Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Shopping via Lazada Malaysia App & Pay by MOLPay/MOLPay Cash

If you don't already know, Lazada Malaysia has launched their very own mobile app and you can now enjoy the shopping spree over your smartphone. Groceries, electronic gadgets, men & ladies fashion, beauty products and household products, they are all just a click away. I don't know about you, but I'm personally very thrilled to know that Lazada Malaysia has launched their mobile app. I spend a lot of time on commuting so I'm delighted to know that I can shop on Lazada Malaysia anytime, anywhere. This also means that I won't miss out any of the good deals and crazy promotions! You can download Lazada Malaysia app from App Store / Google Play store, I just downloaded mine over the last weekend and had fun exploring the app. To my surprise, Lazada Malaysia app is actually very user-friendly, easy to use and I have not experienced any bugs or app crashing issue so far. 

The app's interface is simple and yet, it's not boring at all. It has features similar to their official website. For example, on-going promotions and awesome deals will be highlighted on the main page upon entering the app, so that you won't miss these good deals out. 

To be honest, I was surprised by how Lazada Malaysia segregate all the products in such an organized way, I didn't expect this and I'm truly impressed. I'm going show you how easy and convenient to shop on Lazada Malaysia app because finding the correct product is just as easy as ABC. I'm thinking to get myself a pair of casual flats for weekend and let me demonstrate how I located the right product. 


I clicked the Fashion tab and I can see a drop down menu consisting of different fashion items such as shoes, bags, clothing, accessories, muslim wear and etc. After selecting "Shoes", I was welcomed by another drop down menu of different types of shoes. I selected flats and I thought I will be then directed to the product page but no, this is not the end!

There are finer and more specified selections following so you can browse through products that meet your expectation and requirement the most, this is so precise! I'm all amazed and impressed. 

Not only this, you can further refine your search by sorting the product according to price, delivery time, popularity, name and brand, everything is very personally tailored and I absolutely love it.

After browsing through the products, I was attracted by this pair of simple and durable-looking slip on flats and I decided to learn more about it. As can been seen from the screenshot, there are three tabs that each provides important information about the products, namely Overview, Product Details and Ratings & Reviews. You can have a peak on detailed photos shot from different angles from the Overview tab and a good insight on the sizing, material and colour from the Product Details tab. Last but not least, you can read all the reviews posted by buyers who bought the same products before. Every information that you can get from Lazada Malaysia website, you can get it from the mobile app too. 

Okay so I decided to bag this pair of flats home. You can see that my cart is marked with "1" in orange colour. 


I picked some other products and I'm ready to check out now. I always use debit card to pay when I'm shopping with Lazada but this time, I'm going to try something different. I chose to pay by MOLPay CASH. MOLPay, Southeast Asia’s leading payment solutions provider and 7-Eleven Malaysia, the country’s largest convenience store chain come together for an innovative payment option. Consumers can now pay cash at the nearest 7-Eleven outlets for items they bought online. This is just like what I have been doing back in Taiwan! Make purchases online and hop over to your nearest 7-11 to make payment by cash, online shopping can never be easier. This over the counter payment method is suitable for those who does not own a credit card or bank account.

Tada! It's all done and I can sit back and wait for my parcel to be delivered to my doorstep, so easy right? It's really convenient and secure to shop on Lazada Malaysia and you should really try their mobile app out. You can download Lazada Malaysia app from App Store / Google Play store. 

For more information,
Lazada app download : Play Store & App Store
MOLPay Website:


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