Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Aubrey Organics Green Tea & Ginkgo Skin Care Regimen

               I said that I will share my reviews on Aubrey Organics Green Tea & Ginkgo Skin Care Regimen and I'm going to do so in this post!


A closer look!

                The travel set includes a bottle of Cleanser, Toner  and a Mask .Sample sizes of Lumessence Eye Crème, Rosa Mosqueta Hand & Body Lotion are also included in this travel set!

                 I have been using these products for couple weeks and I'm going to share my reviews with you here! First of all, let's have a look at the Aubrey Organics Green Tea & Ginkgo Facial Cleansing Lotion!

                Aubrey Organics Green Tea & Ginkgo Facial Cleansing Lotion: The invigorating formula gently dissolves makeup residue and debris with a mild coconut oil-corn oil soap blend, and protects skin as it cleanses, leaving the complexion fresh and radiant.

               Oh I forgot to mention that Aubrey products are all ORGANIC products! All of them are free from artificial fragrance, artificial coloring and artificial additives. The Green Tea and Ginko series smell very "organic", it's sort of  gingery smell.

                  Ok stop the crap on the gingery smell. The cleanser is normal, nothing special, just that it's ORGANIC. LOL>.< And also, the solution needs to be well-shaken before using, special huh? If you are interested in getting a bottle of it, you can get it at all TNS SkinLab outlets nationwide. The price is  RM88.00 for 8oz and RM46.00 for 4oz.

Aubrey Organics Green Tea & Ginkgo Facial Toner: Revitalizing toner is the answer to dull, lackluster skin. Cooling formula refreshes and conditions and leaves skin clear and smooth for better absorption of a moisturizer.
               Toner! I love toner! Again, the toner has gingery smell XD The toner is quite different from those I have used before, since it will leave a sticky feel after applying. And again, the toner has to be well-shaken also before using. Price:  RM51.00 for 8oz.
Omg the picture is so blurry=.= I'm lazy to take photos again so just bear with it >.<

              Aubrey Organics Green Tea Rejuvenating Mask: Invigorating antioxidant mask helps draw out impurities with green clay and natural fruit acids to leave dull, dehydrated skin renewed and refreshed.

             Mask! It's not that kind of paper mask, it's in semi-liquid form that we need to spread it on our face by our own. This mask is really different from the others! When I mixed the paste and the liquid on my palm, the mixture became hotter and hotter! Exothermic reaction? Maybe! Haha! After applying the mixture on my face I still can feel the heat! The feeling is so good! I like the heat so much as it seems like the mask is doing work on my skin! LOL >.< After the mask my skin becomes more delicate and bouncy! ( But my skin is always delicate and bouncy, lol>.<) Besides, my pores become smaller too! They are almost invisible! Like the mask the most! Interested? Get one for yourself at RM51.00 (4oz)!

              It's my very first try on TNS SkinLab products. Overall it's not too bad. If you have no faith in new brands, you can always try the travel set, since everything comes in small bottles and it's cheaper.

              I shall end my post here, going to have my supper, hehe>.<  おやすみ なさい~


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