Sunday, 25 September 2011


             I'm sooooooo busyyyy!!! Busy doing laboratory reports, busy attending stupid meetingsssss, busy entertaining people from here and there and busy attending college activities so that I can get more merits!!

Then how come I still have time to blog???
Because I ate too much tonight and I can't sleep!!!! Haha!!

Just came back from the Hari Raya event ( I know Hari Raya is thousand years ago but my college still insist on having this event =.=). I ate a lot of nice food!! 10 sticks of satay, rendang chicken, mee soto, jelly, currypuff, kiuh raya and a lot of cookiess!!! Yeah I love cookiesss!!! So full now!

Okay back to our topic of the day: Laboratories. I have done my THREE laboratories this week!!! It's super tiring but these experiments are AMAZING!!!! 

Press-filter filtration!!!

A closer look of it!!

See the filter plates!!

I'm not going to explain the experiment to you since you may not understand =3=
So just enjoy the pictures!!!( In fact there's nothing to enjoy with, all of the pictures look so technical =.='')
This is not my favourite experiment, going to share my favourite experiment in my upcoming posts!! So stay tuned!! 

顺便提一下,我的Lab全部都是跟马来朋友一组。(全班只有本公主遭受到这样的命运!)虽然偶尔会埋怨可是也只是口头上讲讲而已。虽然试验都是我在做,教授问问题也是我在答,实验前的准备资料也是我在找,报告更不用说,统统我包完,分数就大家share.看起来好像不公平,但实际上是我赚到。实验我做就我会;问题我答我就记得;准备资料我找那就我明白;报告我做就更不用说了,简直就是让实验的流程、背后的原理以及实验的意义深深烙印在我的脑里。所以我是不是赚到?父王说得对,知识在头脑里了就谁也带不走,所以要很高兴才对!耶!(刚做完一份报告,感觉上我可以去做lab assistant 了!完全彻底的明白!报告写到很爽!滔滔不绝简直不想停笔!耶!)

超级无敌大的toilet paper!!而且还是Scott 牌的!每间实验室都有哦!真的是大到~~



P/S: 这篇根本就是杂乱无章乱写一通!


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