Tuesday, 25 October 2011

It's All About Delicious Food!!

Went out in my favourite singlet and hoodies.
We ate a lot of nice food.
     Ate chicken chop that day. Very delicious!! The chop is so crispy!! Long time didn't eat western food, miss so much. I like western food and Japanese food and Korean food and Italian food.
So greedy lah me >.<

  Oh I'm drooling right now!

I'm having chocolate everyday!! Chocolate rocks!!

Chocolate!! 66%. Nice.

Long time didn't eat this. This is very very very nice!! I love this cream toffees!!
Werther's Original, from Germany ^^
But if you are those who don't like sweet stuffs then it won't be your cup of tea because it is extremely sweeeet!!! Like it!!

Eating delicious food really perk me up!! Going to have Pizza Hut tomorrow? Hmm Hmm maybe~ Or Thursday?? Haha my mind is full of food now!!
But for sure that I'm going to have Ajisen Ramen as my dinner tomorrow!! Hurray!!
Never have Ajisen Ramen before? How could you! It's sooo famous and delicious!!
Ok ok be patient, I will take some nice photos and share it here!!
Oh Ramen Ramen my favourite!!

Oh ya!! I haven't shown my Burberry Body here right? Here you go!!

Tada!! Surprise huh??

Burberry Burberry Burberry

It smells so nice!! 自然不做作!haha!!

Ok I shall stop my showing off here, if not people might smash their monitor, LOL>.<

Song of the day: The Boys by SNSD!!!!
Finally SNSD made their comeback!!!

OMG who can resist SNSD?? They are so pretty!!!
And they look really different in this song!!
But still, their dance is SUPERB!!
But this time their dance is not that ''girly'', it's more powerful now ^.^
I've been listening to this song non-stop for the whole day! Yeah!

Ok that's all for today. Good Night and Good Bye~

p/s: I have completed all of my reports!! Clap clap!! 



  1. Burberry BODY? Nice? Flowerish or powderish? I'd prefer something powderish, I'll check it out this weekend..

  2. Yes it's nice!! Smells very natural, but not that flowerish I think. I'm not sure whether Burberry BODY is available in Malaysia or not, because mine was shipped from France. ^.^


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