Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Eversoft Tomato Micellar Cleansing Water | Yuzu 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner

I believe that Eversoft is a skin care brand that every Malaysian girls is familiar with, we literally grow up using Clean & Clear and Eversoft products. I still remember that when I went camping with my girl friends during high school, all of us were using skin care products from these two brands, especially Eversoft's facial cleanser. Growing up from teenager to young adult, I'm exposed to more skin care brands and I'm forever seeking for products that suit my skin the best. And I, forgot to look back on the goodness that my old tubes of Eversoft's facial cleanser that once kept my face clean and fresh. I was shopping the other day and was surprised by the brand new look of Eversoft products, they look really modern now! They even came out with micellar cleansing water and I really want to try it out. 

The new Eversoft cleanser and cleansing water are perfect for quick cleansing, at affordable prices yet amazing result. I still remember how Eversoft saved me from bankrupt when I was a student because all of their products are incredibly affordable. However, Eversoft never compromises on the quality that their products do perform well at the friendly price tag.

My attention was drawn by the multipurpose Tomato Micellar Cleansing Water which removes makeup, cleanse and tones in one single step. I have tried many micellar water but I have never come across with one that can cleanse and tone at the same time, that sounds really convenient! 

Eversoft Tomato Micellar Cleansing Water (300ml)
RM 22.90 (WM) | RM24.00 (EM) 

As a water-based cleanser, Eversoft Tomato Micellar Cleansing Water is gentle yet effective in removing makeup and impurities. It is enriched with organic Tomato extract, which is known for its anti-oxidation properties to fight against free radicals due to UV and pollutant exposure as well as to tone the skin and refine pores. It contains Bio-Hyaluronic acid to retain skin moisture and prevent water loss. 

Look, I had full make up on my face and I'm going to try removing them using Eversoft Tomato Micellar Cleansing Water. To my astonishment, I managed to remove all the make up from my face by using one cotton pad and 3 pumps of the micellar cleansing water only. Not mentioning that I had waterproof mascara and eyeliner on! The micellar water dissolves my eye make up in seconds that I don't even need to wait too long before wiping them off. 

Eversoft Yuzu 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner (150 ml )
RM17.80 (WM) | RM18.70 (EM) 

Next, we have Eversoft Yuzu 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner. Offering more than just basic facial cleansing, Eversoft Yuzu 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner tones the skin while you're cleansing your face. Formulated with Japanese Technology and ingredients, these new cleansers are paraben-free, SLS free, alcohol free, and mineral oil free

Eversoft Yuzu 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner has a gel-like texture with some active beads suspended in it. The pink encapsulated beads are enriched with Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E that cleanses deep within the skin to draw out impurities, while organic Yuzu extracts helps soothe skin redness, reduce acne formation and removes skin blemishes.  

I absolutely love the light Yuzu scent of the cleanser & toner, it's soothing and calming and it doesn't smell like artificial fragrance. The cleanser gives a cool sensation when I lather it into bubbles, it feels very refreshing especially on a hot day! Do note that you should keep the cleanser away from lips and eyes because the cooling sensation it gives might be tingling to these sensitive areas. After I cleanse my face, my skin does feel clean but the cleanser leaves me a slippery feel. It seems like a protective film is formed on skin.

On the other hand, Eversoft is confident with the effectiveness of the new cleanser in removing waterproof makeup and is now having a 100% Money Back Guarantee campaign on the Eversoft Tomato Micellar Cleansing Water. Consumers who are not satisfied with the result are most welcome to get a refund via Eversoft Skinz Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EversoftSkinz/ by sending a private message with a copy of the purchase receipt. They must be really confident with their product that they're so daring to take up the 100% money back guarantee challenge! This is the golden chance for you girls to try their Tomato Micellar Cleansing Water out because in case that the product is unsuitable for you, you can get full refund!

Interested in trying out the products? Don't forget to check them out from your nearest supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.


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