Saturday, 7 January 2017

Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydra Calm Serum

Today we are going to talk about serum! I always have 2 bottles of serum with me, with one serving for whitening purpose and another one for hydrating effect. I personally find serum the best way to give a boost to my tired skin, especially when I need to attend important meetings or appointments the next day. There are several criteria that I will pay attention to when choosing serum: viscosity, effectiveness and of course, affordability. I do not want my serum to be too watery or too sticky. There was a time that I tried out a watery serum because I thought such consistency will facilitate in the absorbance of the product by skin but all I got was a whole mess. It is so hard to get the right amount of serum in one pump and I really hate it when the serum accidentally drips onto my dressing table. It's so wasteful and dirty. Ever since then, I become really particular when choosing the right serum - it mustn't be watery! 

Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydra Calm Serum is an intensive serum that boosts skin's hydration and locks in moisture for long lasting hydrating effects. The serum contains 3 special ingredients which provide a 3X hydracalm action to your skin: 

  1. Bio-Calm Complex - Provide skin claming action that helps to calm and restore skin problems including skin sensitization triggered by environmental aggresion
  2. PureSwiss Thermal Spring Water - A Hydra Booster that infuses hydration to skin in seconds
  3. Natural Phyto Hyaluronic Acid - Locks in moisture for 72 hours

The product descriptions look very promising and the thermal spring water formulation in a serum has caught my attention. I'm huge fans of thermal spring water because it does a wonderful job in soothing and calming my sensitive skin. Therefore, I'm very excited to know that Clinelle creatively infuses thermal spring water in their serum. "This must a nice serum", I told myself.

Aha! This is the serum texture that I love! The serum has a gel like texture and it has a very lightweight. One pump of the serum is too little for my face so I use two pumps. Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydra Calm Serum feels very light and it leaves my skin fresh after application, there isn't any thick and oily finish left behind, I like it! And yes, it does a great job in locking the moisture in my skin. Usually I will use my product day and night but for this, I only use the serum at night as I wanted to verify the "locks in moisture for 72 hours" claim in the product description because it sounds quite unrealistic to me. Guess what? I'm surprised by the lasting hydrating effect of this serum! My skin feels supple, soft and hydrated throughout the next 24 hours although I didn't apply the serum after waking up from my sleep. 

Oh ya, I would love the serum even more if its scent can be lighter. The rosy fragrance is somehow too strong to my liking. 

Have you tried Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydra Calm Serum before? Share your thoughts with me!


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