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Summer Is Here! Let's Have A Mangotella Spree at Caffe Bene, City Square JB

Living in a tropical country lying on the Equator, we basically do not get the chance to enjoy the change of seasons. All we have is hot and humid weather all year long, which provides us with concrete reason to enjoy more bingsu. Recently, Caffe Bene Malaysia has launched their summer seasonal menu themed "Mangotella", a menu combining sweet refreshing mango and rich indulgent Nutella.

Beware, this is a photo-heavy post that is going to make you drool! 

I was really excited to try the Mangotella series dessert out because I'm a hardcore mango lover. If you happen to find this review a little biased, I can assure you that yes this is a biased review because I'm already in love with the dessert even before I dig them in. Tell me who can resist a big bowl of mango bingsu drizzled with rich Nutella?

Mango Yogurt Bingsu
(RM 29.90)

Mango Yogurt Bingsu
(RM 29.90)
Looking at these juicy mango cubes sitting on shaved ice itself is making me excited! Mango lovers will be delighted to dig into sweet icy mango bingsu topped with juicy mango cubes and yogurt gelato. I love how the sweetness of mango cubes complements with the sourness of yogurt gelato, the combination of the two leaves an icy and refreshing sensation in the palate, so cooling! Caffe Bene does not compromise on food quality where they insist to choose top notch ingredients to prepare the dessert. The mango cubes are fresh, sweet and they do not consist the irritating vein-like fibrous part. You know what I'm referring to right? I hate it the most when the mango's insoluble fiber gets stuck in between my teeth. Therefore, I'm incredibly happy to know that the mango served in Caffe Bene is free from insoluble fiber.

Mango Yogurt Bingsu
(RM 29.90)

I also love how the almond flakes add in some crunchiness in the middle of soft and chewy mango cubes. All of the ingredients flatters and complements each other perfectly that you can savour the right sweetness and sourness in every single spoon. This is my favourite dessert of the day, must try! 

Mangotella Bingsu
RM 29.90

Aha! Here is the limelight of the day, the legendry Mangotella Bingsu! Imagine having a big bowl of icy cold bingsu with Nutella, mixed nuts and cookies crumble as the base; sweet mango cubes and nutella gelato as the top, oh dear who is the genius who came out with this perfect combination? Drizzled with a generous amount of Nutella, the bingsu has a richer and more layered taste as compared to Mango Yogurt Bingsu. Nutella, everyone's favourite hazelnut spread gives a hint of nutty taste to the sweetness of mango. Don't forget to mix all the ingredients thoroughly before eating yo! 

Mangotella Waffle
RM 17.90

Mangotella Waffle
RM 17.90

If you are not a fans of bingsu, why not trying out Mangotella waffle? (I wonder if there is anyone who does not love bingsu lol!) Fresh from the oven, warm Belgium waffle is topped with a bed of juicy mango chunks, where a scoop of icy healthy yogurt gelato is sitting on top of it. Mangotella waffle is definitely the dessert of my choice when I’m not in the mood of having iced dessert. Caffe Bene is thoughtful enough that they allow customers to drizzle the Nutella on their own so that we can control the amount of Nutella to add. For Nutella lover like me, the more the better!  The chewy Belgium waffle paired up with the succulent ripe mango and creamy gelato seamlessly that I can’t help myself from getting more helpings of this dessert, I absolutely like this creative combination. The waffle itself is a bit dry so the toppings play a really important role to sort of “moisturize” it to give a more delightful savoury experience.

Mangotella Smoothie
RM 11.90

Always on the go? Do not have time to chill at the café? Worry not, Caffe Bene have you covered! More than your run-off-the-mill mango smoothie, Mangotella Smoothie is a mango smoothie with Nutella blended in. I did not expect too much from Mangotella Smoothie but to my surprise, it is incredibly good! It tasted extraordinarily rich, smooth and creamy that I thought I was having a mango puree. The best part about Mangotella Smoothie is that it still tastes great even it is left aside for some time because there is no ice melting issue with the smoothie. Nutella is added to the bottom of the cup so do remember to stir the smoothie before drinking.

I didn't know that Caffe Bene sells cakes too so I did try out some of their cakes on that day, they're above average and I strongly recommend their Carrot Cake. Let's save the cakes' review for another post or else this post is going to be very lengthy. Or you can read my previous post on their permanent menu here.

Rocky Road

Caramel Cheese Cake

Carrot Cake

Gula Melaka Cake

Cheese Cake

Caramel Cinnamon Honey Bread

Garlic & Cheese Honey Bread

I'm going to bring my friends to enjoy the Mangotella goodness together at Caffe Bene City Square, how about you? I personally find that each of the dessert is fairly priced and great for group sharing. So don't miss the limited seasonal menu and head to your nearest Caffe Bene outlet today!

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