Thursday, 8 September 2011

Finally We Sing!!

             I know I'm a bit slow but no choice! I only blog when I have mood to do so, LOL >w<
Okay back to the topic, we went to Red Box at Pelangi and sanggggggg!!!! I'm soooo happy since I haven't hold the mic ( not even once!) after I started my long break! Another purpose of this gathering is to meet up with Crystal and Wei Lie all the way from Ukraine and India respectively! It was a super last minute decision and I ended up with attending the gathering with my super messy hair T_T Forget it, at least I have good skin (Being narcissism again XD)

Picture of the day
I was wearing my heels from Voir as mentioned in my previous post and again, I wore my funky mouths jumpsuit XD
Spot my bag? Nice huh? Esther just likes it so much! LOL!

Have a closer look at it.
Tell me it's nice nice nice!!!

When we were there and after we checked in, we were told to have a lucky draw and I as the Princess, went and drew a ping pong ball from a large box.



I got the 1st prize!!! FREE ALL HEAD CHARGES!!! Lucky huh?? Maybe the luckiness is brought by my newly-bought watch!! 

Here is it!!

I know you can't see the watch clearly in the previous photo so another close up photo of it!
Sooo colourful!!! Yeah yeah I like it!!

The girl at the counter took a photo of us and I was trying to search the photo from their Facebook fanpage. Unfortunately, no luck :( Never mind I will keep searching, if I find it I will post it here >.<

Forgot to tell that Crystal fetched us to Pelangi and I enjoyed listening to her stories in Ukraine. Do you know that I intended to apply for the internship to Taiwan too? But didn't do so due to several factors. However, if I did apply the internship, I was unable to attend it too, it was in May, I was unavailable at that time. Next year's internship? Considering~~

Okay drop the subject on AIESEC. Let's look at some pictures taken on that day!!!

Like this picture very much, everyone looks so happy and natural.

I have to clarify here that THERE WAS NOTHING ON MY FACE, N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!
And this photo is not edited!!!
Is my skin good? LOL!!>.<

Made fun of Wei Lie.
Thanks for the chocolate bar ya Wei Lie!! I ate it already XD

This drink is really nice!!! Aloe Vera Special with sea coconuts inside, nice!!

So we sang and chat and kept saying '' it's so cold here'' and went to the toilet for countless times ( especially Dinah!!) and the day ended.

May all of my friends stay healthy and happy all the time. Sincerely, healthy and happy. ^.^

Last but not least, my favourite photo of the day.

Song of the day.

Good Night and Good Bye.

P/S: We only spent RM 10.45 in total, amazing huh?  LOL!! 


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