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Uriage Eau Thermale French Skincare: Thermale Water, Micellaire Thermale Water & Crème Lavante

It has been a really long while since I last received pretty hot pink boxes from HiShop. One important feature that stands HiShop out of the other online beauty stores is that it carries many beauty brands that are unavailable in Malaysia. Recently, HiShop has added Uriage to the wide range of beauty brands that they offer.

Since its creation in 1992, the Uriage brand has been meeting the needs of sensitive skin thanks to its internationally renowned dermatological expertise. I have tried thermal water, micellaire thermale water & cleanser from Uriage, let's scroll down and read my verdicts on these products.

Uriage Eau Thermale Water
RM 25.90 / 50mL

There are so many thermal waters in the market and what makes Uriage Eau Thermale Water so special? Uriage Thermal Water passes through the mineral-laden depths of the French Alpine massifs of Belledone. As it rises through many layers of crystalline rock, it is enriched with all the benefits of nature and charged with trace elements and minerals. Therefore, the thermal water is able to soothe and hydrate skin effectively due to its high mineral concentration in each and every drop of the thermal water.

I'm a huge fans of thermal water because I absolutely love the cooling and refreshing sensation that it gives, especially when I'm feeling sleepy and tired in the afternoon. Having the water molecules in their isotonic state, Uriage Eau Thermale Water has complete affinity with the skin. I like it for being multi-functional that I can spray it on my face after shower as a skin care primer and also on my body for soothing and calming purpose. I just came back from Surabaya and had a very bad sunburn at the back of my neck, it was so painful! I sprayed Uriage Eau Thermale Water on the affected area whenever I feel the discomfort and to my amazement, the sunburn was healed in 3 days. I also spray Uriage Eau Thermale Water on my face as the last make up step to fix my make up. The effect is significant that my make up lasts longer, I don't even need to blot and touch up after lunch, which I usually do.

Uriage Micellaire Thermale Water

Next, we have Uriage Micellaire Thermale Water. It took me a while to understand the product because a combination of thermal water and micellar water doesn't seem normal to me, I never have the idea that these two popular formulae can be combined in one product! And yes, this is what Uriage did, a micellar water with thermal water infused in, interesting and innovative! Removing make-up is the most essential step of my skin care routine because make-up residue, sebum, dirt and pollutants from the atmosphere will make your skin to look dull and tired, they are the root cause of pimples too. Hence, I'm extraordinarily happy to find this thermal water infused micellar water, now we have skin care and cleansing step be done in one single step.

Uriage Micellaire Thermale Water

Micellar water is such a hit now, it's easy to use, hassle free and most importantly, it's affordable. However, many are unaware that micelles in make-up remover can damage the cutaneous barrier while they capture make-up and impurities, this will eventually lead to transepidermal water loss and feeling of discomforts. With Uriage Micellaire Thermale Water, the micelles will trap make-up and dirt effectively and at the same time, thermal water will hydrate, protect and soothe you skin. 

Here is how effective Uriage Micellaire Thermale Water in removing my make-up. I only used 2 cotton pads to remove all the make-up on my face, this is pretty impressive provided the fact that I was wearing heavy full make-up when reviewing the products. One thing I don't really fancy about the Micellaire Thermale Water is that its scent is a little too strong to my liking. 

Uriage Crème Lavante
RM 21.90 / 50mL

Last but not least, we have Uriage Crème Lavante, an ophthalmologically tested soap-free cleanser. The soap-free formula is great for sensitive skin but I do not like it for that it literally lathers into no bubbles no matter how hard I tried. Well, it's meant to be soap-free so that totally make sense. The cleanser is very gentle to skin, but I would prefer something with stronger cleansing power. 

Interested to try Uriage products out? Hop on to HiShop and check them out now! 

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