Friday, 21 October 2011

Home Sweet Home

                  I'm backkkkk!!! Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! Finally I can run away from the super hectic + hustle life! Oh Yeah!! Made a really last minute decision to go back home on Thursday's evening!! My initial plan was to go home on Friday's early morning, but since lecturer let us go earlier, I decided to skip my gym session and go back home!! (I'm not doing gym lah, Im the AJK only, LOL><)

                  I'm really impressed with my efficiency!! I only spent 30 minutes to reach TBS from my university!! Amazing!!

                Finally I can take a breath now~ I need adequate sleep and rest!!! Know what? I have 3 reports to finish each week and for one of the labs I need to pass up the same-say-report right after those terrible experiments!! R-I-G-H-T A-F-T-E-R!! That means I have to carry out the highly-technical experiment and figure out what's the relationships between all of the parameters. In addition, I have to check on my experimental results and analyse whether they deviate from the theory. T.T In order to perform well, I have to do research on these experiments before carrying out them. For your information, I have labs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, consecutively. All of the reports need to be passed up in 7 days. So can you imagine how hectic my life is? Rushing for reports everyday! Reports and reports and reports!!!

             I sound so naggy. =.= OK I got to start my report now. Good Bye and Good Night. I promise I will write during this holiday. :)

p/s: I have one design project and a mini project to be finished. But I have done another experiment design project already :)


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