formulas, which can be mixed together easily, rather than the usual messy powder where you have to mix with the perfect portion of water. This eliminates powder fallout and the tedious trial-and-error with the ratio of powder to water. Plus, its innovative texture leaves no residue behind after removing the mask, so you don’t even need to wash it off.

I mixed pack 1 and pack 2 in the cute pill case and what I got is a kaya alike paste. The mixing part is relatively simple and easy as compared to other powder type mask, but it's still a little too much work for me. *lazygirl* Application of the mask to my face is way harder than what I thought, it's so difficult to create an even and smooth finish on my face. Another point that I really dislike is that the mask dries out pretty fast. Well it's a good thing that it dries out fast on my face, not it's a terrible thing when it hardens in the pill case before I can even use it!

This is what is left in the pill case after 5min, the mask turned into a pudding and cannot be used anymore. What a waste.

As instructed in the product description, I had the mask on my face for 30 min before I went into another struggle of peeling it off. It-was-a-disaster. I'm not sure it's just me or everyone experiences the same thing, I just couldn't peel the mask off in one whole piece. The mask hardened into pudding-like texture on my skin so can you imagine what will happen when you try to pull a thin sheet of pudding? It breaks. Yes, the mask kept breaking and tearing off here and there so I was basically getting a handful of pudding debris during the process.  It's so messy. Despite of the painful application and peeling process, it's undoubtedly that the gel mask leaves my skin moisturized, nourished, and protected from environmental factors for a longer time. The hydrating effect is noticeable when I touch my skin and I did feel that my skin is firmed up a little bit.

Basically Althea Vitamin Box is such a good deal that I don't regret for getting the box. I still remember how I was once disappointed by some other subscription beauty box because I was sent sample size products only. Although it is sold at an affordable price, Althea Beauty Box does not compromise on its product size and quality. For example, I received 7 full size products in my Vitamin Box and a lot of them are from famous brands. I would definitely keep my eyes on Althea website and grab the next beauty box before it is sold out. Subscribe to their Facebook fanpage and newsletter so that you won't miss out their limited deals!

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