Thursday, 19 January 2017

Let's Pop in Some Magi Planet Popcorn!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, how time flies! I thought I just unboxed my Christmas presents and it's CNY now? Oh noooo! I spent all my weekends in January in different shopping malls to get myself some CNY clothes and of course, CNY goodies such as cookies, decorations, flowers, bakwa (chinese dried meat) and hampers. Pineapple tarts, peanut cookies, kuih kapit, love letters and almond cookies, oh these evil cookies are calling for me! This year, we added some extraordinary CNY snacks to our table: Magi Planet Popcorn

I think these should be enough to serve our guests? Or not? 

I bet not many of you have heard about Magi Planet Popcorn, so do I. But I'm sure that you know about Planet Popcorn right? I still remember how it created a popcorn mania in Malaysia in a few years back. In fact, Magi Planet Popcorn is the re-branded Planet Popcorn, aha you guess it right! 

Gone are those days where we have all the red and yellow capped containers on our table in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration, we have some black packages in the house this year! (And mum started to nag...)

Everything is popssible *wink*

Magi Planet Popcorn comes in two different packages, which are 110g and 50g respectively. I love how handy and small the 50g packages are, they are just nice for one person to finish the whole packet. I can carry it around in my handbag as well. Speaking of this, maybe I can smuggle some Magi Planet Popcorn into the cinema next time hyiak hyiak~

Unable to finish the popcorn? Worry not, the packet comes with convenient zip lock design so you can seal the freshness easily. 

Founded in Taiwan, Magi Planet Popcorn comes in different flavours that are suitable to Asians' taste buds. Crystal Salted Caramel, Corn Soup, Takoyaki and Chili Cheese, you can never find such Asian flavours from other popcorn brands. Magi Planet Popcorn is free from preservatives, artificial sugar and artificial flavorings. Meanwhile, all of the popcorn is freshly handcrafted everyday to maintain the quality of every single popcorn. Magi Planet Popcorn is very stringent in choosing the top notch ingredients for the production of popcorn. Only non-GMO (non-genetic modified) corns are used to make these yummylicious popcorn.

Crystal Salted Caramel

When I unzipped the packet, I was flooded with a sweet and fragrant aroma, oh I love caramel so much! I can't hold back anymore and get myself a handful of Crystal Salted Caramel popcorn, it tastes as nice as how it smells like. The popcorn is crispy outside and chewy inside, thus giving an additive crunchy and chewy texture and I got myself another handful of popcorn right after I finished the popcorn in my hand. 

I like the fact that the popcorn is free from corn seed. You know how annoying it is to bite on the stone-hard corn seed in between the popcorn, it's such a turn off to me. It would be perfect if the popcorn can be more uniformly coated because I found that some of the popcorn is too bland as it didn't get coated by the caramel. 

Chili Cheese

Chili Cheese popcorn is a savoury and flavourful popcorn with a very strong taste. It's very different from the other popcorn that I have tasted before. It's cheesy, spicy and salty. Oh ya, it reminded me of Twisties snack! 

In contrast to the crispy Crystal Salted Caramel popcorn, Chili Cheese popcorn is soft and fluffy. Also, each of the Chili Cheese popcorn is evenly coated with the chili cheese powder. They melted in my mouth in second and created a cheesy bomb in the palate.


Here we have the Japanese popcorn in Takoyaki flavour. I was really surprised to see the seaweed flakes scattered around the popcorn, it's just like the real Takoyaki. 

The seaweed flakes give a hint of saltiness to the popcorn and I absolutely love it, even my mum who hates seaweed finds this a lovely snack too. I can foresee that Takoyaki will be a popular snack among the kids. 

Corn Soup

Judging from the appearance, Corn Soup popcorn is a low profile popcorn that looks simple and plain. Nevertheless, simple thing is usually the best thing. I gotta admit that I misunderstood this popcorn at the first place that I thought it will taste bland but I was proven wrong at the first bite on it. I would say this is my favourite among the 4 flavours! It tastes so fantastic (way better than the real corn soup!) that my sisters started to fight for it haha! This is a sweet type popcorn with a soft and fluffy texture. There are some blackpepper sprinkles that give a hint of spiciness to the popcorn. It is less spicy that Chili Cheese and its spiciness is just right to enhance the sweetness of corn. We love it so much that we have finished the small packet on the day of photo shooting. (sorry my guests!) Do visit my house earlier this year if you want to try the Corn Soup popcorn out because the large packet might be finished by my family anytime! 

Happiness is meant to be shared with our loved ones, especially during this joyous festive season. How do you find popcorn as a CNY snacks? Do you like this idea? Do share your thoughts with me in the comment section! Magi Planet Popcorn can be conveniently be purchased in a few clicks from here and the best part is that the popcorn will be delivered to your doorstep at shipping fee as low as RM 5. You can get free shipping for purchase above RM150 too. Last but not least, I have some sweet treat for my readers in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration. Key in the promo code SINYEELOVEPOPCORN before checking out to get a RM10 discount on your order.

Thanks for reading!


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