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Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft - Your Choice of Halal Skin Care & Beauty

Hallyu wave is such a hit in Asia that I guess nobody will disagree if I say Korean artists and influencers are the trendsetters of Asian's make up style. Undoubtedly, Korean skin care and make up formulae can suit Asian's skin better but I know some of my Malay friends are hesitant to use Korean beauty products because they're unsure if the products are halal or not. 

 Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft

Syahirah, the halal skincare range since 2007 is proud to introduce a new innovation for all Korean beauty product lovers, with all the ingredients and manufacturing process be certified halal by JAKIM. Syahirah Korean Secrets uses the latest technology from Korea. It contains specially formulated Tri-Flower Essence with ingredients that provides excellent hydrating and whitening benefits. The Tri-Flower Essence comprises of Ginseng flower, Chamomile and Green Tea that supplies adequate hydration to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. Beside moisturizing it also contains antioxidants that will reduce irritation and brighten the skin. These ingredients are carefully selected from Jeju Island, Korea. Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of Korean skin care! Syahirah Korean Secrets are available in 2 ranges, which are Hydra Soft and White Glow.

Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft range - Facial Scrub

There are 5 interesting products in Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft range: Facial Scrub, Facial Cleanser Gel, Alcohol-Free Facial Toner, Moisturising Facial Cream and Beauty Cream that make up a complete beauty regimen and your ticket to beautiful and hydrated skin. 

Formulated with soft exfoliation beads that help to remove dirt and dead skin cells, the facial scrub can give you a smoother and refined skin. 

I truly enjoy the massaging effect that the exfoliation beads give as I scrub my face, it's comfortable and gentle enough on delicate skin. I do face scrub and exfoliation twice a week, mainly focus on my T zone and chin area to remove all the dead skin cells. Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft Facial Scrub is a gentle facial scrub that is suitable for all skin types so it does not irritate my sensitive skin. 

Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft - Facial Cleanser Gel

After a thorough exfoliation, it's time to cleanse your face!

The crystal clear cleanser gel is quite watery so you have to be extra careful when squeezing the product because I always dispense more products than I need. It would be more user friendly if the cleanser can be packaged in pump bottle. Most of the cleanser gel that I have tried are formulated to be bubbles-free and even if it lathers into bubbles, the bubbles are not rich and dense. Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft Facial Cleanser Gel is different from the rest because look, it lathers into rich bubbles! The cleanser gel does its works well and it does not stripe the moisture off my skin. 

Despite of its affordable price range, Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft products are elegantly packaged. Frosted glass bottle is my Achille's heels that I just can't say no to such pretty and classy packaging. I'm not fussy and picky when it comes to toner but one thing that I always check is the toner's alcohol content. My cheeks are dry enough and having alcohol-based toner to stripe off the few precious drops of water that I have in my skin is the last thing that I would want to do. I can see that I will like this bottle of Alcohol-Free Toner. 

Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft - Moisturizing Cream

This is my favourite in Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft, the moisturizing cream is the bomb! I love love love this! Instead of cream, the moisturizing "cream" has a gel texture and it feels incredibly lightweight on my skin. Besides, it is absorbed by my skin instantaneously. Not mentioning how much I love the soothing floral scent that lingers around after I applied the cream. Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft Moisturizing Cream provides my skin with the adequate moisture so that my skin remains fresh and glowing throughout the day. 

Interested in trying Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft range out? These products are available nationwide, including supermarkets, hypermarkets and selected pharmacies so do check them out ya!

For more info on Syahirah, 

Beauty hotline : 03-87379122
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