Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mr. Taxi by SNSD

              Finally I wrapped up my dancing lesson yesterday! WooHoo~~ After working hard for nearly 1 month, I finally learnt up the complete choreography of Mr. Taxi!! Clap Clap!! Do you know that I learn this dance by watching their MV? I watched the dance version's MV and I analysed the dance moves by my own, kept replaying the MV like crazy until I understand how the girls dance. After figuring out how to make their dance moves, I practised those moves and finally followed the tempo. Fortunately, SNSD's dance is much more easier as compared to SHINee's, so I can learn it up faster.

Here you go!!

I think I can dance pretty well >w<
By the way, I think it's easier for me to learn dances by watching and analysing the MVs by my own since I will be able to understand the whole dance inside out. However, I learn super slowly if I were taught and guided by others, haha!! Weird huh?

So I have learnt Hoot, Etude and Mr. Taxi by SNSD. I tried to learn Oh! also, but only managed to learn the chorus part XD


I'm going back soon and my coursemates and schoolmates started to contact me, sad :(
The funniest thing is, my schoolmate (Kenny) called me yesterday and I was like "Who is this guy? Do I know you?''. Searched his name on Facebook immediately and after I saw his profile picture only I remember who is him, LOL >.<  Forgetting people is that easy huh? By the way, his call was meant to inform me that a meeting will be held on Monday 8.30 pm, totally sad and desperate T_T

It's scary that I can forget a person that easy, don't forget me, please. 


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